Planning the 11th Section

(Aug 2004 - Mar 2005)

Australia , East Timor , Indonesia , Malaysia , Brunei , Philippines , Thailand , Laos , Cambodia Vietnam , Japan Russia , Mongolia , Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan , Tajikistan , Afghanistan , Uzbekistan , Turkmenistan , Iran , Kuwait and Bahrain

27/7/04 This is the beginning of the motorcycles second overseas trip. Our aim is to visit unvisited countries, however we will be linking them with previously visited countries, touring areas we have previously not seen before and revisiting travelled areas where necessary. We still want to minimize shipping, however many of the places remaining are island countries. 

The trip starts from Townsville about August 26th heading for Darwin where the bike leaves by boat and we fly on the 13th September for East Timor. A land border crossing to Indonesia's Timor then boats hopping through the archipelago to Bali and onto Java. Another boat to Kalimantan (Borneo), land border crossing at Enticon to Malaysia's Sarawak. Overland to Brunei and Saba. From there the plan is cloudy but we hope to end up in Japan by March 2005, either via the Philippines or Cambodia or both.

25/8/04 Two weeks of the last month have been spent with our three children, and our daughters boyfriend, in New Zealand, in a four wheeled  vehicle, skiing, parragliding and caving. The other two weeks were organising the next trip. We leave tomorrow with travel insurance, Indonesian visas, airline tickets (Darwin to East Timor), and perhaps less enthusiasm than usual as the ride to Darwin is long and not overly interesting. There are many unknown factors on this section. The Philippines may not allow us to bring in the motorcycle, and may not let us leave via a different port to the entry port. Vietnam is not currently allowing motorcycles into their country. Hopefully we will get a special invitation as a promotional vehicle. There are few regular shipping services in the region, we may have to rely on cargo boats, a not preferred option, slow and requiring us to fly between destinations. All in all it is the unknown that is disconcerting but adds to the challenge.

The following is a list of all items carried and their approximate location on the motorcycle as at departure. The camping gear will be posted home from Darwin, we are not expecting to need it in Asia.
As we are travelling for such a long period we are more concerned with comfort and convenience rather than being totally weight and space oriented. The motorcycle is always fully loaded. We reduce items when we feel we are overloaded or haven't used the item for a reasonable period of time. The list is constantly changing, with items being added and some being sent home or discarded as their use fluctuates.
The spare parts are a combination of parts we have already used and replaced (worn but not broken), new parts to replace those we expect to break and where we have replaced parts in the past, often we have purchased two replacements, one to use now and one we keep as a spare. Whilst the list is extensive most parts are small and either difficult or impossible to obtain in many places we are travelling or their breaking would result in an immobile motorcycle. We prefer to be as self contained for repairs as possible.
The tools are what we have found we need for the repairs we are capable of on the road.
The medical kit has been generally unused (thankfully) other than antibiotics or mild pain killers.

