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smudger1967 6 Aug 2012 09:41

BMW Enduro Helmet
Hi, Anyone got a BMW enduro helmet, any feedback, noise etc. Or system 6.

Just asking as BMW are doing 0% 12 to 60 months on clothing at the mo!!

Cheers Al

Tony P 6 Aug 2012 10:41

I have System 5 which I change from 'full face flip front' to 'open face' as appropriate for the journey.

The chin guard section removes completely and small bits of plastic trim cover the mounting area. I change the standard visor for a deeper one that covers more of my face and flips up/down more fully.
A peak can be fitted instead of visor.

I am quite happy. But System 5 is probably obsolete now - except via Ebay.

You can see photos in the 'open face' set up in links below - the blue helmet.

cy01 11 Sep 2012 17:36

I have an BMW Enduro lid, it's OK maybe a little noisy but no way justifies it's price tag.


Dirt Diver 18 Sep 2012 10:36

Had mine about 2 months, upgrade over a Zeus 2100B.

I highly recommend it, the comfort and functionality is amazing. I cannot for my visor up no matter how hard I try, even feels like I have extra periphial vison.

I got mine very cheap from my BMW dealer, dunno if I would still have got one at the RRP of AUD$900.

Still, very good lid.

iainnic 27 Oct 2012 20:00

I've a BMW enduro helmet. Not the quietest , but it is light and excellent visibility with the wide visor. I had Aria Tour X3 previously, and this is about 300 grammes lighter. haggle with your dealler and you may get a decent discount:D which made mine a reasobable buy.

BaldBaBoon 29 Oct 2012 01:11

Bought one when they first came out as they were about £100 cheaper than a Tour-X.

I wish I had spent the £100 extra and got a decent helmet.

I had an immediate fault on my helmet, maybe because it was one of the early ones..anyway, it was a fault that I made aware of to the dealer as soon as I could.

When the visor was retracted it rubbed on the peak, no matter what position it was in....result was two large score marks right down the length of the visor. After contacting dealer, they asked if I would mind waiting a while as at that point there were no spares packs ( new helmet line )...no problem I said.

After six months I was asked to send my helmet off to BMW...who promptly sent it back and said as I did more than the average mileage they would not exchange it ! ( My BMW got serviced while doing 60,000 miles that year )

Snotty letter sent to BMW...shove your new BMWR1200GSA...Im getting a KTM etc etc......they sent me a new one in the post, literally 5 days before I was flying out to Australia for a year long trip.

THe helmet visor ratchet failed a week into the trip and spent the next 11 months being held together with duct tape, as did the rest of the helmet as bits fell off on a regular basis.

I bought an Arai Tour-X in the Hein Gericke x-mass sale for £50.

Samy 31 Oct 2012 22:12

I had a BMW open face helmet before until I had a bad accident. Failed with visor. It was extremely expensive in Turkey.
It was very noisy.

When I crashed with that small truck/pickup, helmet broken, my chin too.

Later found that Schubert manufactures helmets for BMW.

Now I have an open face helmet from Schubert.
Sure there are better ones out somewhere. I like open face helmets so I have it...

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