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Jade Atkins and Alex Marsh.

Jade Atkins and Alex Marsh, Wander Don't Wonder

When machines fail, and humans prevail - Canada to Argentina on two motorcycles, how the HU network helped us to get back on the road and the amazing wonders we saw

We caught the bug for overland travel in Dalat, Vietnam, when we bought Betsy, a Honda Win 110cc. Neither of us had ever ridden a bike before, but, after a five minute lesson with the Vietnamese owner, we strapped our bags to Betsy and the journey began. Our beloved Betsy took us both with all our luggage 1700 miles from Dalat to Sapa with only one hiccup!

Since then, we attended HUBBUK twice and gained inspiration for our Americas trip! Last Christmas Alex surprised Jade with her very own motorcycle! Three months before leaving, Jade passed her motorcycle test, and didn't get too much practice in because of the rain in England.

Jade Atkins and Alex Marsh in Machu Picchu.

From Canada to Argentina, we encountered a few problems, including a blown piston in the prairies of Canada, cracked engine case in the high deserts of California, numerous snapped clutches, a serious accident in Mexico City, an exhaust bodged back on with a jalepeno can and a lost crank plug bodged with a beer can in the Atacama desert to name a few. Plus, the amazing wonders seen across the vast continent of the Americas. No matter what the problem, humans always prevailed! Our presentation may sound scary, but we want to share our story to tell others that no matter how shit it gets, there's always someone there to help. Including a show and tell of bodges completed on Alex's moto if time permits.

We are Jade and Alex, both 25 years old from Worcester, UK. We met in our last year of school in 2007. In 2014 we made the decision to leave our life at home and explore India and Southeast Asia, which is where we caught the bug to wander and our love of exploring by motorcycle began.

Elspeth Beard.

Elspeth Beard

First British woman to motorcycle around the world

Elspeth Beard is a motorcyclist and award-winning architect. In 1982, at the age of just twenty-three, Elspeth Beard left London and set off on a 35,000 mile solo adventure around the world on her 1974 BMW R60/6 and became the first British woman to motorcycle around the world.

Elspeth Beard with the 1974 BMW R60/6 she rode around the world.

"Although I had ridden bikes since my teens and was already well-traveled, setting off on my own with no sponsorship or support, in an age before email, internet, cell phones and satnavs certainly made this journey a real adventure and was the toughest thing I'd ever done.

During my two-and-a-half year journey I rode through deserts and mountain ranges and war-ravaged countries and along the way I had to fake documents, witnessed riots and civil uprisings, fended off physical threats, sexual attacks, biker gangs and corrupt police convinced I was trafficking drugs. I survived two crashes and life-threatening illnesses and fell in love twice. It was not until 2008 that I discovered that I had become the first British woman to ride a motorcycle around the world.

Elspeth Beard's book - Lone Rider.

I now run my own architectural practice, specialising in creating and remodelling interesting and unusual buildings. I live in a converted Victorian water tower in the southeast of England and still enjoy riding motorcycles, including my trusty BMW R60/6 which carried me around the world."

Check out Elspeth's book and also this animated video of her trip!

Elspeth Beard - Riding into History from Culture Trip on Vimeo.

Helen Black.

Helen Black

How to be a Chicken in Turkey (& Iran) and
The Highs and Highs of Peru

How to be a Chicken in Turkey (& Iran) - A novice rides around Turkey and Iran on a cheap ebay bike

Purchasing a $1000 bike of ebay in England (Helen lives in Australia) and riding solo around Turkey and Iran, Helen proves that you don't need expensive gear or heaps of experience to fulfil your desire for adventure. This is a humorous story of how a 'chicken' discovers amazing landscapes, friendly people and the nerve to keep going.

Helen Black and friends in Iran.

The Highs and Highs of Peru

From the top of the Andes to the Amazon jungle. Armed with a couple of hired Honda XR250cc bikes, questionable navigational skills, and half a dozen of the wrong Spanish words, Helen and her partner set off to explore Peru. On roads less travelled they find the true Peru... warm and welcoming villagers, breath-taking Andes crossings, retreating glaciers, sheer drops from gravel tracks and steaming Amazon jungles. Who'd have thought a gob full of coca leaves was an adventure must-have!

