Travel Through Saudi Arabia on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

Saudi Arabia on a Harley (6/1/06 - 7/1/06)
Distance 333 km (443191 km to 443524 km)

This is part of the twelfth section of our around the world trip.
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Coming from  Bahrain

6/1/06 Even though our visas were for entry by air we were informed a land border crossing was usually possible. Farewell to Lisa and her family, we easily passed out of Bahrain, being stamped out both in the carnet and passports. A week's insurance for Saudi Arabia for the bike, $US 13.00, and without further paperwork for the bike it was in and so were we, in five minutes and a passport stamp, an easy crossing. Monther, a Saudi national, is based in Dhahram, just 15 minutes from the border. Here his Harley-Davidson business, both as a distributor and a dealer to the region is situated. Our first impression is of a well organized country, with wide highways, empty today, Friday, their religious holiday, all shops closed till the evening. We drove along a modern waterfront corniche where families were out enjoying themselves before we entering a residential "compound". The area, surrounded by a double razor wire topped wall, military security, with guns and a vehicle mounted machine gun protect the entrance along with vehicle security checks.Media photos outside the Dhahran Harley-Davidson shop Inside are more than 100 residences, motel units, shop, and restaurant, almost fully self contained. We had generously been offered a house for tonight and on our return in a week's time. The house, prepared for our arrival with basics of fruit and drinks, again an indication of the peoples of this regions hospitality. Left to ourselves for the afternoon we dined in the restaurant and caught up on jobs that the busy schedule in Bahrain didn't allow.

7/1/06 Our battery had died whilst we were away in Australia and despite assistance from the H-D dealer they didn't have one that fitted the older model, the H-D shops in this region only having been open since 1997. However they managed to buy a suitable battery in the markets and had it charged and ready for the ride to Qatar this morning. A media interview, 9.00 am, at the Dhahran dealership, two local newspapers, then Monther escorted us the 400 km to Doha in Qatar. Mostly a flat desert road with the occasional jebel (small hillocks rising out of the desert), and many dark brown and black camels grazed roadside.The four lane towards Qatar The four lane road goes almost all the way and traffic moves quickly in the fast lane where approaching vehicles will virtually push you out of their way, flashing lights, travelling near 160 km/hr in the 120 zone. Monther, travelling in his SUV, took photos as we rode behind, guided us through roadside police check points and assisted at the border. It was an easy out of Saudi Arabia.

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