Travel Through Lesotho on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

Lesotho on a Harley (13/4/00 - 16/4/00)
Distance 455 km (188345 km to 188800 km)

This is part of the Sixth section of our around the world trip.
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Coming from  South Africa

13/4/00 Out of South Africa again, this time to Lesotho, the high plateau country. Border formalities minimal and no visas or payments. A move back to poorer surrounds reminiscent of further north in Africa. Township bypass roads of South Africa now pass through villages where local produce is again sold roadside. Whites less visible. The country side more littered with rubbish. Maseru, the capital, we are staying at the Anglican Training Centre. A small capital, for the small country of only 2 million people.

14/4/00 A high country from 900m to 3500m it has the highest minimum altitude of any country in the world. Like most highland people they are very friendly and happy. We rode to Thaba Bosiu where the locals fought off all attackers giving them the right to form their own country. We also rode towards the centre highlands and dams where theThe hill believed to have been instrumental in helping design the Lesotho hat road passes one high pass after the next. Later we visited the village of Malealea shown around by  a school boy, proud of the older houses and traditional ways of his home town. This country has to be one of the most underdeveloped tourist highlights. Probably because of its isolated spots in mountainous terrain.

15/4/00 Malealea lodge overlooks a large mountain valley. The surrounding mountains have small settlements of a few round stone houses with thatched roofs dotted around where water seeps out of the sandstone. Horses are the transport and to ride a sure footed mountain pony down into and out of steep ravines the best way to see the area. We took a four hour ride (all that our legs and bums could handle) to the waterfall, just the excuse for the journey as the along the way scenery was equally as stunning. In the evening we were entertained by a group of young boys, a band, with instruments made from local rubbish. Like the three stringed guitar which uses a four litre oil can as an echo box orThe four legged mounts we explored the mountainous country side here the drums and castanets made from a 20 litre oil can with a tyre inner tube top and strips of tyre for drum sticks. The surprise was the quality of the sound generated from these instruments matched with the melodious voices. Again an underrated country.

16/4/00 Needing to move on we left today but could easily have stayed one or two more nights. Again we headed through more mountains, villages and cropped valleys. Leaving Lesotho at the remote border of Telle Bridge.

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