Helen Black in Peru.

Only learning how to ride later in life, Helen loves to explore countries on a bike (when she can)...but at her own pace. Helen is the local organiser for HU Queensland. Ask her any questions about Australia!

Martin Brucker.

Martin Brucker

On the way (Auf dem Weg) - 6 1/2 years RTW crossing 6 continents and about 70 countries on a BMW G650 Xchallenge

After working for 9 1/2 years as an intructor for woodwork in Ethiopia I wanted to have some time out to look for a job in South East Asia as an instructor in woodwork. I wanted about 12 to 18 months using my motorcycle to travel to South East Asia and a bit further to Australia to visit my cousin near Brisbane.

I arrived in Australia after 20 month (crossing Iran, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Tibet, China, Vietnam), had some job interviews in Laos and Vietnam and got a job offer as an instructor for woodwork in Laos. By the time I got the job offer I had already been travelling in Australia for 4 month and had to make a decision - taking the job offer or keep going with my journey. To be honest, it was an easy decision - I kept going.

Martin Brucker in Cambodia.

From there on my journey extended frequently for a continent (South America), a country (Cuba) or just to wait for the spring season again. On one point in my journey it came to my mind, that it would be really cool to get back to Germany (the Black-Forest) on two wheels, means on a motorcycle, if possible on the one I left. After crossing 6 continents and about 70 countries, I arrived back home at the Black-Forest on the very same spot I left 6 1/2 years ago - Welschensteinach, at the doorstep of my mother's house.

Martin Brucker in Sudan.

Martin Brucker from the Black-Forest in Germany traveled for 6 1/2 years around the world with his trusty BMW G650 Xchallenge for about 255 067 km crossing about 70 countries "On the way".

Fred Buckingham and Lutz Eiser. Lutz Eiser.

Fred Buckingham and Lutz Eiser

Scooters Across the Sahara

Two over 70's make the 4,000 mile journey through Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal to the Gambia. Their Honda Innovas 125cc were delivered to Bansang Hospital for motorcycle outreach. To cross the Sahara on a motorbike was always an ambition. It's the journey not the arrival that's important but our destination eclipsed all journeys.

Lutz Eiser at the Zebra Bar.

Lutz and Fred set off on their 4,000 mile journey from Penzance to Bansang in the Gambia. Solid rain from Penzance to Plymouth and their first day in Spain but it only got hotter from then on. How does a 125 cc scooter cope with Sahara sand, what tools and spares did they carry? What mechanical problems did they have? This talk deals with preparation of bike and person, visas, equipment, border crossings, health the people they met and a whole lot more. If you would like a mind changing experience and do some good on the planet attend this brilliantly illustrated talk.

Craig Carey-Clinch.

Craig Carey-Clinch

Motorcycle Outreach

Motorcycle Outreach (MoR) was established in 2005 as a result of the work and vision of RTW biking humanitarian Simon Milward.

As Simon travelled he realised that basic healthcare provision was not reaching people in remote areas of developing countries due to problems with poor roads and transport. He established a motorcycle healthcare logistics project in Flores, Indonesia which successfully operates to this day.

Simon died in Mali in 2005, but his vision remains, with Motorcycle Outreach continuing his work to develop motorcycle based primary healthcare projects.

This presentation will bring you the latest news from MoR and you'll be able to learn about our plans for the future.

Craig has been the leading campaigner on motorcycling political issues for over 20 years. He has also travelled extensively in Europe, West Africa, North America and the Sub Continent. In addition to his work to protect, promote and advocate motorcycling he also works with GlobeBusters and has led expeditions in Africa and the Americas.

Tiffany Coates.

