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First Annual Greece Travellers Meeting

Thursday 26th July – Sunday 29th July, 2012

Days to go!
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Why Come to a Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travellers' Meeting?

You can meet people who don't think you're crazy for wanting to ride your bike to South America or Africa or across Asia, or even around the world! Admit it, all your 'normal' friends and most of your family fears for your sanity! So, this is your opportunity to meet the people who will encourage you in that craziness, share their experiences and advice on how to do it, and maybe you'll meet them again in the Congo or Cambodia!

View a selection of photos from 2011 events on the Horizons Unlimited Facebook page

Want to know what people think of HU Meetings? Is it worth coming to the Meeting?

"I'm so looking forward to the first ever Greek meeting! I went to last year's meeting in Bulgaria and I was astonished at how articulate, intelligent, informative and entertaining the speakers were."


Registration is limited! So to be sure you get in and avoid disappointment, get your registration and payment in early!

We really don't want to turn anyone away, but more importantly we want to be sure of having a great meeting - and overcrowded facilities will be no fun for anyone. Please be patient and bear with us - and them - as we all try very hard to bring the best possible meeting to as many as possible. The admission price is on a sliding scale to encourage early registration and help us organise facilities better.

See you there!

Schedule for Presentations and Events will be posted shortly before the event.

How you can help - put up a few posters! 2012 poster available! Please post it everywhere!

The Plan

The plan is simple. Show up on Thursday or at the latest Friday afternoon, meet people and setup. Travel Presentations and Tech seminars are planned throughout the meeting, starting Thursday night.

2012 Speakers and Tech Seminars:


  • Travelling around the Balkans!
    Kostas Zympas last year travelled for ten (10) days around the Balkans, passing through FYROM, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. Being a professional photographer (he took over 4.000 photos at that one and only trip!) is more than happy to make a selection for us, together with all handy notes and tips such as distances, road conditions, border crossings, mountain passes (including the famous Transfagarasan), food, accommodation.

    Map of the route
  • Travelling from the passenger's side of view!
    Vassilis Nternelis does not ride a bike, in fact he doesn't have a driving license at all, but has travelled around as a passenger. What do we really know of how it is to be sitting "back there"? What improvements or modifications can we make to our bikes so as to make the trip more pleasant to the passenger? On the other hand, what worries does the rider have that the passenger need not worry about? It's going to be a good debate for all, riders and passengers!

  • 35 days in Russia!
    Dimitrios Arabatzis: "Let's talk about motorcycle travel... Let me tell you, the good and the bad to motorcycling... Let me story you, how it is to travel 35 days without reservations and scheduled roads. Let me explain to you, how a meeting with some locos, can change the whole trip... Finally, I just want to tell you my story on the Russian roads…"
Dimitris Arabatzis

  • From Tzoumerka to Nepal!
    Spyros and Efi finally made their life dream trip to Nepal. The drove to Turkey, flew from Istanbul, rented out a scooter in Katmandu. What's it like to ride in Nepal? How far can one go in English, sign language or no language at all and just follow your heart? We will be looking forward to finding out!
  • Where to go next from here
    Dimitris Kissonas - since it is going to be summertime and obviously one cannot come to Greece without enjoying 'the sea and the sun'. Maps and ships' timetables are on the screen so depending on where you want to leave the country from, Dimitris has been all over Greece and will most definitely make good suggestions for everyone.
  • Navigate the fjords of Norway
    Vagelis Betsas travelled to Norway and visited the fjords. In his words 'a look at the nature of Norway is a unique experience!' and to let us take a small idea of what he means, he has prepared a presentation that will include both photos and videos. We can all hardly wait to see and hear!

Fjords of Norway.

  • A Solo Ride in the Wild West
    Polytimi Boznou, after having been to Turkey, Albania, FYROM, Montenegro and attending last year's HU meeting in Bulgaria, did a trip to the Western States of USA on a Harley by herself! She's here to show us her trip, but above all 'to encourage female and potential riders to just fulfil their dream and not hesitate to experience this unsurpassed way of life!'