Motorcycle Spare Parts
  Speedometer drivers (repaired)   1 KP
  Speedometer cable    1 PP
  Speedometer drive seals    4 KP
  Front brake pads    2 PP 44063-83C
  Front brake boot    1 KP
  Wheel bearings     4 PP
  Wheel bearing shims (various)    KP
  Lip seals     6 KP 47519-83A
  Fork seals     2 KP
  Fork oil     1 PP 99884-80
  Fork o'rings      2 KP 45443-86
  Fork o'rings     2 KP 45845-77
  Air suspension washers    5 KP
  Air suspension washers (used)   3 KP
  Fuel hose     1 KP
  Carburettor slide and diaphragm (used)  1 KP
  Carby intake manifold seals (used)  1 KP
  Carby float needle (used)   1 KP
  Carby main jet (used)    1 KP
  Carby accelerator pump diaphragm (used)  1 KP
  Carby enricher seal (used)   1 KP
  Carby hose connector    1 KP
  Carburettor float bowl gasket   1 KP
  Carby jets (various used)   6 KP
  Engine oil hoses, set    3 KP
  Exhaust bolt nuts    4 KP
  Exhaust retaining clips (used)   2 KP
  Clutch plate friction ring (used)  1 KP
  Clutch bearing repair kit   1 KP
  Clutch cable     1 PP
  Gasket clutch cable housing   1 KP
  Gearbox bearing     2 KP 8668
  Gearbox bearing     1 KP  8977
  Gearbox spring     1 KP 34087-79A
  Gasket gearbox top    1 KP
  Gasket gearbox right side   1 KP
  Muffler clamp washers    3 KP    Drive belt     2 TB
  Locking tab washer, inner primary  6 KP    Jack shaft circlips    2 KP
  Oil seal inner primrary clutch   2 KP 56328-90
  Oil seal inner primrary jack shaft  1 KP 12066
  Engine to primary seal    1 KP 2026B
  O'ring Primary inspection clutch cover  1 KP 25416-84B
  O'ring inner primary to engine    1 KP 11147A
  Gasket, primary inspection cover  1 KP 34906-85D
  Front sprocket to engine seal   1 KP
  Pad, chain tensioner    1 KP 39976-65B
  Lock washer, chain tensioner plate  1 KP 39996-65
  Starter motor, clutch    1 PP 31516-94
  Rear brake pads     1 PP 43957-86E
  Oil engine     1 PP
  Oil filters     4 PP 63796-77A
  Gasket oil pump     2 KP
  Timing stator (used)    1 KP
  Regulator (used)    1 PP
  Ignition module (used)    1 PP
  Stand spring     3 KP
  Coil ignition     1 KP 31614-83A   Spark plugs     4 KP 32311-83
  Blinker bulb     1 KP 68168-89A
  Tail light bulb     1 KP
  Headlight bulb (used)    1 KP
  Front engine mount    1 KP
  Cam oil seal     2 KP 83162-51
  Gasket air filter    1 KP
  Throttle cable      1 PP
  Accelerator cable - idle control  1 PP 56328-90
  Top box catch     2 KP
  Wear plate, saddlebag    1 KP 90962-93
  Tyre valve stem     1 PP
  Fuel line hose      2 PP
  O'rings various     6 KP
  Magnetic drain plug, primary

Motorcycle Tools
  Old bed sheet to wrap up tools   1 PP
  3/8th ratchet driver    1 PP
  1/2" ratchet driver    1 PP
  Sockets (1-1/2 1-3/16 belt replacement)  2 PP
  Sockets (7/8 3/4 11/16 5/8 9/16 1/2)  6 PP
  Sockets (7/16 mid length 3/8 +smaller)  6 PP
  Socket adapt (3/8-1/4 3/8-1/2 1/2-3/4)  3 PP
  3/8 socket knuckle    1 PP
  3/8 socket short extension   1 PP
  1/2" driver extension bar (belt)  1 PP
  Wrench, open and ring ends (1/4 5/16 3/8 7/16 1/2 9/16 5/8)  4 PP
  Adjustable wrench (6" and 10")   2 PP
  Vice grips     1 PP
  Torx set of seven sizes    1 PP
  Needle nose pliers    1 PP
  Interchangeable screw and star drivers  3 PP
  Allen keys (necessary sizes)   1 PP
  Star screwdriver (surgical)   1 PP
  Oil filter removal tool    1 PP
  Files (flat, round)    2 PP
  Drift (punching swingarm axle)   1 PP
  Drift (tighten steering head bearings)  1 PP
  Hacksaw (small) and blades   1 PP
  Box cutter      PP
  Small drill bits    3 PP
  Magnetic retriever    1 PP
  Cone tool (swing arm bolt)   1 PP
  Multi meter     1 TB
  Feeler gauges (spark plug gap)   1 PP
  Rubber wedge (primary drive removal)  1 PP
  Funnel (small)     1 PP
  Nozzle and tube (fork oil tool)   1 PP
  Syringe (oil and grease)   2 PP
  12 volt tyre pump compressor   1 PP
  Tyre gauge     1 TK
  Tyre valve remover    1 PP
  Bicycle hand pump    1 PP

Repair Items
  Workshop rags      PP
  Sandpaper      PP
  Scouring pads      PP
  Old toothbrush      PP
  Cable ties      PP
  Hose clamps (petrol)    2 PP
  Hose clamps (bash plate)   4 PP
  Electrical small switches   2 KP
  Electrical wire     2 PP
  Electrical tape     1 PP
  Electrical connectors (various)   10 PP
  Heat shrink plastic (elect repairs)   PP
  Signwriters plastic strips   1 PP
  Plastic kitchen tidy bags (oil changes)  30 PP
  Mixture nuts and bolts    20 PP
  Mixture washers     10 PP
  O'rings (various)    20 PP
  Anti seize lubricant    1 PP
  WD40 (lubricant spray)    1 PP
  Silicone gasket glue      1 PP
  Loctite      1 PP
  Instant metal glue    1 PP
  Gasket glue     1 PP
  5 minute epoxy glue    1 PP
  Muffler pipe putty    1 PP
  Graphite powder     1 PP
  Light grease     1 PP
  Axle bearing grease    1 PP
  Grey mending tape    1 PP
  Tubeless puncture repair kit   1 PP
  Tyre puncture glue    1 PP
  Clear tubing, (gussetting cables)   PP