Tiffany Coates

Kyrgyzstan- Land of the Eagle Hunters and Travel Safe

Land of the Eagle Hunters - a Dream Destination for Motorcycle Travellers

The jewel of Central Asia; Kyrgyzstan's landscape is dominated by highlands - a country where 94% of the land is mountainous will always be a great place to explore by motorcycle. Add to that the sight of yak roaming past yurts, nomadic people living amongst picturesque plains, alpine meadows and azure blue lakes, the legendary eagle hunters and the herds of horses galloping free alongside the twisting trails and roads, not to mention a unique cuisine that includes kumys - fermented mare's milk, which is often the only alcohol drink of choice. Kyrgyzstan is remote, beautiful and yet relatively easy to explore with stunning vistas in every direction. Tiffany has made several motorcycle trips to this incredible part of the 'Stans (Central Asia) and always discovers new areas and sights to delight and amaze. Come and be mesmerised by her travel tales both solo and leading groups of intrepid riders where she gets to introduce others to this far-flung corner of the world. You'll soon find yourself dreaming of mountains and reaching for a pint of kumys.

Tiffany Coates with eagle!

Travel Safe - Feisty Females: women travellers and safety on the road - techniques and advice

Feeling uncertain about your safety while on a journey? You're not alone, this class from one of the world's foremost motorcycle adventurers will teach you how to keep yourself safe and feel more confident as a traveller. Whether exploring places solo or with others; from a trip across the county to trans-continental adventures, safety is important for us all. Drawing on her wild camping exploits and bizarre encounters with strange characters on every continent; Tiffany's anecdotes and real-life scenarios enliven the class. There will also be the opportunity to share your own tried and tested tips. Advice, physical techniques and common sense prevail in this fun yet informative hands on class. Be entertained and empowered in one easy session.

Tiffany Coates.

Tiffany is the world's foremost female motorcycle adventurer having travelled over 200,000 miles, crossing every continent, some of them several times and still managing to find more remote destinations to discover. Her first journey started 20 years ago, setting off with her best friend two-up on a BMW R80GS having sold everything including her hair and with just two months riding experience between them. That ride to India became an epic two years on the road and an eventual return to England with a full head of hair and a burning desire to see even more places on two wheels.

Spencer James Conway.

Spencer James Conway

Circumnavigating South America with no gps, phone or map

Chaotic circumnavigation of South America by Accident prone adventure rider, through all 13 countries and 558013 kilometres. No GPS, phone or map but fuelled and motivated by canned sardines.

Spencer Conway riding south. Spencer Conway band of brothers.

Spencer Conway has circumnavigated Africa through 34 countries and 55 345 kilometres which culminated in TV Series African motorcycle diaries. He circumnavigated South America through 13 countries and 58013 kilometres for new series. aim is to circumnavigate every continent.

Mario Costa-Sa.

Mario Costa-Sa

Where can I ride "Off Road"? and Isn't there an app for that?

Where can I ride "Off Road" - A beginners guide to finding trail and riding "off road"

Trail riding in England in Wales is an immensely rewarding countryside pursuit, bringing adventure and exploration together with technical riding skills, orienteering and land access knowledge. It is enjoyed in sunshine, wind, rain and snow throughout the year in some of the countries most striking landscapes, from the wild moorlands of Northumberland, over the rocky mountains of North Wales to the flat farm plains of Lincolnshire and down to the furthest reaches of Devon and Cornwall. However, just because you own a trail bike doesn't mean you can ride anywhere you like. In fact, responsible trail riders technically never ride 'off road' as the trails and green lanes we use are actually classified as Byways Open To All Traffic (BOATS) or Unclassified Country Roads (UCR's). Access to these historic legal lanes is under scrutiny by national and regional government organisations as well as land-owners and the wider countryside population. There are 208,000, miles of road in England and Wales, 115,000 miles of footpaths, bridleways and restricted byways, and 6,000 miles of BOATs. The TRF exists to help preserve access to these historic BOATs by working with (and sometimes lobbying against) lawmakers as well as helping new and existing members learn where they can and can't ride (and why), promoting a confident and responsible code of conduct that ensures all countryside users are able to enjoy our diverse landscape well into the future. Can't tell your BOAT from your UCR? We can help!

Mario Costa-Sa.

Isn't there an app for that? Want a GPS but don't yet have a Garmin - how about your smartphone?

