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GreatBritishRob 18 Jan 2007 10:56

Another Triumph Tiger owner here
Hello all:thumbup1:
Anyway, anyone got any good ideas on tyres for my Tiger? I ride a 1998 885 Tiger (last of the proper carb versions:biggrin: ).
Im going to be needing some new tyres soon. What are the best ones out there for my bike (Using Tourances at the mo but i dont like the feel on the front end.).
Any ideas appreciated. Cheers:thumbup1:

GreatBritishRob 28 Jan 2007 11:35

Oh, i guess its not as sociable as i thought here or maybe us Triumph owners dont get about much. Oh well, worth trying but i sort of see a forum like a pub. You say hello and introduce yourself and people do the same back. Seems forums are a plce just to ignore people. Hahahahaha! No matter, i dont bother frequenting ignorant pubs so i guess i'll treat it the same here.

Boxer2V 28 Jan 2007 17:02

No answer was the stern reply
Sad no one could help you out with your query. Guess they are all hibernating for the Winter.
Can't help you much I'm afraid, I never owned a Tiger although I have been considering one for the future.
I'd really like to tour with a Brit bike but the good uns are a bit expensive for me for the time being. I suppose I shall just have to keep reading this forum and follow the exploits of you Tiger owners until I can raise enough cash. I had to settle for second best and buy an affordable BMW ( Well! its a EURO Scoot...near enough) Its a '79 R80/7 (Ex. Police) and I love it. I get my thrills on my Fazer but my FUN with the Beamer.
Anyways, don't give up on the HUB, lots of good info here even if you have to root about for it sometimes.
Good luck with your venture and hope you find some decent tyres.
All the best.

oldbaldrick 30 Jan 2007 15:13

I used Avon Distanzias on my old XTZ 750. Still use them now on my XT660 R. Good grip, wet or dry but not sure if they're available in the sizes you'll need.
Tyres are a bit of a personal choice though, what works for one person on any given bike will not necessarily feel good for the next guy, even if the bikes are the same.

Nice shot there of the Long Mynd & Stretton hills......;)

Alan Whelan 30 Jan 2007 20:57

You're not alone!
Hello GB Rob

Glad to see other Triumph riders out there - not many of us (even though, what some consider to be the seminal book on overland biking was written on a Triumph Tiger).

I'm on Tourance myself (stock) and would be interested in any other recommendations, although I think we are pretty limited.

Cape Town planned leaving October 2007 - I just KNOW a British bike can do it!

Keep in touch Rob.


IrishJohnny 3 Feb 2007 23:06


I have Michelin Anakees on an 06 Tiger, good tyres that give lots of confidence in the wet but don't seem to be lasting that long, just over 4,000 miles and starting to really show it.

I had Tourances on my old '99 Tiger and they lasted better.

ps...lighten up a bit GB Bob, lots of friendly people on here, just busy with life.

mollydog 4 Feb 2007 05:25

Here is a quick list of the tires I've used and a rating, YMMV.

Tiger Mike 21 Feb 2007 19:09

Triumph Tiger Tyres
I ride a 1999 885cc Tiger. I purchased it used with about 8500 miles on the stock Michlien T66s. Though they were rough riding, they handled very well but were a bit greasy in the rain. The front was wearing out sooner than the rear so I replaced them with the Dunlop D607s. They were a more street type tyre but the front end was a lot more vague than with the T66s. I had about 1000 miles on the set when I went to Alaska in August 2005. The weather was hot and the rear went away very fast. I had to replace it in Anchorage with about 5500 miles on it. I got a Torrance rear and resumed the trip, another 4500 miles. I replaced the front with a Torrance when I got home (Minnesota) and liked the combo. I replaced the rear again in Aug. 2006 because of another trip out west. It had about 5000 miles on it and was about 1/2 gone.
On my 2nd Alaska trip I went with the Anakees. The rear went away at about 6000 miles on the bad Alaska roads and a good portion of dirt riding. I thought they were great for feel and handleling but they won't last as long as the Metzlers. By the way, the guy I rode with had ME880 street tires on his Wee-Strom and he only got 8500 miles on his before it started chunking off tread.

mollydog 21 Feb 2007 19:24

If you really want your rear tire to last

Riq 21 Feb 2007 20:57

What type of road
While I have never owned a Tiger I do ride a 1996 Triumph Trophy 1200.

If you are planning on mostly hard surfaces and pavement I can highly recommend the Michelin Pilot Road series. I am on my second set with the first giving me around 14000 Km.

Great in the rain however not overly inspired when it comes to the gravel tracks.


dzguy 21 Feb 2007 23:03

I also have a TRophy 1200 and like the Avon Storms I recently put on. Nice and sticky and much less expensive than the Pilots so hope the wear is OK.

robin A 29 Mar 2007 17:50

I ride a 95 tiger.

i have put michelin Anakees on, they are very good on tarmac dry and wet and readonable on forest tracks.

but as is mentioned above i have a simmilar 4k on the rear and it is nicely flat.


rcolijn 6 Aug 2007 04:41

Offroad too?
hey fella's, I am going to pickup my 2004 tiger 955i coming weekend, really looking forward to some touring and commuting on it, as well as taking it to the dirt!

I am living at a property out of town, every day I do about 2 k's of dirt road (with a creek crossing and some serious potholes), 5k's of gravel and about 55k's on the main road with about 110kmph, and back again the same thing in the afternoon.

So I was wondering if the tyres recomended (Torance at the back and Michelin Anakees at the front) do well OFF road as well? It is pretty greasy track out there some times and I really need some grip, but also do my highway k's so want to have the grip on road.

I guess I am asking a bit much, what do you think?

:welcome:ps, if anybody ever travels the Canberra way you are very welcome to stay for the night, lots of space!!!

jakes10mm 10 Apr 2008 02:46

New Tiger Rider here
I just picked up a 2006 Tiger demo from a fairly local shop about a month ago. It had 3997 miles on it when I bought it and to the best of my knowledge, still wears the original Anakees. They are showing very little wear for the mileage. Guess I'll find out if they replaced them at the shop when I start clicking off the miles.

After 17 years on various Harleys, I made the shift to Triumph. So far, very impressed. I like the quieter ride for a change and love the sound of the triple. I can corner once again and feel much more comfortable over rough road surfaces. Haven't had many opportunities to get it on dirt, but planning to.

So far, I'm impressed with the performance of the anakees.

cbxtc6 21 Apr 2008 21:07

I've had the Anakees, Tourances, and Scorpions on my Tiger. Best overall was the Tourance.
TO help get rid of that 'vague' front'end feeling, just replace the fork oil with higher weight (15W works for me).

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