Motorcycle Items
  Bike keys     1 Worn
  Spare keys (for bike and bike cover)
  Motorcycle alarm module    2
  Remote control for alarm   1 Worn
  Second alarm remote control
  Spare battery alarm remote    TB
  H-D tiedown straps (transport motorcycle) 2 PP
  Motorcycle cover    1 RR
  Padlocks small     2 RR
  Disc lock     1
  Disc lock key (spare)    1 KP

Clothes Peter
  Swimmers     1 TB
  Long sleeved shirt    1 TB
  Shorts      1 TB
  Jeans      1 TB
  Thongs (flip flops)    1 TB
  Underpants     4 TB
  Socks      4pr TB
  T-shirt      1 TB
  Long sleeved shirt    1 Worn
  Socks      1 Worn
  Underpants     1 Worn
  Jeans     1 Worn
  Boots, ankle     1 Worn
  Face mask, cotton    1 Worn
  Helmet      1 Worn
  Leather gloves     1 Worn
  Down jacket     1 Worn
  Motorcycle helmet    1 Worn
  Belt      1 Worn
  Leather hat     1 TK
  Rain Jacket     1 PP
  Wet weather pants     1 KP
  Wet weather gloves (neoprene)   1 PP

Clothes Kay
  Leather hat     1 TK
  Leather gloves     1 Worn
  Motorcycle Helmet    1 Worn
  Boots, ankle     1 Worn
  Socks      1 Worn
  Jeans      1 Worn
  Undies      1 Worn
  Bra      1 Worn
  T-shirt      1 Worn
  Long sleeved shirt    1 Worn
  Jumper woollen     1 Worn
  H-D summer nylon jacket    1 Worn
  Face mask, cotton    1 Worn
  Belt      1 Worn
  Wet weather pants     1 KP
  Rain jacket      1 KP
  Clothes bag     1 TB
  Swim suit     1 TB
  Bra      2 TB
  Undies      4 TB
  Thermal pants and top    1 TB
  Shorts      1 TB
  Jeans    1 TB
  T-shirt      1 TB
  Long sleeved shirt    1 TB
  Light cotton pants    1 TB
  Plastic sandals     1 TB
  Socks      4pr TB

Personal Peter
  Notepad, pen, calculator    Worn
  Glasses      1 Worn
  Watch      1 Worn
  Wallet      1 Worn
  Credit cards, money, licence, international lisence    Worn
  Small items bag     1 TB
  Ear plugs     1 TK
  Sunscreen lotion/moisturiser   1 TK
  Passport     1 TB
  Passport photos     10 KP
  Travellers cheques     Hidden
  Finance and budget papers   1 TB
  Business cards, etc   1 TB
  Carnet     KP
  Internet papers and floppy disks  1 TB
  Diary (current)     1 TB
  Spare glasses     2 KP

Personal Kay
  Glasses      1 Worn
  Watch      1 Worn
  Wallet      1 Worn
  Licence, family photos, money    1 Worn
  Comb      1 Worn
  Earrings, necklace, ring   1 Worn
  Small items bag     1 TB
  Credit cards
  Hair bands     5 TB
  Earrings     1 TB
  Notepad (small)     1 TB
  Perfume      1 TB
  Ear plugs     1 TB
  Sunscreen lotion/moisturiser   1 TK
  Passport     1 TB
  Passport photos     10 KP
  Needlework, cross stitch   1 TB
  Diary (current)     1 TB
  Spare glasses     1 KP