You can't beat a good old fashioned map. It's hard to break and won't run out of batteries. It's also bulky, gets wet and is not always very practical. Thank heavens for the introduction of GPS, "Whatever did I do without Google maps?" The TRF has teamed up with ViewRanger, the complete offline mapping, navigation & guided trail service for active people. It's free to download onto your smartphone and is a great introduction to route planning with a GPS. We have worked with our network of Rights of Way officers to upload a collection of trails that you can start riding right now. You can use the app to log your own routes and share them with others. The green lane network in England and Wales is ever evolving, so enjoy the routes on ViewRanger but remember it's your responsibility to stay legal. Your local TRF group will have the most up to date and extensive knowledge of routes in your region.

Trail Riders Fellowship.

Mario is an experienced traveller and has ridden and driven across all continents. Following his last RTW trip 5 years ago he prefers discovering little known treasures on his doorstep. He is the longest serving current Director of the Trail Riders Fellowship, and holds Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists qualifications in Ride Leading.

Richard Field.

Richard Field

Slow riding! Balkans, Caucasus, Turkey and Eastern Europe!

Slow riding! Part 1: Balkans and Turkey!

A nervous rider's slow, nine-month motorcycle trip through the Balkans, Turkey and the Caucasus on a DR650 called Felix. Averaging less than 80 miles a day, I got to hear a lot of stories from soldiers and freedom fighters, missionaries, and 'Muslim atheists', nomads, refugees, artists, photographers, and Ali and Seurat, the best layabout comedy duo in Turkey. I narrowly escaped being blown up by ISIS in Kobane, became paranoid about Turkish informants in Diyarbakir, and spent a surreal evening taking outdoor tea in Sirnak as the city exploded around me into the chaos of civil war. I also discovered how to eat comb honey and cream cheese for breakfast in a mountain oasis among spectacular scenery.

Richard Field.

Slow riding! Part 2: Caucasus, Turkey and Eastern Europe

A nervous rider's slow, nine-month, motorcycle trip through the Balkans, Turkey and the Caucasus on a DR650 called Felix. I got to hear a lot of stories from former police chiefs, Russian artists, mountaineers, Georgian bikers, and travelling photographers. I learned of the secret, al fresco sex lives of Montenegrin peasants. I gazed admiringly (?) at Joseph's Stalin's travelling toilet, broke down in Tbilisi, visited some spectacular mountain villages in Azerbaijan, took a Soviet-era train to Yerevan, shared a house and parts of my flesh with seven ferrets in Germany, and accidentally rode 180 kms of sand, rubble and bedrock over the highest mountain pass in the Caucasus before I realised that I didn't know how to do off-road.

Richard Field describes himself as: "Male; 65; a nervous rider, prone to fall off, but very stubborn; romantic with a tendency to fall in love with people and places. Several short motorcycle trips to Europe and India; one big, nine-month trip through the Balkans and Turkey to the Caucasus on a DR650SE called Felix."

Daniel Rintz and Josephine Flohr

Daniel Rintz and Josephine Flohr

Putting Off The Finishing Line

The highs and lows of 6 years motorcycling around the world, solo and as a couple. Can a favourite place in the world be found?

I set off to circumnavigate the world by motorcycle many years ago. Halfway into the trip (Germany – New Zealand) I found the love of my life. Like me, she loves travelling and it didn't take much to get her excited about motorcycles. On two bikes we continued the second leg of the journey together (Alaska – Argentina).

Daniel Rintz and Josephine Flohr.

At some point, enjoying dinner, camping on the beach somewhere, another traveller asked us: "What will you do when you've reached your destination (Ushuaia) in a few days? Return home?" Our souls were filled with wonderful experiences while our pockets were running out of money. Josie and I had only played with the idea of shipping the bikes to Cape Town and ride home through Africa. Without giving my answer too much thought I replied: "We're more afraid of going back home to a regular life than facing Africa without money."

Daniel Rintz and Josephine Flohr.

Come see us talk about the highs and lows of 6 years motorcycle travel, covering 5 continents, 100 countries, riding solo and as a couple.

Daniel Rintz has been riding motorcycles since he was 7 years old. Daniel says: "When I was first allowed to ride on the road at the age of 18, the bike naturally became an essential instrument for exploring the world."

Josephine Flohr has loved travelling for as long as she can remember. Josephine says: "I used to be a backpacker, but was turned into a motorcycle traveller when I met 'someone'. We've been riding around the world on two bikes since."

