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  1. Tajik borders closed until after 15th September
  2. trying to contact Dean from russia about tires!
  3. UB to Bishkek advice
  4. Suspension repair in Georgia
  5. Suspension repair in Georgia?
  6. Into Russia from Latvia - insurance and customs
  7. Uzbekistan road conditions
  8. Kazakhstan going East
  9. Help for repairing a Ford Transit in UB
  10. mongolia, dalanzargad to UB
  11. Dushanbe accommodation
  12. Total loss in Novosibirsk, Russia ?
  13. Leaving a bike in Kazakhstan
  14. Motorcyclist has missed in Iran in May 2014
  15. Russia, Khabarovsk,
  16. Crossing Iran with expired export license plate
  17. Latvia - Russian Border at Zajesje E22 on 4 July 2014
  18. Bishkek visa photos
  19. Kyrgyzstan vehicle insurance
  20. Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan Chaldybar easy border
  21. Turkmenistan transit Khojayli(Nukus)-Ashgabat
  22. Road conditions Russia/Kazakhstan M9 M5 M32
  23. Any Russian speaker wanting to come to Barcelona?
  24. Osh to Tajikistan, Pamir highway
  25. Jeep trip from Nukus to Aral Sea: join in or give some hints!
  26. Osh accommodation
  27. Mongolia: Permit to drive?
  28. Clutch plates for xt660z tenere in UB?
  29. Kyrgyzstan customs problem
  30. Ulaan Batar - Khabarovsk - Vanino - Sakhalin
  31. Korean Riders in Stans
  32. Kasachstan crossing
  33. uzbekistan - help
  34. Bearing or courier needed Khorog, Murgrab, Osh road
  35. Visa free travel to Kazakhstan
  36. Kyrgyzstan
  37. russain insurance
  38. Getting Russia transit visa in Ulaanbaatar?
  39. Mongolia Visas
  40. Ukraine Border Guards - Begging and Stealing
  41. Bike Rental in the Pamirs?
  42. Kazakhstan visa suspended for 1 year
  43. buying a bike in Japan and riding back?
  44. Ustyrt (Ust-Yurt) National Park, Mangystau
  45. Sochi Russia to Turkey
  46. Is it possible to leave an EU bike in Russia?
  47. Possible to get transalp fork seals in Almaty?
  48. bike rental in Japan.
  49. Looking for a F650GS battery in Moscow
  50. Mongolia northern route up to date i fo?
  51. Would ride your bike back to Europe (starting in Ulaan Bator)
  52. Best currency for central Asia
  53. Guided tour set up through Western China and Tibet, need people to join!
  54. Bishkek, anyone around?
  55. URGENT ! Staena Daena ends service as of June 26th, 2014
  56. Kazakhstan visas
  57. Easter Kazakh to Russia ( Altai) border- avoiding Semey! Where?
  58. Southern road from Khorog, Ishkashim and along afghan border
  59. Road closed south of Sochi to Georgia?
  60. Altai floodings
  61. 2006 F650GS Starter motor and battery needed in Ulaanbaatar ASAP!