  Digital Camera     1 TK
  Spare digital camera battery   1 TK
  Camera battery charger    1 TB
  Spare memory card, camera   1 TK
  Camera/glasses lens cloth   1 TK
  Camera compact flash card to computer converter 1 TB
  Spare analog camera    1 KP
  Film      1 KP
  Lap top computer and power cords  1 TB
  Remote hard drive (computer backup)  1 TB
  Remote hard drive power adaptor   1 TB
  MP3 music player and cassette adaptor  1 TK
  USB connector cable    1 TB
  Mobile phone     1 Worn
  Mobile phone charger    1 TB
  Short wave radio    1 TB
  Spare batteries radio    2 TB
  Universal power adaptor    1 TB
  Inverter 12V to 240V    1 TB
  Tank bag (magnetic)    1 TK
  Lonely Planet guide book   1 TK
  Maps (current)     1 TK
  Maps (past and future)     KP
  Clear plastic map pocket   1 TK
  Plastic chamois piece, rain wiper  1 TK
  Novel      1 TB
  Plain paper (spare loose pages)   1 KP
  Spare pens, highlighters, paint pens   TB
  Highlighter pen     1 TK
  Rubber bands     1 KP
  Mosquito zapper (dual volt)   1 TB
  Insect repellant    1 RR
  Boot polish     1 TB
  Clothes washing detergent   1 TB
  Clothesline cord and pegs   1 TB
  Sewing repair kit    1 TB

  Toiletries bag     1 TB
  Tooth brushes     2 TB
  Tooth paste     1 TB
  Dental floss     1 TB
  Soap and container    1 TB
  Spare soap     1 TB
  Shampoo and conditioner    1 TB
  Deodorant     1 TB
  Vinyl sports towel    1 TB
  Smallish ordinary towel    1 TB
  Comb      1 TB
  Beard trimming haircutting clippers  1 TB
  Nail scissors     1 TB
  Hair scissors     1 TB
  Nail clippers     1 TB
  Nail brush     1 TB
  Disposable razors    5 KP
  Vaseline     1 TB
  Toilet paper     1 RR

  Tent, 4 man, cheap throw away variety  1
  Padlock      1
  12 volt fluorescent light   1
  Small torch     1
  H-D strap (securing tent)   1
  Tent pole elastic (spare)   1 KP
  Thermorest mattress and bag   2 TP
  Air bed repair kit    1 KP
  Sleeping bags zip together (down)  2 TP
  Sheets double bed    2 TP
  Pillows and covers (1/3rd normal pillow) 2 TP
  Bags for sleeping gear     2 TP
  Dual fuel stove generator   1 KP
  Dual fuel stove pump kit (used)   1 KP
  Octopus straps (securing bedding to bike)  2

  Backpack kitchen bag    1 RR
  Andy strapz (securing kitchen bag)  2 RR
  Dual fuel stove Coleman (unleaded fuel used) 1 RR
  Filter (fuel stove)    1 PP
  Alfoil (stove wind guard)   1 RR
  Immersion heater (dual volt, tea)  1 TB
  Aluminium stackable pots   2 RR
  Stainless steel lid/frying pan   1 RR
  Pot handle/lifter    1 RR
  Stainless dinner plates    2 RR
  Tin mugs     2 RR
  Knife, fork, spoon sets    2 RR
  Tea spoons     2 RR
  Kitchen knife     1 RR
  Potato peeler     1 RR
  Tin openers     2 RR
  Cigarette lighters    2 RR
  Flint lighter     1 RR
  Dishwashing liquid    1 RR
  Pot scourers and sponge    2 RR
  Tea towel     1 RR
  Hand towel     1 RR
  Freezer bags (storage)    1 RR
  Zip lock bags (storage)    1 RR
  Rubber bands (sealing food bags)  1 RR
  Spices, salt, pepper, curry powder  1 RR
  Water bottle  1

Medical Kit
  First aid bag     1 KP
  Elastic bandage     1 KP
  Gauze bandage     5 KP
  Large dressings     2 KP
  Sterile eye pad     3 KP
  Bandaids     1 KP
  Antiseptic wipes    1 KP
  Burn Gel     1 KP
  Betadine      KP
  Surgical gloves     2 KP
  Cotton buds      KP
  Throat lozenges (Fishermens Friends)  1 TB
  Aspirin       KP
  Panadol       KP
  Panadeine      KP
  Metronidazol antibiotic     KP
  Doxicycline antibiotic     KP
  Norfloxacin antibiotic     KP
  Antacid tablets     1 TB
  Anti histamine tablets    1 TB
  Anti inflammatory (voltaren)   1 TB
  Antiseptic powder    1 KP
  Anti fungal cream    1 TB
  Itch relief cream    1 KP
  Thermometer     1 KP

KP Kay's Pannier
PP Peters Pannier
TB Top Box
TK Tank Bag
TP Top of Panniers
RR Rear Rack

You can now move onto the first country of the eleventh trip if you wish.  Start Travelling


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