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Travellers' Advisories, Safety and Security on the Road Recent News, political or military events, which may affect trip plans or routes. Personal and vehicle security, tips and questions.
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Old 9 Dec 2010
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If you think they´re gonna be able to ride away with your bike, how about reversing the wiring in your killswitch (so that it needs to be in "OFF" position for the engine to run??) And then you naturally leave it in the normal "ON" position, when you leave the bike.

That could be something that´s easily usable (for you), but just might take the thief some time to figure out.

Also, I once installed an alarm unit into my Vstrom, and noticed there´s a jumper wire on the back, that needs to be connected in a certain way, or the bike will be immobilized (ignition circuit off). Would be easy to add a switch there, and hide it from view somewhere near the subframe.

Personally I believe that good-quality disc or chain locks will in reality be enough to deter 99% of the occasional jerks (means that they´ll go look for something easier to steal & ride away with). And the pros with a van or a truck are still gonna make the bike disappear, no matter how many "tricks" or extra locks you´re using.

Now that I think of it, I find it kind-of strange, that I can very easily buy insurance against theft for my bike, that´ll be valid in Europe, or the US, or Australia. And yet there doesnt seem to be (or at least I havent found) any company offering proper insurance against theft, that would be valid more or less all around the globe. Strange because the areas, where I think the possibility of theft will actually be HIGHEST, are Europe, US and Oz!! I would also think that RTW-travellers will often be more careful about their bikes than "normal" riders, because insured or not, their big trip will be ruined, if they lose their bike.
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Old 31 Dec 2010
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Great response! Cheers all. I have a loud (painful) disc-lock, will look into a chain and pac-safes and probably most definitely add a waterproof killswitch somewhere near the airbox. I think thats a great idea!
'10 Suzuki DR650. 2011+ RTW trip. Currently Coen, Cape York Peninsula. www.followtheakubra.blogspot.com
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Old 23 Jul 2011
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Originally Posted by Knight of the Holy Graal View Post
All the above advices are wise and absolutely right.

I'd only add my suggestion which is to park your bike in front of some crowded places such as restaurants, bars and so on.
Possible thieves cannot know if the owner is inside drinking a coffee or having a meal.
I always use to do like this and I can walk around more relaxed (of course, after locking the bike).
I do the very same thing.
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Old 16 Sep 2011
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bike nicked

not yet!my secuerty system is a xena disc lock,,bear spray+amachete,,bear spray works on pit bulls+helmet thieves,machete is handy wood chopper,,xena is a very sturdy lock worth the money.
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Old 18 Sep 2011
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In Nottingham, UK, a few months ago. Had an overland preped XT600E that was targeted by an organised gang. Was chained up and in the 15mins I left it they had sliced through it and off it was in the back of a van.

Police response was good and immediate but unfortunately never got anywhere. Apparently had been watched for a while and were waiting for me to leave it. Not much could be done I guess. If they really want it they will probably find a way.
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Old 19 Sep 2011
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I had a sports bike that was stolen from outside my house, three locks and in a quiet area. They just crept up picked it up and carried it off.

While on a trip I do the following depending on how long I will be away.

In the street it was always cabled with a big thick stainless braid cable and alarm lock through parts of the chassis and luggage then up high on a light post or other tall big pole.

While camping it was parked either next to the tent with a cover or next the main office out of site from the road with a cover and locked up with the above cable setup.

I also didn't wash it on the trip (which meant I had to look harder for any faults) just to give it that junk look..But if they want it they will take it.
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Old 19 Sep 2011
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Hi, i have had the misfortune to have had 2 bikes stolen (once my fault as i left the keys in the seat lock) but will tell you a story that saved me a lot of money.
a friend came out his house to see his bike being pushed away, he gave chase immediately, the thief saw him, dropped the bike and legged it. As it was a fully faired sports bike the cosmetic damage was considerable and expensive.
About a year later i came out my mothers house to see 2 men pushing away my bike and rather than give chase i shouted to them to put the bike on the stand and i would let them go, 1 legged it and the other stopped put the bike on the stand before legging it.
i didn't get the satisfaction of catching the thiefs but i did same myself a lot of money. Andy
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Old 19 Sep 2011
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I rode my first bike 20,000 miles or so around central asia and back through Russia, left it a few times including chained to a tree in Turkmenistan for a week, no problems.