Jacqui Furneaux.

Jacqui Furneaux

Plan? What Plan? - A holiday turns into a way of life thanks to a Dutchman and an Enfield Bullet

A woman nearing 50 goes off to India with a young Dutch motorcycle traveller she hardly knows, buys her own Enfield, thinking this little adventure might last six months and trails around aimlessly but happily with him for 4 years until they reach Australia where he decides to stay. She wonders if she can continue on her own...

Jacqui Furneaux.

I gave up my job as a nurse when I was forty-eight to go travelling and found I really liked it so bought a motorbike in India. It was all an accident, a way of life I couldn't stop...

Simon Gandolfi.

Simon Gandolfi

TAJ to TAJ and All That And Tigers Too

TAJ to TAJ - 6 months & 12,000 kilometres in India solo on a Honda 125

1969 and Simon Gandolfi left London for India driving a VW Kumelwagen. A rented bungalow on Goa's Calangute Beach was his base for a three year exploration of the subcontinent.

2009 and Gandolfi returned to India in search of his past, this time riding a Honda 125 from Delhi to Goa where his bungalow had become a beach bar - then south to the tip of the subcontinent before riding up the east coast to Kolkata, Sikkim and the North East States of Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh - six months, 12,000 kilometres and a diverse and delightful people....

Simon Gandolfi.

All That And Tigers Too - An Octogenarian's Indian Idiocy

There is something undeniably comic in a plump aged Brit on a small bike - no wonder sentries giggled while saluting their colonel's house guest. The guest is Simon Gandolfi back in India for his 80th birthday, this time riding a TVS 125 Phoenix. Gandolfi is an expert at meeting people and people are the embroidery of his tales of travel, whether at a Lonely Planet doss house, discussing philosophy while bathing in a moonlit river, viewing tigers from the back of a Forestry Department elephant, listening to a Maharanee instruct her brother to remove a snake from under the throne, riding from Manali over the high passes to Leh and Srinigar or attending a young financier's birthday party at the Taj Hotel - all this and more are the grist of Gandolfi's second Indian oddyssey, six months solo and 10,000 kilometres....

Simon Gandolfi.

Simon Gandolfi's Travels:
Aged 73/74: Mexico to Ushuaia - Honda 125 CARGO
Aged 75/76: Ushuaia to New York - Honda 125 CARGO
Aged 78/79: six months round India, 12,000 kilometres - Honda 125 STUNNER
Aged 80/81; six months in India, 10,000 kilometres - TVS 125 PHOENIX

Dan Godzisz

Dan Godzisz

Ride to the Sun – France by Bicycle

A human powered alternative. 1300km solo from Caen to Cannes with great scenery, comfy beds, lush food and a glass or two of the red stuff!

Wanting to escape the everyday hustle and bustle and find something just for me, I decided to cycle from Caen to Cannes. Travelling ultralight, I found 1300km of smooth, peaceful and stunningly beautiful roads, as well as lovely hospitality, toasty showers and clean linen beds. It gave me much needed time in the moment, and left me feeling more chilled than on any trip before. Highly recommended for any ability! Cycling has given me a fantastic change from motorbikes, allowing me to travel much more freely and hugely improve my contact with the places and peoples I visit. If you've ever wanted to give it a try come and have a chat and I'll share ideas and experiences with you that will help you have a go and enjoy it too!

Dan Godzisz bicycle.

An ordinary chap busy working for a living and bringing up my four amazing children. Yet trying to find a bit of time here and there to bike or cycle, having my own little adventures to bring me closer to the awesome world around us!

Duncan Gough.

Duncan Gough

Viaje en España, The Catalan Pyrenees AND Writing your Adventure

Viaje en España - Travelling in Spain
In this presentation Duncan talks from more than 30 years of journeys in Spain. His experiences have gone into his books.

His experiences have gone into his books 'Back Roads of Spain', 'Sketches of Spain', @Back Roads to the Catalan Pyrenees (& Barcelona)', and the series 'Back Road Routes of the Catalan Pyrenees'. The emphasis is on the real Spain of small towns and villages off the beaten track, of unusual and interesting places that few tourists may have found. It is about the Spanish character and culture, and how to make the most of interactions with this generous nation. Also covered are some of the more important legal and road safety issues, with a dash of ornithology and history.

