Travel Through Moldova on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

Moldova on a Harley 7/8/99
Distance 238 km (156978 km to 157216 km)

This is part of the fifth section of our around the world trip.
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Coming from  Ukraine

7/8/99 We crossed the border into Moldova near Teraspol, entering the country with absolutely zero information. We had asked the embassy for brochures but they had none and we couldn't find a guide book covering the small country. A charge of $US 3.00 motorcycle insurance for our 48 hour transit visa to enter Moldova, out and in in less than an hour. Were stopped almost immediately by police after the border and another five times in what appeared to be the first of the two provinces in which we passed. Road signs in three languages, Russian, Moldovan, and Ukrainian we think, all three written in Cyrillic. Then about 60 km over the border we went through three separate checks, side by side, police, army and what looked like different police dressed like American Sheriffs. After which things changed, road signs in two languages, more Romanic and the "Sheriff" police not stopping us once during the rest of the time in Moldova. It seems like this line, in the middle of the country, the boundary between the ex-Sovietness and the more westernisation. The first actual line between east and west mid country. Inflation here must have been running rampant as lunch, less than $US 2.00 cost 17,000,000 lei, but the economy, (judged just by riding through), derelict buildings, new petrol stations, house renovations and roadside stalls, is moving ahead of the Ukraine. With no easy visible accommodation and 60 km to the Romanian border we left Chisinau late evening feeling Moldovans friendly after getting the motorcycle greased, no charge, and a Moldovan sticker, again no charge.

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