Carnet de Passages en Douanes - List of countries where it is Required

To the best of our knowledge, this page lists all countries where a tourist must produce a Carnet de Passages en Douanes to be able to temporarily import a vehicle.


Burundi, Cameroun, Congo, Djibouti, DRC, Egypt, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Libya, Malawi, Nigeria, Senegal (for vehicles older than 5 years), Southern African Customs Union (BW/NA/LS/SZ/ZA), Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda.

Other countries have a mechanism for temporarily importing a vehicle. This document is often referred as Passavant, Laissez-Passer or Salvo Conducto. A small fee is often charged to obtain it, and it allows the vehicle to be imported and driven for up to 1 month. It replaces the Carnet in that country, and should be returned to the customs office upon leaving the country.

From 2006 Senegal is easing the requirement for a Carnet de Passage. It is only required at the North Border, and drivers usually get through without a Carnet by paying a variable amount between 80-100 Euros.

Also from 2006, Egypt now has its own Carnet, available for those without a valid Carnet de Passage at the borders. It still requires a cash deposit (up to 2000 Euros) which is returned upon exit.

Americas (North, Central and South)

None. NO carnet is required anywhere, but you CAN use one if you already have it - but don't get one just for the Americas, it's not worth it.

Asia and Middle East

Bahrain, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kuwait, Nepal, Pakistan, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka

Malaysia: while officially required, it is no problem to enter or leave via land borders on the peninsula. Local bikers think that a problem would arise attempting to ship the bike out.

A letter from the Automobile Association of Malaysia

"...Please be informed that AAM provide the service in issuing of the Carnet the Passage (CDP) for Thai registered vehicles. Documents required are as belows;

  1. Application form for CDP (attached)
  2. Original and photocopy of vehicle Registration Card and current Insurance Policy.
  3. Depending on the purpose of application, vehicle inspection may be carried out to certify the vehicle details are in accordance with the registration card.
  4. Bank guarantee equivalent to the market price of the vehicle. v RM 1,000.00 per vehicle is charge (for non-AAM Member)

Regards, Erly Sarina
Member Relation Unit
Automobile Association of Malaysia

Tel no : 03-21626915
Fax no : 03-21618540
website :




Australia (now required - more details here), Vanuatu

Indonesian Motor Club:

Ikatan Motor Indonesia (IMI)[A]
Stadion Tennis, Sayap Kanan
Jln. Pintu Satu, Senayan,
Jakarta 10270

Tel: (62-21) 571 20 32 - 573 11 02
Fax: (62-21) 571 2037

Updates and information about this document

The contents of this page was originally mostly copied from the relevant Wikipedia page. However, updates to the Wikipedia page have been undone by others, citing 'original research'. Fair enough, this is not allowed on Wikipedia, but experiences by travellers are more useful to others than an academic requirement, so this page attempts to tell the reality as encountered by travellers at actual border crossings.

There are various documents on the internet, often cited, claiming to list 'requiring' countries. These lists seem to be mostly outdated and highly inaccurate, hence this attempt to produce a list for travellers that we ourselves can keep up-to-date.

More HU information and explanations on Carnets and travel paperwork

Paperwork forum on the HUBB

Updates by Peter Hendricks (beddhist) or Grant Johnson


I live in Tanzania and carnets are not required and the Tanzaian AA dont issue them for vehicle regesterd here, as Ive found out. Thanks

Interesting! thanks for the update.

NOTE: there are TWO separate things happening here:

1: Whether Tanzania requires the carent for foreign vehicles - or not.

2: IF you have a Tanzanian vehicle, that doesn't mean you don't need a carnet to go to a country that DOES require a carnet. You DO need a carnet no matter where you're from to travel to a country that requires it. Usually if the local AA doesn't issue the carnet, you can get a carnet from a neighbouring country that does issue them.

I'd love a confirmation on point 1.

I just bought a Royal Enfield in India and took it through Nepal.  Contrary to the advise here (and in the Rough Guide and from the Nepalese consulate), at the Mahadrenagar border they did *not* ask to see a Carnet or even a driver's licence (international or otherwise) or insurance.  All they asked for was the Registration Certificate (and it wasn't even in my name!) and $42 for a 30-day permit for the bike.  And the police did stop me in Pokhara and asked to see that, but no one asked for it at the Eastern border.

The key here is that your bike is registered in India. I do believe that Indian vehicles are exempt.

It is often the case that the rules are different for "local" vehicles. As an example, Malaysia requires a carnet, but Thais cannot get one and they don't need it.


With the ferry from Vladivostok, we entered Sakaiminato - Japan in September 2013, with our car.

We had a Carnet, but, two bikers did not and temporarly imported the bike.  One of the bikers was a Colombian.  Colombia did not sign the FIA agreements (1947?) and therefore, Colombians cannot obtain a Carnet.  

We and the two bikers paid 12.000 Yen each to inspect and import the vehicle and the bikers were free to go.  We had to go to the Japanese Automobile Federation, seated in the next town, with a taxi, to receive a Validation Letter for the Carnet.  The same taxi took us then to the customs office to stamp the Carnet.  

Cost taxi: 10.000 Yen.  

Cost Carnet: 235 €.

It is faster and cheaper to temporarly import your vehicle in Japan.

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