Duncan Gough.

The Catalan Pyrenees
How to get there on back roads and the fantastic routes in the Ara Lleida

Based on my guidebooks to the back road routes to the Ara Lleida and neighbouring areas. And fairly detailed look at the routes as set out by Moturisme ( and in the Eastern Pyrenees in general. Places to go and stay, bit of history and much else.

Writing Your Adventure
A brief look at techniques for recording an adventure in the most productive way.

Duncan realised that many people don't really think much in advance how they are going to record their holiday or adventure, or don't find it easy to develop the record into a narrative. The aim of the presentation is to give a structure for making the most interesting account, whether for themselves, their grandchildren or with the aim of publication. It includes suggestions for equipment and information on details like the resolution requirements for photography that will print with decent quality, audio recording and routes to publication. Based on his book @Writing Your Adventure'

Duncan Gough.

Duncan was born in London, but at the age of three, his family moved to a mixed fruit farm in the middle of 100 acres of Rhodesian bush. An unusual early childhood was spent nearly always barefoot, often with only the company of a younger sister and the African children of farm workers. He spent a lot of time off in the bush learning self-reliance and about the natural world. He has been a motorcyclist since an early age. Every year since 1999 he has travelled in Europe on his Moto Guzzi.

Geoff Grimmett.

Geoff Grimmett

Himalayas: Its easier than you think!

In 2013 I decided to go to India and instead of joining an organised tour I wanted to organise my own trip. I hired bikes, arranged hotels, flights and obtained visas. That trip was the start of something for me and I fell in love with India. That first trip was the Leh - Manali Highway to reach Khardung La (Highest Road), sights included the lakes at Srinagar and the Golden Temple of Amritsar. Other trips have included the remote region of Spiti Valley and 'Ashram centered' town Rishikesh on the Mother Ganges.

Geoff Grimmett.

I have recently returned from India after my fifth visit there and I have made some wonderful friends and had some amazing adventures. Come and listen to me chat about India and my adventures. You will see it's a great country to visit, it has the greatest roads, most amazing scenery and mountains!

Geoff Grimmett.

Geoff is 48 years old and married with children. He is a keen part time adventurer and rides a Super Tenere. Geoff has travelled extensively over the years including Europe, India and Cambodia. Geoff is looking forward his dream, of packing up and riding off into the sunset.

Graham Hoskins.

Graham Hoskins, Host of Adventure Bike TV

You meet the best people...

The very best thing about all the trips I've done is the people I've met along the way. Meet some of them with me.

It doesn't matter whether it was in Russian, the Egyptian desert, Syria, West Africa, Poland or Norway, the very best bits of every adventure I've been on have been around the incredible people I've met and the amazing friends I've travelled with. Luckily most of them are on film, either in the one of the TV series I've made or with adventurebiketv. Join me and let's share some of the best moments!

Graham Hoskins.

Graham's early promise of a career flying fast jets in the Navy was cut short by a battle with cancer aged 21. Side-effects of his cancer treatment caused him to go through 5 total hip replacements in the last 22 years. All of which drive his resolve to take life by throat and make the most of it. Graham has started several successful businesses and now combines his day job as the MD of a business consultancy with projects that explore his passion for adventure, motorcycling and entertainment.

In 1990, Graham did his first charity bike ride after he found out that he had cancer. He and his best pal dressed as chickens and motorcycled from college in Plymouth to London and back. In 2005, they decided that a much bigger challenge was needed so they rode 4000 miles to Moscow and back in under 7 days for BBC Children In Need. Inspired by the 4000 mile, 6 day motorcycle challenge to Moscow, he has written, directed and produces three TV series on a similar theme, despite having no experience of the industry. His two Motorbike Diaries series and new 'World's Best Biking Adventures' series are all based on what you can on bikes that is amazing, life changing and in just two weeks.

