Travel Through Denmark on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

Denmark on a Harley (18/7/98 - 20/7/98 )
Distance 461 km (102021 km to 102482 km)

This is part of the fourth section of our around the world trip.
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Coming from the  Netherlands

18/7/98 Peter Petersen was already waiting for us at the border. A great welcome to a new country. After catch-up and a coffee, Peter took us to watch the finals of ring riding. A unique sport, only in southern Denmark where when riding a horse at the canter the rider must lance a hole in a metal disk suspended from gallows. The whole gradually shrinking to eliminate contestants until it's no bigger than a pea and still there were five contestants repeating the lancing until only the "King" remained. Finishing the day with traditional food and beer from a can, unusual in Denmark as cans are banned from being sold. The Danes preferring the recyclable bottles, our beer cans came from across the border in Germany.

19/7/98 Sitting outside in 20 degrees of sunshine sipping a McDonalds hot chocolate surrounded by pine trees is a great place to write up the diary. Peters sister and her husband collect old motorcycles and have 10 or more Matchless bikes and one 1915 model Indian. We followed the Indian on a tour of the island, with windmills, castle and forest before a lunch of local foods (almost all new to me) then headed off across the new bridge (second longest in the world and probably the most expensive to cross at $US 17.00 for a motorcycle and $US 34.00 for a car) and into Zealand for the nights camping. Our first camp. We will need to move quickly having given ourselves two deadlines (which I hate). One to try and see the midnight sun before 27 July in Nordkapp some 2300 km to the north and also the Iceland ferry 3000 km back South by 11/8, being the last available ferry this summer if we want to spend two weeks there.An Indian, Harley and BMW out for a ride

20/7/98 Well the self inflating mattress seemed soft enough on the green grassy ground and the third of a pillow also soft. The all fuel stove worked and the extra tap on the motorcycle fuel line to fill it made cooking smooth. This stove works on unleaded petrol (straight from the motorcycle), or kerosene where unleaded petrol is unavailable. A few pumps of the plunger and a cup of tea is ready in five minutes, the whole unit weighing about 400 grams.

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