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A 200-page publication, with photographs, charts and illustrations, this book is designed for any motorcyclist considering a motorcycle ride in Europe. The handbook EUROPE BY MOTORCYCLE answers questions like how to secure a motorcycle in Europe (rent, ship your own, trade, or purchase), whether to take a guided tour or try independent travel, paperwork and border crossing requirements, accommodations from camping to hotels, what to take with you and numerous tips from health to security.

A veteran of over 150,000 miles of traveling in Europe, Frazier says: "EUROPE BY MOTORCYCLE gave us a chance to collect the motorcycling experiences of the numerous options to explore Europe on two wheels. Most people head for the Alps for their two-wheel taste of Europe, and while the Alps are home for some of the best motorcycling roads in the world, the rest of Europe should not be ignored. Since Europe has opened up countries like Slovenia are now easily entered and one finds there a collection of some of the best of middle Europe.

Nordkapp logo, 71 deg. 10 min. 21 sec. North

The North Cape in Norway lets the rider take a motorcycle as far north in Europe as one can ride. Turkey, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, and breakaway countries like Slovakia and Estonia all offer adventure for the motorcyclist. I can not leave out countries like Spain, where I parked the motorcycle four mornings and ran with the bulls in Pamplona. It was great madness, 3,000 runners trying to outrun demented bulls that were much quicker. I should have stayed on the motorcycle as the roads in the area were more easily challenged, but that is another story."


($24.95 plus $5.00 S/H USA)

The Alps are home for hundreds of excellent motorcycling roads. Austria, Switzerland and Italy can consume a motorcyclist's entire summer hunting down perfect motorcycling roads. While America has roads of equal quality, one of the main differences is the distance between them. In the Alps they are collected in a reasonably small area whereas in the United States it may take the rider 2-3 days to go from one perfect road to another. With some many excellent motorcycling roads in the Alps, a motorcyclist wanting to ride the best within a limited period of time is faced with hard choices. The 60-minute video MOTORCYCLING ON THE TEN BEST HIGHWAYS IN THE ALPS identifies the top ten rides. Whether the motorcyclist takes an organized tour or rides independently, this film answers the questions of where they are, when they are open, how much some cost and offers riding tips specific to the motorcyclist.

Alpine Pass

Yes, you really, really do want to ride here!

Frazier says of this documentary film: "As I have ridden around the world in pursuit of the perfect motorcycling road I keep returning to the Alps and roads like the one over the Furka Pass. When a fellow global motorcycle traveler and I share stories of the best roads we have ridden, our conversation always includes debates of the best in the Alps. The production of this film gave us a chance to collect the best of the best for someone wanting to make those dream rides for which the Alps are known. We concentrated on those roads and passes the European motorcyclists consider the top rides. Ride the roads in this film and you have a yardstick against which you can measure any other motorcycling road on the globe."

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