Travel Through Montenegro on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

Montenegro on a Harley (31/10/06 - 1/11/06)
Distance 317 km (476774 km to 477091 km)

This is part of the twelfth section of our around the world trip.
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Coming from Croatia or read our previous visit when it was part of Yugoslavia  

31/10/06 Montenegro is the world's newest country. Created less than five months ago after a referendum to separate it from Serbia and one of the reasons we are again here. Although the motorcycle visited the autonomous region Montenegro, whilst it was part of Yugoslavia (later changing its name to Serbia and Montenegro), it hadn't visited Montenegro, the country. Montenegro and East Timor are the only two new countries created during the almost eleven years we have been travelling. A friendly welcome at the border but we needed to buy motorcycle insurance, not having the usual European  Green cardInsurance, 10 Euro for the minimum two weeks, and we received a stamp in our passports, the first since entering Italy from Tunisia last week. Again the coast is developing with every second place displaying a Sobe, Zimmer, Rooms, Chambre sign advertising home stay accommodation. Almost all now are closed and we moved along the coast and into the mountains towards the small and new capital, of Podgorica, of thisThe owner and a local character at Hotel Pelikan on the way to Podgorica country of 650,000 people, and settled in a lovely mountain lakeside village for the night. The old building also houses a restaurant and with a few British holiday makers we enjoyed an early evening wine as the sun set at five pm and dinner was over soon after in this early to bed town.

1/11/06 There was little available information on our chosen route through Montenegro and directly into the UN-NATO protectorate of Kosovo, trying to avoid having to cross the main Serbian territory. The immigration official on entering Montenegro advised that the road directly into Kosovo was open. We headed through Podgorica looking for a map of Serbia and Montenegro but they have taken on the independence of Montenegro with such great enthusiasm that all maps of Serbia have disappeared from the few petrol stations where we enquired. It was about 200 km through Kolasin, Mojkovac, Berane and Rozaje before we approached the border. Frost was still on the ground in isolated corners of the road as it twisted over a mountain pass through tunnels and small settlements preparing for the winter. Again a great riding road with magnificent scenery in all directions. Immigration just looked at our passports, asked where we were headed and we left Montenegro at the top of a snow covered pass for Kosovo.          

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