Polytimi Boznou in the wild west.

  • Long Distance - Small Motorcycle

    Joel Juergens (fredsuleman), Canada, currently RTW with Taz Hirani. Joel will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of traveling on a small motorcycle.

  • The Ridearound 2010
    Milic Blazo will present about his RTW trip!
    Milic modestly says: "I do have some riding skill also and have some great trips in my short (but very rich) motorcycle life."
  • Thessaloniki to Nordkapp on a Vespa!
    From Thessaloniki Greece to the northmost point of Europe (Nordkapp) through 15 countries (Balkans, Baltic countries, Russia, Scandinavia, central Europe), covering more than 11.000km in 24 days and all this on a 197.9cc Vespa PX and 2 Vespa GTS.

Thessaloniki to Nordkapp on a Vespa.

  • 25 days Around Turkey

    MotoDiscoveries is a group of four people that made a trip on three bikes to Turkey. Izmir, Pamukkale, Kas, Olimpos, Antalya, Nevsehir, Nemrut, Mardin, Van, Dogubayazit, Trabzon, Samsun, Istanbul are some of the places they visited in their 7.000 km trip that we will have the opportunity to enjoy through their presentation.

    • Motodiscoveries-25 days around Turkey.

      Motodiscoveries-25 days around Turkey

    Christos Tzanos.Angel Babalouka.Odysseas Basioukas.

    Christos Tzanos (xtzanos), Angel Babalouka and Odysseas Basioukas, Motodiscoveries

  • Lots more to come!


  • Self Treatment and First Aid Techniques!
    Andreas Galanopoulos is a certified rescuer and works for the Greek Ambulance Service. As a rider himself he has fallen off his bike a couple of times (who hasn't!) and wants to share with us his professional experience with what one should and shouldn't do in such an unfortunate, but realistic occasion. Also, he will demonstrate first aid techniques that all of us SHOULD know.

  • DIY tools workshop "help-your-self"
    • Hanno Krusken (spooky), Germany
      "With this DIY-workshop I would like to support other HU members to do their own service, show what minimal tools they need to be able to actually do their own service or emergency repair, not being worried about getting dirty or helpless in such situations."

  • Panel - volunteers please!
    • How to get someone of the opposite sex to go travelling with you - panel and discussion.
      Why is it so hard? What are you doing wrong - or right? All viewpoints discussed!
  • Women only
    • A VERY popular session - it's a must for the ladies, so plan on being there!
  • Ask the Experts!
    • Panel Session! Still have a nagging question or two? Want to ask, but not sure who? There will be a panel session to get all those last details covered - ask anything at all! MOST of them we'll answer...


How about you? We're all here to learn, and there's LOTS to learn! We want to do more presentations and seminars - but we need volunteers to give them! Any topic you can contribute having to do with motorcycle travel, maintenance, planning etc, lasting around 30 minutes, would be great. If you'd like to share the fun of the road and the things you've learned along the way, please register as a presenter. As an extra bonus, there's no admission fee for presenters.

Important Presentation Info!

Lots of presentations, Tech seminars and discussions will take up your time, and there will also be Breakout sessions, which anyone can call! We'll have signup sheets for breakouts, just grab a sheet and list what subject you want to talk about and where and when, and people can sign up and meet you there! Sessions can be during dinner, or over breakfast or meet at someone's bike, whatever, it's up to you.

There will be slide shows and talks Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, as well as all Saturday morning and afternoon, and Sunday too, (see the schedule). Come early and make it a great weekend!

