Travel Through Andorra on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

Andorra on a Harley (9/1/98 - 11/1/98)
Distance 105 km (82180 km to 82290 km)

This is part of the third section of our around the world trip.
Complete Trip Overview & Map

Coming from  France

9/1/98  No border formalities and over the 2400 meter pass, the highest in the Pyrenees. All the peaks are snow-capped down to the road but it hasn't snowed for a while and the road is dry. A lovely day marred only by a vehicle, which left off its fuel cap to spill diesel on every left hand bend in the lovely winding road, meaning we couldn't enjoy the curves to the fullest.

10/1/98 In planning a trip through many countries you should start with the most expensive and finish with the cheapest. If moving from cheaper to dearer countries the shock of the higher prices lingers for a few days and can restrict enjoyment. Andorra is our first cheaper country (after Greece to Macedonia), no taxes on petrol, accommodation, food, electrical goods and especially alcohol, so the good mood is set. We rode out to the ski slopes of Arcalis, just to watch, picnic and relax before window shopping and stocking up on cheap goods. Unusual, the road is open at this time of year Because people spend more in low tax countries the government probably gets as much as with higher taxed countries.

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