  62. Tires in Baku
  63. Fergana Valley (Kyrg)
  64. Russia Tourism Voucher and Visa versus "Auto Tourism" Voucher and Visa?
  65. Need Steering Bearings - Uzbekistan - Kyrg - or Tajik
  66. GPX track passing the enclavas in KGZ
  67. Man down northern china
  68. Azerbaijan visa Batumi
  69. Crossing Caspian Sea from Aktau to Baku (by motor bicycle) my experience July 2013
  70. Western Bam and Rod of Bones july-august 2014
  71. Offering a ride from Ulan Bator to Germany
  72. Donghae
  73. Need help in Osh please
  74. Gaz craters in Darwaza, Turkmenistan
  75. Border crossing RUS to Mong, in Altai region. Help!
  76. Leaving a bike in Russia
  77. Tyres in Astrachan
  78. Travelers' meeting in Japan
  79. Top Class Bike Repair In Bishkek Kyrgyzstan
  80. Motobike thru Mongolia
  81. Is Pamir closed? A of 23rd may 2014
  82. motobike on train Irkutsk
  83. Motorcycle trousers in Almaty - urgent!
  84. Samarkand to Dushanbe border opened?
  85. Diesel or Petrol in Mongolia ?
  86. Iran to Turkmenıstan : badjıran border, any recent reports ?
  87. Severe fuel shortages in Uzbekistan! Warning!
  88. Buying a Bike in east Asia the to travel back to Germany(Japan, Korea, Russia,China?)
  89. Need fork seals/bushings in Chita or Ulan Ude
  90. Uzbekistan registrations
  91. Magadan Riders
  92. GPS in Russia 2014
  93. Georgia into Russia?
  94. New tyre in Tbilisi
  95. Registration, very confused
  96. Yangykala Canyon
  97. Kyrgyzstan - Tajikistan Border Situation (border closings)
  98. Tires in Barnaul
  99. Who has Recent experience visa Tajikistan in Tashkent?
  100. Ferry Crossing S.Korea to Russia
  101. Oil in Omsk
  102. Mongolia - 2 final questions
  103. Magadan and back
  104. shipment Japan to America
  105. Visa to Mongolia - airport
  106. kazakhstan
  107. Ice Camp Barneo, North Pole
  108. Sharing a container Vladivostok to Seattle/Vancouver
  109. Entering Ukraine from Russia
  110. Ulaanbaatar to Sainshand (453 km)
  111. Georgia, Armenia --> Aserbaidjan
  112. Sakhalin, Pogibi to Lazarev ferry?
  113. Any Australians applied for Russian Business visa?
  114. Enter Russia & Mongolia w someone else's bike
  115. Shared container available US-Magadan: 1 July 2014
  116. Turkmenistan Transit Visa - Move Fast
  117. Bike now illegal in Kazakhstan
  118. Russian visa for french with recent events in Crimea
  119. Is Zemo Larsi border between Georgia and Russia open?
  120. Visa and Mastercard blocked in Russia
  121. Bikeshop in Vladivostok?
  122. Baku - cheap place to stay with safe parking?
  123. motoreiter's Moscow
  124. Stalin's "Dead Road" from Nadym to Salekhard
  125. Tajik visa processing time and LOI in Tashkent
  126. How much fuel range do I need from Vladivostok to Lake Baikal?
  127. Mongolia: from Border to UB: which route you recommend?
  128. Parking 4x4 in Tbilisi, Georgia
  129. Needing tires in Kazakhstan
  130. Video Barnaul - Altai - Tuva - Mongolia -Baikal
  131. DBS Ferry?
  132. Aral Sea and khiva
  133. Kazakhstan visa dilemma
  134. Welder in Georgia
  135. Anybody know Wendy Choi's contact details
  136. Where to buy tyres?
  137. Where should I learn Chinese in China to prepare for trip?
  138. Inspection and Temporary Import of Bike to Japan
  139. Yakutsk/Bakaldyn Cultural-Ethnographic Complex
  140. UFA to Sochi road condition
  141. Finland-Russia-Estonia?
  142. trans-siberian highway
  143. Returning for bike in UB - Passport Question
  144. Seoul to Vladivostok to St Petersburg on TransSiberian Highway
  145. Heat or cold weather mainly?
  146. Motorbike rental in Tajikistan?
  147. Grozny, Chechnya (Russia-Azerbaijan Border now open)
  148. India or Pakistan to Central Asia Group 2014. Where is everybody?
  149. Caspian Ferry...Whats the latest news????
  150. Hi any Chinese Members oou there
  151. Tadjik/Kirgiz borders closed
  152. Chinese motorcycle license
  153. Tajikistan visa in Istanbul
  154. Japan, Narita, uncrate the bike?
  155. Uk to Vladivostok