Slow Bike Challenge

All overlanders know that you are going to spend a significant amount of time, picking your way at slow speeds through mud, slaloming potholes and slow motion dodging through loony traffic. What better way to show off your skills! It won't be easy, but it'll be fun. The first 27 people to book at the Meet get to take part. Kick off 10am sharp on Saturday morning. There'll be a prize! And a bonus prize for the slowest rider who completes the course within the rules. Um, NO SIDECAR OUTFITS or 4x4's :)

Slow Bike Race (photo by David Yard)


Back again for another year, the HU Travel Bike Show!
Free to enter, open to all bikes.

Prizes for:

  • Most Unsuitable
  • Most Stickered
  • Best Modification
  • Most Travelled

Shine it up - or perhaps get it dirtier... and bring it to the front parking area Saturday afternoon - details at registration.

See the Schedule here


Rideouts are limited to 6 to 12 people per ride, no exceptions.

Off-road - any ideas, locations, routes, off-road tracks, volunteers to lead?

We have set out three (3) proposed routes, two short and a (really) long, to pick out from for Friday and Saturday. Either morning we'll decide according to participation and to presentations of the day which one we'll do. Also, there are numerous off-road routes in the area, from river crossings to 2.000 m. mountain passes, ask the organizers for suggestions, guides etc. Of course, there is always the option of improvising along the way…

Route #1: approx. 90 km – est. 2 hrs on bikes.

We'll begin with a visit to Matsouki village where we'll visit the open air water museum and see how water power was used in old times to wash the carpets, turn the mill etc. From there we ascend the serpentine road towards the scenic village of Kalarrytes, passing over the Baros pass at an altitude of almost 2.000 m., and sit for a coffee at the village's square under the huge plane tree.

Kalarrytes, Greece

Next stop is to walk 15 min. to the mill by the stream and, for those who dare, jump into the water for a refreshing experience. Bring your swim suits along, underwear or nothing at all, we don't care. After that, visit the 13th century Kipina monastery and crawl inside its cave. On our way back, make a diversion to Syrrako village, the most prestigious of all villages in the area. Leave at 10:00, back by 17:00. Take a look!

Route #2: approx. 70 km – est. 1 ½ hrs on bikes.

Twin Waterfalls, Greece

We'll begin by visiting the spectacular Twin Waterfalls that lay above the village named Katarraktis (which incidentally means "waterfall" in Greek) and stand underneath the 100 m. flow. Then we'll head for the legendary Plaka bridge,

Plaka Bridge, Greece

the largest single-arched bridge in Greece, built in 1863 at the then border with Turkey. We'll head back through the picturesque village of Raftanaioi and just before Pramanta whoever wants can visit the unique Pramanta Cave and meet us later at the cabin. Leave at 10:00, back by 16:00. Route here.

Route #3: approx. 250 km – est. 4 hrs on bikes.

Voidomatis River

How many know of the Vikos Gorge, the deepest gorge on earth, according to the Guinness Book of Records, measuring 1 km. deep, 1.100 m. wide and 20 km. long!

Vikos Gorge, Greece - deepest gorge in the world!

Well, that's where we're going, but how could we without making a stop at Voidomatis river (again, those who dare, swim!), visit the 15th century Ag. Paraskevi monastery and its breathtaking walking path next to it or circling the beautiful Ioannina Lake.

Vikos River
Vikos River

For all these we need to get started early i.e. 09:00 so as to be back by 19:00, since it's our last day and we've arranged for the barbeque evening. Overview of the proposed route.

Other Activities

Walking to the village through the deep forest path, passing by springs, enjoying magnificent views to the mountain and the valley and after an hour's walk (downhill, it's about 2 hrs uphill) sit and enjoy a coffee at the village's centre. Don't miss visiting Spyros and Efi's handcrafts shop with unique art crafts of local culture.

Try out your rafting skills at ViaNatura rafting school that does the Arachthos river, suitable for all ages and all shapes! For information, ask the organizers once you get there so as to arrange a good price.


