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camnz 13 Jun 2010 09:41

motorbike speakers and amp....any good?
A few months ago (6 to be exact) i brought a set of speakers for my bike just before i set off on my maiden voyage round australia from perth,they plugged straight into my zumo and played tunes from the built in mp3 player.the kit worked great for 2 months then suddenly bit the dust and one of the channels stopped working a week before the whole system died on me.i took it to a few electrical gadget places and had it tested but the parts needing replacing had had the serial numbers scratched off them?? turns out the amp isnt waterproof but it comes with a handle bar mount,dodgey or what?when i called the guy to ask what the GO was he told me " oh yeah your ment to put the amp in a plastic bag then mount it on the bars?,half way through the conversation he said "my phone's crackling mate gotta go feed the dingo" ....." yep mate in a while crocodile ...bye"??just wondering if anyone else has had the same probs Motorcycle Speakers cheers cam

farqhuar 13 Jun 2010 15:05

Hi Cam, I run the same setup on my Burgman, except I bought it from the US, see Motorcycle / yacht 2 speakers + amplifier + radio pkg - even with shipping the price was still less than buying it locally here in Oz.

The amp is supposedly waterproof but I have mine mounted in my glove box. The only problem I had with the unit was when I rode up to Innamincka the corrugations in the sand caused the speaker mounts to vibrate loose.

The unit isn't bad, but distortion is pretty high once you get the unit pumping enough output to hear it above the wind roar at highway speeds.

camnz 17 Jun 2010 08:46

cheers i just checked them out almost half price,their worth it i think,once ive had a pair on my bike.its great pulling up in the bush somewhere setting up my tent and sitting back with a few cold beers while blasting out some bangin tunes....i think ill put my next amp under the seat as the speakers seem compleatly waterproof?

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