Travel Through Belgium on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

Belgium on a Harley (4/4/98 - 9/4/98)
Distance 474 km (94576 km to 95090 km)

This is part of the third section of our around the world trip.
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Coming from  Luxembourg

4/4/98 Out of Luxembourg and into Belgium, through the Ardennes, past Brussels and onto Bruges, 350 km. A quick trip on the motor way, they are free in Belgium, and a realization why most European riders wear full face helmets. Passing Ghent we got caught up in a hail storm, my first on a motorcycle, and with open faced helmets we were peppered with hail stones before we could pull off the motor way. Not large but big enough hail to cause pain. Belgium is famous for its chocolate and beer, heaps of different varieties of smooth chocolate and 350 different beers. Our hostel restaurant stocks 36 of them so we started at the top of the list and will continue down over the next couple of days. Dark beers, wheat beers, lagers, sweet and sour beers just to start.

5/4/98 Belgium also reckons it invented fries, chips, frites and waffles so fries with mayonnaise (traditional) and sugar waffles just to keep up the cholesterol level. And to reduce the cholesterol a 30 km bicycle, yes bicycle not motorcycle, guided tour around old windmills, castles, back roads, canals and cobbled lane ways. Not quite the well sprung seat of the H-D and two bruised cheeks and tailbones. Needed more Belgium beers to ease the pain in the evening. The art of fishing in the canals here seems to be taken to the highest level of sophistication. Fishermen, and they were all men, accurately spaced individuals beside the canal, a large green, wind/rain umbrella sat upon stools with their rod and rod extensions and extension extensions enabling the line to be placed strategically anywhere in the canal. Appropriately dressed in green, hat emblazoned with lures and khaki overalls smothered in pockets pondered the universe waiting for the electronic sensors to alert them to their latest catch.

Canal tour through the old city buildings of Brugge 6/4/98 Bugger all today, with a sore bum and legs. A boat ride through the canals, walking tour of the historic town and met a fellow Australian. Coincidence a great factor, to meet someone from your home town of 140000 across the world is rare, but when they are in the same industry and work with someone you worked with, its extremely rare. To celebrate of course we sampled more Belgium beers, too many Belgium beers, and it doesn't matter how good the beer is if you drink too many you wake up feeling shit.

7/4/98 Yes we woke up feeling shit. Finally got away at 12 noon for Brussels and yes it rained again on the way and all afternoon.

8/4/98 The now usual city walking tour around the cities highlights. This being our third capital city in seven days. Mannekin Pis, the boy statue pissing into the wind, Europe's grandest plaza (Grand Place) with its gilded craft halls and large parks just about tops it off. Finishing Belgium with a brewery trip and last chance for a drink in Belgium.

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