We will hold a charity draw for MSF Saturday evening. Although support is always needed for organizations like this, since times are rough for everyone it's going to be with participation of a symbolic amount (i.e. €2≈€5) and so will be the prize. Internet connection allowed, we will then Skype Grant & Susan and announce the amount raised so as to be placed on the meeting's webpage and all feel proud for our small contribution. And if you'd like to donate a prize, please contact Grant.


We can provide individual meals for either lunch or dinner at very reasonable prices, but in order for them to be freshly acquired and cooked, please let us know in advance (previous day) what would you like to eat out of our range of available cooked food because supplies are difficult to get.

However, since we'd want you to enjoy traditional food, we would like you to treat yourselves with a gracious buffet breakfast (€5 per person, incl. coffee refills) and then be patient for our same-day cooked dinner buffets, that will include both vegetarian and "carnivorous" tastes (€15 per person per day, drinks separately), the last one (Saturday) to be a barbeque feast! In between, for those who will go on a ride there is the option of taking along a meal package as lunch and the same goes for those who decide to hang out at the venue and want to have something to eat in the day (both €10 per person per day). In all cases, we have plenty of easy-to-make food, such as toasts or a salad, that anyone can order at any time, as well as packed food, such as crisps, biscuits or chocolates. Alternatively, ask us for nearby and trusted tavernas.

For your convenience and, mostly, for your economy, we've set out pre-booked food packages for breakfast and dinner buffets, whether you'll arrive Thursday, Friday or Saturday, which we highly recommend so as to give yourselves the chance to try out the variety of local cuisine, and for the hungrier an extra option for Friday and Saturday lunch times.

See the Registration section for details.

Camping and Accommodation

There are 26 beds in three rooms in the cabin (8, 8 & 10-bed rooms). Each room has it's own bathroom with showers. Beds are €10 per person/per night, linen not included. Should you not carry your own sleeping bag/sheets, sheets and pillowcases are provided for €5 for the whole stay. We have enough blankets to warm a battalion.

For those who travel with a tent, no place on earth can provide more shade and a cooler breeze at night than putting it up under one of thousands of trees at the venue's doorstep, at no charge of course. Moreover anyone is welcome to camp for as many days as they like before and after the venue or stay at the cabin at venue's prices (€10 per person/per night).

Showers - available in the new outside blocks for those camping, indoors for those who booked beds.

Wi-Fi - there is Wi-Fi available in the cabin, but it's a single connection for EVERYONE so don't expect fast!

ATM's – there is a local bank's ATM in the nearby village, but in the summer it can quickly run out of money. You don't need much, especially if you have prepaid registration, food and/or accommodation, literally fuel for your bike (and fuel for yourselves i.e. drinks!).

Mobile Signal – Very good mobile phone reception and mobile internet coverage for those with "new generation" phones and, of course, very good GPS signal.

Barbecues – NO FIRES allowed by the Forests' Authority, except for personal gas stoves. There are NO cooking facilities, only washing basins, but there's tons of excellent food at good prices available.

Food and Beer - available in the cabin. Please DO NOT bring YOURS into the event, it's a very small profit for the hosts and at the same time the only way to keep registration fees low.

Dogs – no dogs indoors (including the hosts'), so if you book a room won't it be a shame to have to tie it to a tree meters away from the cabin? Campers cannot be forbidden to bring dogs along but experience has shown that if there are more than one (and one already lives with the hosts) there is a high risk of all night barking. Must we listen to it?

Children – the area, although ideal for having children play in the field or in the woods, is not fenced and Search and Rescue forces are half a day away. Should you bring the little ones along, bear in mind that the organizers can be in no way responsible for children-hazardous circumstances ("Mommy, what's the name of this colorful mushroom I've just eaten?")

Equipment for Sale

There will be a pin board for you to post equipment, bikes etc for sale.

Free stuff - A Scratch Patch

(as suggested by Michelle Clarke in an email:)

"We all know how expensive these overland travel dreams can be, but also how you often manage to accumulate travel equipment and bits and pieces that just end up gathering dust. That thingamabob that you have been meaning to give away for ages could be exactly what some skint newbie is in need of before a first trip.

