Travel Through Jersey on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

Jersey on a Harley (18/3/98 - 21/3/98)
Distance 94 km (93265 km to 93359 km)

This is part of the third section of our around the world trip.
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Coming from  France

18/3/98  Part of England, well not really, the Channel Islands are considered separate countries of Jersey and Guernsey, linked to Great Britain but vehemently hanging on to their independence. Being between seasons we were lucky to get winter prices with the increased services of the coming summer season meaning we could visit both islands in three days cheaply. The new high speed vehicle catamaran takes only one hour and everyone speaks English. Quite a relief for mono linguists like us who haven't spoken English "generally" since Gibraltar two months ago. Renowned for their Jersey cow (and creamy milk), jersey football sweater and early potatoes and more recently as a tax haven they also welcome tourists in great numbers and have the facilities (literature and information) for them. The great Jersey history museum in the arvo and we are ready to explore the island, all 116 sq km, tomorrow.

19/3/98 With only 360 km of roads on the entire island we traversed over a quarter of them following the coast and stopping constantly to look, at a 5000 yr. old Neolithic tomb and burial site, medieval defence castles, light houses and German built concrete defence bunkers from WW2. The island, connected to Europe by a land bridge just 8000 years ago, also has great natural scenery of beaches, cliffs, rocky outcrops and dozens of small islands offshore. The day was completed at a "Typical English Pub" where too many pints of the local "Mary Ann" beer were consumed with native Jerseyites and their internationally acquired spouses. To be a National of Jersey not only must you have at least one Jersey parent but you must be born on the Island.Daffodil gardens, destined for the European market Immigration here is virtually zero, unless you have millions for the economy, and only locals can own land or buildings, even to rent your landlord needs special approval. Not part of the EU they don't need to allow freedom of movement of EU members which could easily swamp the inland, particularly with their low tax situation.

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