I got back to the UK, rebuilt my pride and joy (I'd crashed a lot while away and it was a bit bent or snapped in a few places), then some git knicked it from in front of my house and torched it at the bottom of my road when it wouldn't bump start. The police did sweet FA, even when I had the hooded top of one of them and a suspects name!!

It had an oxford chain on it through the back wheel which the thieves took. I now keep all my bikes in my house with a few dogs in the room with them. Although highly effective it helps being single for this approach, I personally love the smell of two stroke in the morning!
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Old 19 Sep 2011
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As with others, I've had a few bikes nicked and each one in a different way..!

1981 RD350LC, which had the clutch cover plate off and the innards covered with a taped plastic bag whilst I went to pick up clutch plates, suddenly 'disappeared'! Obviously chucked in a van never to be seen again!

1997 MZ Mastiff, chained and padlocked went missing outside my flat (Edinburgh) and was found 3 days later 3 miles away. The bike had stopped working the day earlier due to the R/R failing and couldn't be started. The thieving gits had pushed it 3 miles down the riverside and gave up when they couln't start it! Kids eh!?

2003 Yamaha XT600e, again robbed outside the flat with a dirty great (and expensive!) chain and padlock! I was really miffed as it was a gift to my girlfriend and rode our two XTs to Morrocco just weeks before and had other trips planned. We got it back, having been used as a kids scrambler, got it repaired and the same theiving little sh*t robbed it again! It was found in his shed with numerous other stolen bikes!

I now have a well secured lock-up, alarmed and when I leave my bike it's chained, has the factory immobiliser and the alarm texts my mobile! The texts work as when it went off a month ago, I dropped what I was doing in town, ran the two blocks to where it was parked and scared the shit out of a delivery driver who'd hit the front wheel with a box! I saw the van and went nuts thinking it would be chucked inside but believed him as it was full of boxes for delivery!!!

After being on a few adventures I do believe there's more chance of it being nicked in a western country rather than a third world country.

'Security is a product of one's own imagination, it does not exist in nature as a rule, life is either a daring adventure or nothing.'
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Old 19 Sep 2011
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Another tip,

Pro 's who are looking for your bike, steel it very short afther you left it.
So lock it very well and leave the place, wait a few minutes around the corner and than come back. If you see a truck or anything/ onyone that you don't trust. Stay for a while.

If you don't see anything "special" it might be more safe.

And as people say... if the wants your bike, the will get him, no matter what you try to do.

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Old 19 Sep 2011
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Out of sight deters the opportunist. Use a bike cover. Weighs nothing and takes very little space. Stuff it where you can grab it in a rush.

If a potential thief hasn't seen your luggage and fancy bolt on's they can't target them. It also makes any tampering much more obvious and time consuming.

I always carry a "Kaybul" tyre hollow lock. They look really thick and heavy but are actually hollow, fairly light and don't rattle on the bike.

As for bike theft, I've only had a bike stolen or tampered with in the U.K.
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Old 7 Oct 2011
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bike theft

Its too easy to just pick a bike up and shove it in the back of a van....I always use a big loop lock and pass it round a lamp post or similar, helps make it more difficult than just pick it up and take it....through the front wheel is ok for short stays, through the frame if leaving it there a while....
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Old 20 Nov 2011
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For 13 months I rebuilt the engine of my 1vj in a bedroom with no facilities under a 100 watt bulb and then I went east. Rode the no-road in Kazakstan through the karakum desert in summer. It started every time even in torrential storms in Russia. Never let me down until some spokes broke in Karaganda. Couldn,t fix it so shipped it to manchester for $3,000 but I loved the bike so that's ok.
Two months after a friend said " yeah I'll look after it in my backyard " it went. Every tool I had and $500 worth of spares went with it. Ex-friend. Cut the bastards hands off? No, cut the bastards throat. Never trust anyone! York u.k.
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Old 24 Nov 2011
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Not had any problems anywhere other than UK in 1998:

1995 DR650 RSE nicked from outside my girlfriends flat in Sunderland, thick good quality chain through frame/rear wheel and a thick wrought iron fence, thieving Bas*&^%s cut chain with a hacksaw/angle grinder while we were down the pub about 500 yards away and probably shoved it into the back of a Transit - never seen again.

'09 Suzuki DR650
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