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mattcbf600 12 Aug 2009 02:42

Backing up your data (photos) on the road - solved?
Came across this today on gizmag (be careful how you pronounce that)

Verbatim launches TUFF-CLIP USB drives

Basically it's an 8gb USB drive that's been toughened up a bit.

It's made from ABS plastic and designed to take a few knocks and bashes - it also has a tough clip to secure it and 'make sure you don't lose it'. The biggest selling point for me though is the fact that the USB head is retracable into that nice tough plastic.... now... given my Lumix has an 8gb card and 1185 shots later I still have 2gb available I think it's solved my photo back-up problem.


Video wise my HD stuff is coming in at about a gig per finished vid - they start to be real contenders for the final edits - but that 60gb HD in the camera (for RAW shots) is still going to need my rugged lacie (500gb) to keep her backed up on the road. I just wish there was a decent solid state rugged HD of that size that didn't cost the earth.


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