How about a table set aside inside as the Scratch Patch at the HU meet? A place where people can put those extra inner tubes for the bike that they already sold but forgot to give to the new owner (clearly labelled as to size of course ); that jerry that you bought that doesn't fit your mountings; that Lonely Planet for Mongolia - anything that might be a big help to someone else.

(of course, anything that does not find a home by the end of the weekend will need to be reclaimed)"

Perfect - we'll set up a spot somewhere, so bring your goodies!

Travel Vendors

We're looking for Travel Equipment vendors to come and display your products, and sell as well. Please contact Grant with questions or sign up here to join us! There is no entry fee for vendors and one assistant (pay your own food and accommodation).

Books and videos - get your signed copy direct from the Author!

HU's Achievable Dream will be available!

anyone else?

Bring some cash! :)

Overall Schedule (not Seminars and clinics)

All times - and everything - approximate!

An up-to-date schedule will be posted at the Meeting.


CHECK-IN and sign up! You MUST be registered to go on a ride or for entry to any events, seminars etc.

19:00 Dinner buffet! Salads, starters, side-dish food and freshly cooked main course, of course!


CHECK-IN and sign up! You MUST be registered to go on a ride or for entry to any events, seminars etc.

08:00 Breakfast buffet, all morning. Local bread, butter, honey, cereals and unlimited (filter) coffee fillings.

09:00 Ride choosing, short or long. On our way we'll stop at the local petrol station for refueling.

19:00 Dinner buffet! Salads, starters, side-dish food and freshly cooked main course, of course!

Friday night

Speakers presentations schedule - check the posted times on the day for all details.


CHECK-IN! You MUST be registered to go on a ride or entry to any events, seminars etc.

08:00 Breakfast buffet, all morning. Local bread, butter, honey, cereals and unlimited (filter) coffee fillings.

09:00 Ride out, short or long. On our way we'll stop at the local petrol station for refueling. Please be fueled up and ready to ride to save a lot of time at the station!

18:00 MSF Charity draw, winner announcement, Skype Grant & Susan Johnson at 7!

19:00 Barbeque feast! Salads, starters, side-dish food on the buffet and local roasts to pick as they come!

Rideouts - details here.


08:00 Breakfast buffet, all morning. Local bread, butter, honey, cereals and unlimited (filter) coffee fillings.

Miscellaneous notes:

Organizers live there so there will be at the premises days ahead if anyone wishes to arrive early and just hang out or go for a ride in the area. There is no problem arriving even a couple of days early, Tzoumerka Mountain Cabin will be happy to see you and feed you, camping is free before the event and beds are offered at the venue's prices. Food is offered at menu prices and needs to be ordered early in the day. All assistance greatly appreciated! :)

Download the 2012 Presentations and Events Schedule as a PDF here when it's ready, about a week before the event.

Presentation Schedule - English version

Presentation Schedule - Greek version

Plan what you want to see! The schedule is subject to change, so don't hold our feet to the fire - stuff happens! But we will try very hard to ensure that it goes off as planned. To avoid disappointment, be sure to check the latest schedule posted at the meeting on the day. And even that can change. :(

Registration - pre-register and pay and save €10!

  1. Register and PAY before June 1, 2012, admission is only20
  2. Register and PAY between June 1 and July 1, admission is €25.
  3. After July 1, admission is €30
  4. At the door, IF space is available, admission is €30 for all four days.

Friday ONLY €15 at the door.
Saturday ONLY €20 at the door.

Entry fee includes admission to the slide shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night and Sunday am, and other events during the day every day.

If you want to arrive early, or stay over after the event and spend more time in this beautiful area, you're welcome! Please contact the folks at Tzoumerka to book (camping is free).

Accommodation and meals are NOT included. Camping is free.

