Travel Through Uganda on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

Uganda on a Harley (24/1/00 - 29/1/00)
Distance 688 km (175692 km to 176380 km)

This is part of the Sixth section of our around the world trip.
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Coming from  Kenya

24/1/00 Good roads through to Kampala passed the source of the Nile River where Speke and Grant discovered it flowing from Lake Victoria in 1862. To have trudged through virgin rain forest, like we were in this morning, for thousands of km with unknown tribes seems an amazing feat to our leisurely ride in the area. A casual border, out and in in half an hour, almost no security and we probably didn't need to process any documents on the Uganda side as no-one checked them. No payment necessary.

25/1/00 This part of Africa seems to be well catered for camping/meeting spot in capital cities. Just 3 km from town, not as busy as others, not as many people come to Uganda. A walk around Kampala, Burundi and Rwanda Embassies to find visas are available at the borders. The telephone system here confusing and slow, the money change different with small $US bills getting 10% less than the larger ones.

26/1/00 Even with their background of Idi Amin and Obote, the war with Tanzanian Rebels, the killings and starvation that followed, Ugandans seem positive for the present and future. Unlike Ethiopians who seem to sit back and wait for the west to solve their problems, begging, or Kenyans who are swamped in ex British bureaucracy,Trying the local transport, a dug out canoe corruption and lack of direction, the Ugandans seem happy, perhaps a release from the past.

27/1/00 420 km south west to Kabale, just north of the Rwandan border, the road good (for Africa) past kilometres of cultivated hills, most people here living in brick houses. The rich volcanic soils formed into brick shape and piled high, fired on site, where you want to build your house. Saves the carting of bricks. Uganda's staple starch comes from plantains, a type of banana. Cooked and mashed (matoke) it's the local fill you up. The banana growing almost everywhere in the fertile soil.

28/1/00 The volcanic lake Bunyonyi at almost 2000m, surrounded by subsistence livers. Today is market day and over 100 dug out canoes arrived at one central point from all areas of the lake to sell their home grown cabbage, banana, avocado, corn and charcoal. We were also staying lakeside and arrived in our rented dug out to the markets. About five meters longVolcanic Lake Bunyonyi and sloped at the bow and stern. The paddles, handle and all from one piece of timber. The dug out moves effortlessly when paddled slowly and correctly. The rest of the day spent admiring the beautiful scenery in the cool air.

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