  156. Russian Visa for US citizen
  157. Anybody recently crossed Ereentsav border Mongolia to Russia?
  158. Pamir Highway in May or better go somewhere else
  159. Across Asia - Free Photobook
  160. Mongolia - china
  161. North Korea MotorcycleDiaries
  162. Honda XR125 spares?
  163. Map BAM OSR ...
  164. Tracks Moynaq - Zhaslyk - Beyneu: possible?
  165. Japan ??
  166. A ride out to Russia
  167. Registration in Kazakhstan
  168. Finally, A Bike for Mongolia
  169. Ferry from Baku to Turkmenistan on tight schedule
  170. Selling car from UK in Central Asia
  171. Buying a bike in Mongolia?
  172. Friend down in Tajikistan
  173. Sakhalin RUS to Hokkaido Ferry Sept. 2013
  174. Mongolia
  175. USA to Mongolia Shipping Help
  176. Uzbek visa problems
  177. Bike container Ireland to Vladivostok and back 2014
  178. Japanese TW225 for Mongolia
  179. A good read.
  180. Patience of a Drunken Demon
  181. My trip to Mongolia in Youtube
  182. Vladivostok to where ?? - Shipping out.
  183. Russian and Kazakh visas
  184. Help needed in Eastern Tajikistan??
  185. Buying V Renting in Mongolia
  186. mongolian registered bike accross the border
  187. Tajikistan Can Abolish Visa Regime for EU and US citizens???
  188. Chita-Zabaykalsk Highway (Siberia)
  189. Volgograd - Astrakhan, Left Bank
  190. Azerbaijan Visa in Georgia
  191. Leaving Georgia without the bike - any customs trouble??
  192. Maps for Mongolia
  193. accommodation in Ulan Bator
  194. Bike storage in Georgia for several days - pretty urgent
  195. Bike problem - DHL Dushanbe
  196. Anyone in Bishkek???
  197. Magadan soft bags stolen in Mongolia, what now?
  198. Newsworthy story! KTM overtaken by Lada on BAM!
  199. Tajik-Afghan borders closed
  200. Japan meeting in October
  201. cases of plague north-east of Kyrgyzstan
  202. Leaving a bike in Northern Asia
  203. Pamir Hwy / Wakhan in November
  204. HELP needed in Aktobe...urgent
  205. Pamir Highway: Shortcut Kara Kul-Rushan possible?
  206. Average trip cost. UK - Magadan via Turkey, Mongolia..
  207. So I made it to Japan. And now what?
  208. Nice place in Karakol
  209. Buying a motorcycle in Mongolia?
  210. Autumn in the Pamirs
  211. shipping from central Asia, the Stans, to Japan/Korea
  212. Wakhan corridor, how long?
  213. Bishkek to Barnaul in 5 days?
  214. Moving to Mongolia
  215. Propane filling in Moscow/Russia
  216. Shipping bike from Almaty to UK/US?
  217. Aktau - Baku ferry information
  218. Where can I find 19" and 17" tires in Azerbaijan, Georgia, or Armenia?
  219. motorbike rental in Japan
  220. Uzbekistan registrations!
  221. M41 broken bridge near Kalaikum
  222. Biking clubs in Japan
  223. Northern route - Russian border to Ulaangom road open?
  224. Stuck in Russia
  225. Help: Montana 600 in need of Mongolia maps, near tashanta Barnaul
  226. Turkmenistan Transit Visa
  227. FREE Clutch in Mongolia
  228. Buy a vehicle in Central Asia and register in under your name
  229. mailing address in Yakutsk?
  230. Submerged r1200gs in Mongolia
  231. Trip to South Korea
  232. Enduro front tire in Volgograd oblast
  233. Tbilisi, Georgia - Bike Garage?
  234. Taking a bike on the train from Irkutsk to Vladivostok
  235. Temporary Importation of your motorcycle into Korea
  236. Kyrgyzstan, Guesthouse in Bishkek
  237. mechanic in barnyaul
  238. Cross post: Container share Vladivostok to Europe
  239. Share a container from Vladivostok to Vancouver -September 2013
  240. Mongolia Altai - Foot and Mouth
  241. Russian Visa for an American in Eastern Europe
  242. Anyone flying UK to Kyrgyzstan
  243. HELP: Motorcycle stuck in Moscow garage
  244. CONTAINER SHARE: Vlad - Australia September 2013
  245. bike on train between Moscou and Irkutsk possible?
  246. BMW Service / shipping in the Stans?
  247. Money im Iran
  248. Good Welder Needed in Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan
  249. Mongolia Southern Route 2up on a GSA
  250. Kiwi Doppelgänger in Samara