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LA to BA

(Los Angeles to Buenos Aires)
    in cooperation with
    Quality Touring equipment worldwide.

Loading the bike up in Oslo for shipment to the USA.

Loading the bike for it's trip to the USA

"Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears..."

We have embarked on our third long distance motorcycle trip which we have decided to name "LA-2-BA". That means we intend to drive from Los Angeles, California to Buenos Aires, Argentina on a Honda Africa Twin. We fly out from Oslo, Norway and arrive in LA on Nov. 14, 2000. As soon as we get our bike out from US Customs we head south into Mexico. We expect to follow "la Panamericana" and be in Gonzalo's hometown, Buenos Aires, 6 months later. As usual, we will publish a few photographic essays and articles when we get back to Norway next summer. We will send you news from the road about twice a month. You will all receive an e-mail message telling you when we have updated the site. In this way you can click yourselves forward to our latest misdemeanors.

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people and sponsors who make this third trip possible.

Often we are asked what kind of equipment we recommend. Over the last couple of years we have tested a variety of different gear. This is what we wouldn't do without.

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The Aerostich Roadcrafter suit is one of the most intelligent pieces of riding equipment we have come upon. Besides using Cordura, Gore-Tex, Velcro, Scotchlite and other top of the line raw materials, Aerostich suits are the only garments in the world to use Temperfoam - an amazing new high technology impact resistant material.

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BIKE Magazine

Bike Magazine is undoubtedly Scandinavia's leading motorcycle magazine, published in 4 different languages in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

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British Airways offers very flexible tickets at prices that don't leave you gasping for breath. Their extensive routes will surely get you to where you are going.

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Danish designers of quality riderwear. Dane suits are put together using some of the best materials available to insure your protection: Dupont cordura, Gore-Tex membranes, Kevletec padding and a lot more. Distributed worldwide through Motoport.

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Developing film is a sensitive matter. Any mistakes and all your work is lost. We leave our film only in the hands of Farvelabben film laboratories in Oslo.

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Fujifilm Provia F film stock is some of the most amazing film I have worked with. To me there is absolutely no substitute to Fuji's achievements.

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It doesn't matter if your preference
is roadracing, trail, motocross or if you're a just a regular biker looking for first class products: Italian designed Gaerne boots have something for you.

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The guys at Thauglands sell something you can't do without to build a bike crate: wood. Some of the guys at the shop are motorcyclists themselves so
they will understand exactly what you are talking about.

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(Argentina originally German)

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Quality at a good price. That's what HJC riding gear puts
together for you. Available worldwide through Motoport.

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Honda is the worlds largest producer of motorcycles. Having manufactured more than 100 million units they have acquired a superior level of competence. When it comes to quality,security and finish, Honda sets the standards.

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Interfoto is Norway's importer of Nikon and Hasselblad photographic equipment. We can recommend the Nikon F90-X. The rest is up to individual talent.

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Jeco MC is Norway's biggest Honda motorcycle dealer and has through the years provided us with Honda motorcycles. In addition they offer an excellent workshop and top of the line qualified mechanics.

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Kellox is Norway and Europe's oldest importer of Honda motorcycles. Their technical department has over the years excelled in its customer service. In addition, they are our technical "hotline" should we need parts while we are on the road. This means they provide assistance and get parts to us via private courier if necessary. They also market top of the line riding accessories through Motoport.

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MANN Magazine

Mann Magazine has been a hit since it hit the market a few years ago. It is an intelligent magazine with a little something for all of us.

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Motoport is a chain of more than 700 stores world-wide. Motoport unites some of the most respectable brands in the motorcycling industry under one banner. This integral concept makes for prices which are hard to beat. Motoport deals with Motul, Shoei, Gaerne, Bieffe, Spyball, Oxford, Dane, HJC, Repsol and a lot more. In addition Motoport provides motorcycle rental, pit-stop service and financing.

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Motul high performance lubricants provide some of the best protection available for your most vital pieces of equipment. Motul engine oil and their wide range of other lubricants are distributed worldwide through Motoport.

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Nomaden is a map and travel guide shop based in Oslo. I can spend hours browsing at their incredible selection of maps, guides and books.

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REIS Magazine

Reis Magazine is probably the best place to start planning your next trip. Scandinavia's best travel publication. Quality all round.

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SAS Cargo is a newcomer which has renewed our optimism in air cargo
companies. Shipping a bike was as easy as 1-2-3. Their online tracking system permits you to keep a careful eye on your goods at all times.

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Spyball Alarm is probably the best vehicle security system available on the market, manufactured exclusively for motorcycles in Italy by an ISO 9001 certified company. The working principle of the Spyball consists of a small metal ball. An ultrasonic device detects changes in the position of the ball. This is revolutionary stuff! I've had 3 alarms and hated them all.
The last I threw into the trash. Spyball is different. Available worldwide through Motoport.

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Storebrand is one of Norway's leading insurance companies. Through their subsidiary company Europeiske, they provide some of the most extensive travel insurance policies available as well as excellent attention when needed.

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Touratech AG are German manufacturers of rally-touring accessories. After years of looking for a solution to our packing needs, their Zega cases were the answer.

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Varig Brazilian Airlines is a privately owned, Star Alliance member and a fantastic way to get to South America. If you've never been to Brazil we suggest you go immediately.

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VI MENN Magazine

Vi Menn is one of Norway's most popular men's lifestyle magazines. A Norwegian institution. A magazine for us boys who refuse to grow up.

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Horizons Unlimited is not only host to the page you are reading... It's probably the most complete and informative adventure motorcycling site on the web.

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So who are we?

Update 1, November 2000, First road report

UPDATE 2, Dec. 5, 2000, Baja California, Hola amigos y que viva Mexico!

UPDATE 3, Dec. 17, 2000, Central Mexico

UPDATE 4, January 4 2001, Southern Mexico

UPDATE 5, January 31 2001, Guatemala

Update 6, Feb 7 2001, Honduras and Nicaragua

Update 7, Feb 15 2001, Costa Rica

Update 8, Mar 8 2001, Huaraz, Peru

Update 9 April 7, 2001, Cusco, Peru

Update 10 April 23, 2001, Bolivia

Update 11: May 15, 2001, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Story and photos copyright © Gonzalo Figueroa and Nina Maria Eidhein 2000-2001.
All Rights Reserved.
Grant Johnson

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