Travel Through Burkina Faso on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

Burkina Faso on a Harley (20/2/01 - 22/2/01)
Distance 265 km (223485 km to 223750 km)

This is part of the Seventh section of our around the world trip.
Complete Trip Overview & Map

Coming from  Mali

20/2/01 An easy polite border with little change in the scenery afterwards. Still the Sahel, similar peoples, similar houses, similar agriculture. Bobo-Dioulasse for the night.

21/2/01 Bobo is a large city attracting tourists to its old mosque, old city and surrounding villages. Unfortunately it has not maintained its character like Djenne. The mud mosque has been cemented over and white washed and visitors are no longer allowed to visit inside. Touts insist on an old city entry fee with ticket before you are allowed to walk around and we encountered some of the worst beggars and street sellers, being cut off more than once by men in wheel chairs and persistent sellers badgering us to buy, refusing to leave.

22/2/01 Our short stay in Burkina Faso ended with an efficient easy border crossing.Bobo-Dioulasse Mosque, used to be mud, now concrete covered

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