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What's it all about?

Horizons Unlimited organise the largest indoor and outdoor travellers meetings in the world for the motorcycle oriented traveller. We attract bike clubs and the individual traveller, looking for somewhere to enjoy their hobby/lifestyle, gaining knowledge, networking and friendship. We endeavour to provide a safe and enjoyable venue for them to do just that.

Horizons Unlimited saw its first meeting in the UK in 2001, and since then the Meetings have grown year on year to the 650 visitors event it is today in the UK. Other Meetings around the world, while smaller, are also growing - California and Canada both have meetings over 200, and Australia is fast catching up.

The Target Market: The target market is people of all ages, (about 25% women) who have an interest in motorcycling and travel - they may have done a big trip/tour or are planning one. By keeping the entrance price down and the location central it ensures the event will attract the maximum number of visitors. Most folk camp for the weekend and it has consistently sold out in advance every year. (We are limited to the number of folk the venue can hold)

Alignment with Horizons Unlimited would give exhibitors the opportunity to communicate with a targeted audience, these include like minded professionals, discerning media savvy motorcyclists and a broad cross-section of all ages and backgrounds from around the world.

What's On:

The events follow our now familiar format that we have perfected over the years.

  • Large trade area with a very focused and interested group of attendees. We're often told by vendors that they get a better response at our events than at a general event with 10 times the attendance.
  • Travel Bike Show
  • Continuous presentations over the 4 days (most events are 4, a few are 3 days) put on by as many as 80 presenters on a wide range of subjects in slide shows, technical talks, displays, demonstrations and group discussions.
  • No loud bands, burnouts etc!

Stall holders may camp on site if they wish, but all our events are within a reasonable distance of hotels.

Advertise on HU and get free admission to sell your products at an HU Meeting

But we still need you to fill this out - thanks. Smile!

Requirements - READ THIS!

  • All products must be of interest to motorcycle travellers specifically.
  • All Traders must comply with current local Health and Safety Laws.
    • UK - the law says you must have a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and public liability insurance (cost for this in the UK is £65.00 for 1 year)
    • Other locations - please abide by local laws and good sense - a fire extinguisher is recommended for all vendors.
  • Pitches are allocated on a first come first served basis.
    • Most are on hard standing. We will not enter into any arguments/disputes on pitches. We will always do our best to give you the best possible location. The organizers decision is final.
      • Most sites have plenty of depth for most stalls so depth isn't a major problem.
  • Please keep aisles and roads clear of vehicles and rubbish at all times. You are responsible for all cleanup and removal of rubbish after the event.
  • Horizons Unlimited do not rent tables / chairs / marquees / tents etc.
  • No Raffles without written permission from the organizers.
  • Strictly No Merchandise bearing the Words or Logo of Horizons Unlimited without prior written permission of Grant Johnson/Horizons Unlimited.
  • You must provide a donation of some product (nothing major, typically US$20-$100) for the raffle / door prizes, all proceeds to charity at meetings where we do a raffle.

Thank you, and we hope you have an enjoyable and profitable weekend!

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ALL events:
- ALL vendors must provide a charity raffle donation of some product. (nothing major, typically US$20-$100) for the raffle / door prizes, all proceeds to charity.)
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