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pottsy 17 Jun 2007 16:17

Cheap sleeping bags?
I'm currently in Leh, N India and wondering if anyone has bought one of the super-cheap North Face down sleeping bag (copies, i imagine) in the past. I realise that they're poss a false economy but they're sooo cheap here. I've just bought a set of clothes (NF + Sprayway) at great prices and they're fine... any thoughts/experiences?

brettsyoung 18 Jun 2007 01:11

I've got a good mate who imports high-end adventure gear into several countries. He has rather strong views on this subject...

Not sure public forums are the place for discussing the qualities of fake stuff.

pottsy 18 Jun 2007 06:38

If i could find high-end kit at these prices there'd be no query, the trousers i've bought here are great quality - poss genuine! Just looking for people's experiences with cheaper goods, my prob is that my bag (Mtn Equipment, genuine...) was stolen along with my backpack and i am looking to replace it. But up here there's no proper equipment shops, only the aforementioned Cheap Import places - so i have little choice. My query was only to ascertain whether it's worthwhile getting the more techy-stuff (i.e. sleeping bags) considering it's likely to be inferior to my normal fare (full-price quality kit). Sorry if it offends your sensibilities. ;0)

fencermatt 18 Jun 2007 15:17

A few years ago I bought a fake Northface -30 degrees down sleeping bag in Kathmandu and it was, by far, the best sleeping bag I've owned. As good as anything I've used in the USA with the added bonus of costing only $30.00. If I could've shipped it home I would have. I bought mine from a store I trusted whose owner made sure he only sold well made stuff, though. I bet there are some really crappy fakes out there as well.


pottsy 20 Jun 2007 12:16

Hmmm, food for thought i must say! I really need a synthetic bag, though, for the condensation in my 1-man tentette! But info gladly taken on board. Ta.:thumbup1:

ct_miller13 21 Jun 2007 20:39

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Dave O 5 Jul 2007 19:23

Some stuff that you buy in the far east, that you think is fake, isn't. The Manufacturers have the stuff made in many of these countries, and some finds it's way to the local vendors. This probably really annoys the big name brands, but no one out there would pay western prices.

In the Uk, I deal with a company that supplies climbing and mountaineering equipment ( No Names, but big brand). I get my stuff at cost because i'm in the industry, Two season down sleeping bag, £18. Made in far east like most stuff.

pottsy 5 Jul 2007 19:48

"In the Uk, I deal with a company that supplies climbing and mountaineering equipment ( No Names, but big brand). I get my stuff at cost because i'm in the industry, Two season down sleeping bag, £18. Made in far east like most stuff."

So what would a 3-4 season synthetic bag realistically cost?

quastdog 5 Jul 2007 22:59

How to make a cheap sleeping bag...
The cheapest way to make a cheap sleeping bag is to use inferior quality insulation. What is the fill rating on the cheap bags? Is it exactly the same as the more expensive bag? Can it be verified?

I worked for Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) in the US (REI: Outdoor Gear & Clothing for Cycling, Camping, Hiking, Kayaking, Canoeing & More). They never took the word of the companies they purchased from regarding temperature ratings of sleeping bags. They had a metal "bodyform" they heated to the normal body temperature of a human, put it inside the bag inside a refrigerated box, and via sensors on the bodyform and a controlled, repeatable testing protocol, measured for themselves the temperature ratings of the bags. As to the products they sold, they didn't change the ratings of the bags to what their data showed, they just wouldn't sell bags that didn't perform as the manufacturer promised. You can be certain that a bag bought from REI is pretty much going to perform as promised (assumes you use a ground-insulating pad, inside a properly pitched tent, etc.)

Usually cheap is just that. Sure, you can find bargains. Buyer beware!

pottsy 6 Jul 2007 20:55

Absolutely! I've literally just been looking at the REI site (Outside magazine rates the products so hey...), and they'll definitely be the first port of call for kit once in the States - branches everywhere.For Techy stuff such as sleeping bags it's got to be right, after all, what price a good nights' sleep?

DAVSATO 8 Jul 2007 09:43

unfortunately a lot of sweat shops (i use the term loosely, pls no complaints, i know everyones got to eat) actually make the stuff the 'high end' names sell to us. they have figured out that they can do what they are already doing and cut out the middle man. they dont care about copyright or even know what it means, they also dont care if those big name brands stop supplying them with the fancy materials, they will find other materials and sell your stuff for a quarter of the price. even brand it with a name one letter different!
have a look at most things you have in your home, if its 10yrs old it will have components from china in it. if its less than 10yrs old it will just be made in china.

thats the way things are.

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