Travel Into Greece on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter Forwood

Greece on a Harley (23/6/97 - 29/6/97)
Distance 205 km (75604 km to 75809 km)

This is part of the second section of our around the world trip.
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Coming from  Turkey

23/6/97 Number 14 country. Also the end of my Carnet. Coming from Iran, Turkey wanted the Carnet completed (from Greece no Carnet needed) and into Greece they gave me six months and stamped my passport. I can still leave the bike in the country if I go out, so long as I take it out of here before six months. Straight up everything is more expensive at the Greek islands, accommodation $US 10 and most food double Turkey prices. It's hard to change Turkish money to Greek or vice versa as they don't like each other and the banks won't deal in each others currencies. Changing on the street you lose about 20% coming into Greece. I changed with someone leaving for Turkey, best for both of us.

24/6/97 A tour around the Island visiting the underground water canal and Pythagorus’ home town and onto the outbound ferry to Piraeus. Thirteen hours later after sleeping deck class in a chair I arrived at 5.30 am.

25/6/97 Straight for the Harley Dealer to park the motorcycle (saves me worrying about it in Athens). With a few hours to spare before it opened I spent time washing the motorcycle to have it look a bit good and ate breakfast. The noise in the engine was instantly diagnosed as a hydraulic lifter problem probably caused by a faulty cam.Small ferry from Turkey to Greek island of Samos It was thought that the cam may have been faulty from new and will be replaced under goodwill warranty. The management also advised me that I could leave the motorcycle at the dealership for the 5 months that I will be away in Australia and that they will have the motorcycle serviced and ready for my arrival in November. Even though we had never met it was like arriving at a friend's place after 25000 km of travel between Harley dealers. Arriving out of the blue without an appointment in the morning and by 5 pm that afternoon I could leave confident the motorcycle would be repaired and looked after during my absence.

26/6/97 All there was to do now was arrange a flight home and wait to leave. The earliest and cheapest flight was on the 29/6/97 and it was a matter of filling in time now waiting to depart. I also booked my return ticket to Greece to arrive on the 20/11/97 to start the third trip.

You can either move onto planning the third six month trip or go to the first country of the next trip Greece




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