Travel Through Bosnia and Herzegovina on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

Bosnia-Herzegovina on a Harley (11/12/97 - 13/12/97)
Distance 410 km (78350 km to 78760 km)

This is part of the third section of our around the world trip.
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Coming from  Yugoslavia

 11/12/97 A 2 km line of trucks awaited the ferry across the Sava River to Bosnia. With a short wait we were in Bosnia almost before we realized. All border crossings very informal and quick. No payments required for us or the motorcycle as we already had Bosnian visas. We had been advised in Yugoslavia that it was DM 50.00 per head for a visa at the border. The road through Yugoslavia was flat rich black soiled breadbasket country, Croatia was heavily forested. On entering the "corridor" between Muslim and Serbian Bosnia the most dominating features were of shot up and destroyed buildings. Reconstruction is zooming alongside destruction and capitalism is growing with the steady flow of trucks bringing imported goods.

12/12/97 This morning we headed towards Tuszla and onto Sarajevo. The good road worn smooth by trucks and covered with a thin film of clay from vehicles entering from side roads was particularly slippery in the light drizzle. Great concentration was required in some areas and even to break slightly meant loss of control of the motorcycle. Tuzla seemed an industrial centre with smoke pollution coming from the power station and wood fires in homes. It wasn't till about 50 km from Sarajevo War deserted and destroyed villagethat the total destruction of homes and entire villages became the dominating feature of our attention and once in Sarajevo every building had bullet marks in the walls. Most hotels are still gutted and we stayed in private accommodation. But it is two years since the war finished and the streets are thriving with businesses, the rebuilding is rapid and the shops well stocked with imported goods. SFOR troops are apparent everywhere in the city but as consumers not law enforcers obviously helping the economy recover.

13/12/97 Not wanting to impose an extra burden on Sarajevo's infrastructure problems (water only 6 hours a day) we left for Dubrovnik in Croatia. A magnificent road winding through hills then down a river valley past a series of dams. A drizzly start clearing to a sunny day marred only by the totally war destroyed villages along the way.

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