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L.A to Fresno via Inuvik and 18.000 km later

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Date: 26 October 2000

Habari Ako (Swahili),

Time can really fly and we've travelled pretty fast too, covered over 15.000 kms since we arrived in the USA in early August. Our Bike arrived on Aug. 13 (what a day). Customs clearance went as smooth as ever and without any problems. We were on the road again the next day.

First thing we discovered is that the USA is Expensive with a capital E.

Following the California coast is nice (saw a big group of sea-elephants) but after the Great Ocean Road in Oz the scenery was a bit tame. Lots of No trespassing signs or No whatever here, specially in California.

In Vancouver (Canada) we had a narrow escape as a car bumped into us from behind and we were pushed in front of a big truck that was crossing. The truck just missed us by an inch and the truck driver, who was very upset, stopped to give us some backup, as in Canada these things weigh very heavy on your insurance.

Good thing about it was that, while we were arranging for the damage to be covered immediately, we made friends with Steve Zathuretsky, a Yamaha V-Max rider who stopped to see what was going on.

In British Colombia (Canada) we decided to take some back roads. The scenery is just magic. We also found a lot of good and free camping spots a made campfires almost every night. Our road took us through Prince George on the 16 and we took a left turn just after Smithers onto the 37. The 37 is half paved and half dirt and in combination with a lot of rain we looked like if we were competing in a motocross event.

At the end of the 37 we reached the Alaskan Highway which we followed to Whitehorse (24.000 people), the last major town before you enter Alaska.

We decided to follow the Dempster Highway up north to Inuvik, way past the arctic circle at the end of the Dempster Highway, a 750 km long dirt road. The scenery is outstanding as you drive through the tundra's and taiga's. Snow capped mountains in the distance and everything is coloured by fall weather. It is one of our favorites. In Inuvik we met Frank who drives a Honda CB 900 with a Velorex sidecar. He could easily be the most northern sidecar-rider in the world. We had a couple of wonderful days with Frank and Karen and made some beautiful new 'business' cards with our logo in red. Great! Thanks again Frank and Karen.

Still on our way to Alaska, we came down the Dempster again to Dawson City, an old gold diggers town full of history, were we met Walter Hinnek with his Guzzi sidecar (all world travellers are welcome to stay in the cabin on his property) and travelled the Top of the World Highway into Alaska. The snow and the wind made it a cold ride so the campfire that night was a big one.

Via Fairbanks and Denali National Park we took the Denali Highway, a dirt road of some 300 km. Another beautiful road and a must do for any serious biker.

On the way back we visited Skagway, the place where the golddiggers to be started their long journey over the White Pass towards Dawson City and the place where a railroad was built in no time, even though anyone had thought that to be impossible because of the steep climb up the White Pass.

We drove all of the Alaska Highway and made a little detour to Edmonton to see Don and Gladys, whom we had met earlier in Whitehorse. After a sightseeing tour through the "Biggest shopping mall in the world" we celebrated my birthday in style with a real Dutch apple pie that Dafne made.

From Edmonton we drove the Icefields Parkway through the Rocky Mountains, but missed much of the scenery because of snowfall. We had a lucky escape when Rob hit a RV while he was moving backwards and not looking were he was going. "You scared my dogs," the lady said, pointing her finger at two small poodles. The owner of the RV was a nice guy and said that it was not the first scratch on his RV and wouldn't be the last one either. When we passed them again later on they were hooting their horns and waving like we'd known each other a long time allready. How lucky we were.

Because of the amount of Dutch immigrants in Canada there are plenty of opportunities to buy some typical Dutch food and so we did. But the biggest surprise was the little town of Lynden in Washington State. The people in this town are for at least 80% of Dutch origin and even the main street with it's windmill and small Dutch houses looks like it is in Holland.

In Seattle we stopped to say hello to Helge Pedersen, another world traveler, who was as busy as ever. We had a good time talking about the places we both had been. It's a small world and everyboby knows everybody.


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The last few months the world around us has covered itself in gorgeous golden yellows, oranges, reds and evrything between those colours. When the sun was shining it felt lake a nice summerday and made up for the rainy and snowy days we had. To have a big fire while the water in our jerrycan was freezing was also great and every morning we had a hard time getting out of our new hot Fairydown sleeping bags. We've had a great time. At the moment we are in Fresno California and will be going to a Side Car Rally in Los Angeles this weekend.

We would like to thank all the wonderful people we met during this part of our trip. Thank you Don, for your introduction to all your friends, think we forgot to mail you back. Next newsletter might take a while, for we are going to do a lot of work in the month to come. Then it will be going towards Mexico and maybe also Guatemala and El Salvador.

In the meantime you could look up www.horizonsunlimited.com. There are many other travellers with exciting stories. We especially enjoy reading Chris Bright's creative writings. He's visiting Cartagena in Colombia at the moment, travelling on by bus and plane to Ecuador, where he shipped his motorcycle to.

Greeting and a smile,

Rob and Dafne de Jong

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