Please PRE-BOOK by filling in the form below and click the "Count me in" button below it.

NOTE: Use one form per person - Everyone must register! Vendors see here, Presenters see here.

Pay by PayPal

You will shortly receive an e-mail confirmation. Check to ensure the details are correct. If you don't receive an e-mail confirmation within a few minutes, it means your e-mail address wasn't correct, (or the Internet has eaten your e-mail). Try again. A human being will actually get a copy of the e-mail, and we promise we won't sign you up multiple times. ;-)

b. After you have filled in the form and submitted it, you will have an opportunity to pay by Click to go straight to the PayPal Payment link..


Check out the Books pages for Travel books and videos.

Support your favourite website!


Sorry, ONLINE registration is now closed.

There is still SOME room, but PLEASE or phone Dimitris (+30 697 6558 553) should you want FOOD or a BED because they are both limited, and then you can pay registration and/or food and/or bed once at the door!



Membership - Show you're proud to be a Horizons Unlimited Traveller!

Just to clarify the membership situation: Currently there is no requirement to be a member to access the website, the HUBB or to receive the monthly e-zine. For now, what you get for your membership contribution is our sincere gratitude, good karma and knowing that you're helping to keep the motorcycle travel dream alive.

We will also upgrade your status in the HUBB to Contributing or Gold Member. In addition to recognising your contribution through your status, this will allow you to upload a custom profile picture and custom avatar, store more private messages, upload more pictures, add events to the calendar and create polls.

If you wish to buy a t-shirt, mug, fleece jacket or other Horizons logo product from the Souk, you can purchase Member or Gold Member logo products at the basic price. Just let us know and we can arrange access to the Members Private Store.

Note that new Memberships with your Meeting Registration are applied as of the Meeting date or as soon as possible thereafter, not earlier, unless you make a special request in the Comments box when you register.

T-Shirt Deal

Cotton: Top quality heavy cotton t-shirts in black or grey.

Synthetic: (Dri-Fit) t-shirts are in a beautifully made wicking material, and make great travel / riding t-shirts as well as all-round wear t-shirts. Available in a variety of colours at most meetings, and always black or grey. The order section will list the colours available.

Note that we will have a very few t-shirts extra at each meeting, but very limited - we can't carry many! So please pre-order and pay in advance so you can be sure of getting what you want.

2012 Tshirt slogan "The open road is calling, and I have a world to ride!"


(large, full back)

The open road is calling, and I have a world to ride!


Front 'Pocket patch' logo on all tshirts

You can help!

If you have a few minutes, please download the poster (Adobe pdf format) and print off a few and hand them round your club or your local bike shop or anywhere seems like a good place.

(You may need to right click and choose "save target as...")

Poster in pdf format (380kb) full colour 2012 poster.

Thanks for the help!

The Meeting Location

"Tzoumerka Mountain Cabin" on Tzoumerka Mountain, Greece

Tzoumerka Mountain Cabin” on Tzoumerka Mountain, Greece

The Tzoumerka Mountain Cabin is located at an altitude of 1.300 m on a 5 acre plateau on the hillsides of mountain Tzoumerka, the 10th highest mountain in Greece, with peaks ranging from 2.000 m up to 2.500 m. The whole area is a magnificent example or rural Greece, with a most versatile variety of flora (fir trees, pine trees, cedar trees, wild rosebushes, blackberry bushes, wild strawberries, saffron flowers, cyclamen flowers, various herbs and scents and many kinds of mushrooms), fauna (deer , squirrels, hares, foxes, badgers, weasels and numerous birds) and natural beauty (waterfalls, caves, breathtaking cliffs, deep canyons).

