Lunch in El Salvador on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

El Salvador on a Harley (2/3/02)
Distance 357 km (279500 km to 279857 km)

This is part of the eighth section of our around the world trip.
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Coming from  Guatemala

2/3/02 El Salvador was different. With the motorcycle paperwork taking almost two hours. A typed form was required and of course many photocopies, but a private office was available to fill the needs. Back and forth from the office to the customs to the bank. The damage $US 2.00 official to the bank and $US 6.00 for the typing, photocopying and assistance from a young guide, negotiable. The surprise came however when we crossed the river into El Salvador for immigration formalities. No matter how much you travel you sometimes get caught. You check things from one source and they have changed. This was the first time we have been turned back from a border we expected to be able to simply enter. It seems in July last year they changed the rules for most nationalities who now have to get an embassy visa and not a border issued tourist card. Our guide book doesn't reflect this and I should have checked another source. I am getting slack. Jim on a US passport was allowed entry. The options for us, being Saturday, was back to Guatemala City, to wait till the embassy opens Monday, and pay a reported $US 50.00 each, or head directly into Honduras further north. Over a great soup lunch for $US 1.00 we discussed our options and not liking the high price of the visa or the wait decided to unwind our paperwork and return to Guatemala. Actually the lunch in El Salvador ended up being quite expensive with the border fees. A total of five hours at the border before retreating and riding another 200 km towards Honduras.

3/3/02 A couple of hours ride and we were at the Honduran border at Agua Caliente by 8.30 am, again an easy out of Guatemala.

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