Travel Through Armenia on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

Armenia on a Harley (9/5/99 - 12/5/99)
Distance 508 km (140980 km to 141488 km)

This is part of the fifth section of our around the world trip.
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Coming from  Georgia

9/5/99 Our Georgian visas expire today so after a couple of pain killers for Charlie we drove through the gathered crowd to an easy border crossing, out and in 40 minutes with no payment of money to the friendly officials. With the pain increasing in Charlie's leg we arranged some floor space in a cabin attached to a roadside cook house for the night.

10/5/99 Charlie's leg had stiffened during the night but he just needed rest, all three of us required another transit visa for Georgia, so Kay and I left Charlie in the capable hands of the cook who would provide food and drink for the next couple of days. The rain had cleared and the spring green mountain scenery brilliant in the increasing sun and improving road towards Yerevan. No problems with the visas even though I had to sign Charlie's application and we didn't have a passport photo of him. Yerevan is slowly recovering from ex-Sovietness and a war with Azerbaijan, aid workers are about the only westerners here however tourists are starting to arrive like the five we met having entered the country from Iran last week.

Ural motorcycle, this one full of freshwater crayfish for sale 11/5/99 Taking another road we headed out to Lake Sevan at 1900 meters and onto Kirovakan where the roads had disintegrated into a series of potholes and extended dirt patches up through the mountains. We arrived back near Alaverdi, where Charlie's leg was healing, later in the evening.

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