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STG06 29 Jun 2009 15:48

Bragg Creek Breakfast
A quick note to thank Ekke and Audrey for organizing the breakfast HU mini meet at Bragg Creek on June 28.

Calgary/Red Deer folks met up on the warm sunny day to share stories about Africa, Central America, Columbia, Moab, Alaska and the Great Divide, as well as eat, kick tires, and plan for the Western Canada HU meet in Nakusp Aug 6-9.

Ekke has 'engineered' a great location and venue for this year's Canada West HU meet. Nakusp's a great place to aim for - be it dual sporting through the rugged BC backroads or be it via the 300k of some of BC's best pavement (Creston to Crawford Bay, free ferry to Balfour, then to Kaslo and Nakusp).

Get it on your calendar.


Ekke 29 Jun 2009 19:36

Thanks for the kind words Stephen.

As always, the breakfasts are a lot of fun. Almost like a mini-HU meeting. The tricky part is inviting everyone in the area. I simply send out a note to the HU Calgary and surrounding communities whenever it strikes my fancy to go for breakfast. If you are in the Calgary area please join the Calgary HU Community and then you won't miss out on the next breakfast.

We're planning the next breakfast to be a little closer to Red Deer, maybe Airdrie or Carstairs.

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