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IanJ 9 Sep 2007 20:52

Small speakers for MP3 player
MP3 players are great to take on a trip but wearing earphones can be a pain after a while. My beloved found this set of speakers from iSymphony that are tiny.


The sound is not an earth shattering 5.1 surround but at night camping it's enough to have something in the background.

They claim 10 hours off an AA battery but we haven't checked how true it is. The only trap is that these speakers are designed for an iPod where the audio socket is on a flat surface and the speaker plugs into Ipod directly. A lot of other solid state MP3 players have funky shape cases and you will need to buy or make up a short 3.5mm plug to 3.5mm socket lead.

I'm using it with a Sandisk Digital Audio Player

SanDisk | Products | Music & Video Players | Digital Audio Players

I had to remove the lanyard connector on this player (one tiny screw) and it fits perfectly. The player and speakers are about the same size.

We bought them at Frys and they were only about $12, How they survive the trip only time will tell.

Ian J

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