Getting There - GPS, Maps

Up to 5 years ago it would be unthinkable for someone to come here for less than a week. In fact, it would have taken less time to get from Athens to Sofia, Bulgaria, than to get here, due to the mountainous terrain. However, the brand new 670 km. Egnatia Odos motorway that links Igoumenitsa on the West (where one gets off the ferry from Italy) all the way to Kipoi on the East (at the border with Turkey) opened a few years ago, including cross sections to Kakavia and Krystallopigi border crossings to/from Albania, Niki and Evzonoi border crossings to/from FYROM, Promachonas, Exochi and Ormenio border crossings to/from Bulgaria and Kastanies and Kipoi border crossings to/from Turkey, making Ioannina, the nearest town one comes to Pramanta from, very easily reachable.

For those that come from Athens-Patra, they need not come all the way to Ioannina, they can turn off at Arta and follow signs to Pramanta. However, please verify your route by asking in petrol stations, coffee shops and tavernas on the way, road signs are very misleading if any at all! See route. Due to the area's complexity of roads, we've discovered that every different GPS provides a different route. Adding to this the fact that many roads are damaged over the winter and others are paved last minute, please take our word for the following directions. It may not be the shortest, it may not be the quickest, it is definitely the safest. Note that exit 05A of Egnatia Road ("Pamvotida") is open only from west to east, so those who come along Egnatia Road from east to west, they need to get off at exit 05 (Ioannina), get in again the opposite direction and then follow the rest of the route. Last 3 km. to the cabin are unsurfaced, but in good condition.

Detailed map to Meeting location - click for large version

If you have any links or details for the area please let us know



Other Accommodation Possibilities

There are numerous hotels in the area, ranging from plain rooms to 5-star hotels, but all of them 3km downhill on the unsurfaced road from the cabin. Should you want to stay in a hotel, please contact them directly. Listed on the local authority's webpage are the following:

Hotel "Xenion" (+30) 26590 62350 (+30) 26590 62351

Hotel "Tzoumerka" (+30) 26590 61590 (+30) 26590 61336

Hotel "Fteri" (+30) 26590 62030 (+30) 6976 603555

Chalet "Kalyvas" (+30) 6995 124016 (+30) 6930 797829

If you have any further information for the area please let us know.

Information about the area

This is the part of Greece that tradition and culture survived most during all occupational periods in Greece's history up to the 20th century, due to its remoteness at those times, but at the same time from here begun the massive immigration wave to America, Australia and Europe after WW II. This led to villages and monasteries to become suddenly abandoned and it has only been 10 years or so that people have come back. This gave the place the unique opportunity to remain intact over the years and even though it enjoys all aspects of today's life (public services, accommodation facilities, broadband connection and ATM's), apart from these it very much resembles what it would have been like to live here 100 years ago. More on www.tzoumerka.info

If you have any more links or details for the area please let us know.

Local Hosts

Babis and Pola are the owners of the Mountain Cabin. Babis is perfect in chopping wood and putting up the fire and Pola is a perfect cook. There is also Zara, their dog, who has escorted climbers up and down the mountain so many times that she could well have walked more miles than all of our bikes have done in a lifetime!

Babis and Pola, Meeting Venue hosts

Address: "Oreivatiko Katafygio Pramanton", Pramanta Ioanninon, 440 01, Greece. Telephone: (+30) 26593 00645, Mobile phone: (+30) 6944 324156
Webpage: www.katafigiopramanton.gr and www.tzoumerkarefuge.com

Dimitris (, tel.: +30 6976 558553) is acting as their organizer for HU, so please address him for any (really any) question, clarification, enquiry, special arrangement, route planning or just to say hello!

Dimitris Kissonas, HU Meeting Organizer

is also working with Dimitris to help organize the event and make it a great success.

They can always use your help - please volunteer for a couple of hours, help out, and meet people and make new friends! There will be lots to do on the day! :)

See you at a meeting this year!


Editors note:
We accept no responsibility for any of the above information in any way whatsoever. You are reminded to do your own research. Any commentary is strictly a personal opinion of the person supplying the information and is not to be construed as an endorsement of any kind.
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