In 2010 Graham persuaded Danny John-Jules from Red Dwarf to ride 7000 miles through 16 countries and 3 continents, circumnavigating the Mediterranean Sea in just 16 days for Sport Relief in 2010. In 2012, they undertook a new challenge to ride to Dakar in West Africa. In 2014 he took a new team 5000 miles to the northernmost point in Europe along the Arctic Highway. Graham also writes about his challenges and presents the monthly internet TV show Adventure Bike TV.

Fern Hume.

Fern Hume

The Grand Idea- RTW 2 weeks at a time

The Grand Idea- Low budget, short fly ride adventures as an alternative to mammoth RTW trips- Featuring Thailand, Morocco, and Peru.

This is the Grand Idea. We would all like to have the time and money to buy a new shiny bike and travel the world for years. However most of us have jobs that we endeavour to keep, kids, a dog and a mortgage to boot. We will show a budgeted, incremental, 'less covered' style that we feel has merit in a world of mammoth round the world trips. We feature our three recent trips to Thailand, Morocco and Peru, all 2 weeks in length and costing on average £1000 each. We feel that newcomers to the world of Adventure Riding are daunted at the most common method. We are here to put across another variation on the theme- exploring the world one place at a time- The joy of the fly ride. Flying to a destination, renting bikes, exploring off the beaten track with very little pre-planning.

Fern  Hume.

Fern Hume began motorcycling around Norfolk, Norway, and then UK to India on her DRZ400. After living in Nepal and NZ, she moved home to the UK and met Ferdie Pick, who himself drove through Africa and loves touring both Europe and exploring the trails of the UK.

Grant and Susan Johnson.

Grant and Susan Johnson, Horizons Unlimited

4 Easy Steps to Overland Travel! AND How it all began.

4 Easy Steps to Overland Travel! You can do it - we can help! Finding your way around Horizons Unlimited, other resources. Lots of great pics and video clips.

This seminar will be an overview of 'How To' travel overland topics. Includes content from the Achievable Dream series and great pics from HU Photo Contest winners!

Get Inspired on Horizons Unlimited.

How it all began. The story of Grant and Susan's 11-year trip around the world, without a plan or a clue!

Way back in 1987, before the Internet, two young and naive Canadians set out from Vancouver to ride around the world on a motorcycle. The plan (and budget) was for 3 years, but it didn't quite work out that way!

This presentation will focus on the Johnson's travels in Latin America, where many adventures were had as they navigated the results of massive flooding in an El Niño year, traversing from the Pan American Highway to the jungles of the Amazon!

Grant steers around a road hazard - aftermath of flooding on the Pan American Highway!

"Grant and Susan Johnson are icons in the round-the-world (RTW) motorcycling community. The Johnsons host - or more appropriately write, edit, produce, manage and coordinate Horizons Unlimited - a global network of motorcycle travelers... and a bona fide adventure motorcycling phenomenon." Dan Hilton, Rider Magazine

Grant Johnson.

Grant Johnson, Horizons Unlimited

Fix that flat! AND Making better Travel Photos!

Grant's tyre changing seminars are always well attended and appreciated. This seminar covers: how to prevent flats in the first place, and fix them when you get one; the best tools and how to use them for tube and tubeless tires; hands-on practical for beginners to experts.

Grant Johnson demonstrates the black art of tyre changing at HU South Africa. Grant Johnson demonstrates the black art of tyre changing at HU South Africa.

Grant Johnson demonstrates the black art of tyre changing at HU South Africa

Making better Travel Photos - it's all about where you put stuff!

We all want to take great photos of our trip - so why don't we? Your friends think you are NUTS for traveling around the world on a motorcycle. You try to describe these destinations to them, only for it to fall short. Why is that? The human brain is highly driven by visual stimulation. In order to truly convey the EXPERIENCE of being there, you need great visuals!

This easy seminar for everyone will transform your photos from boring to FABULOUS! No technical expertise required!

Leopard, Okonjima

Gareth Jones.

Gareth Jones

Pan without a plan and Tigers in Africa on The Great Fruit Adventure

Pan without a plan - 6 months, 20,000 km solo journey through 10 countries of Southern Africa on my modified 1951 Harley Panhead.

From Cape Town to the first Horizons event in South Africa at Elgro River Lodge, through the deserts of Namibia to the wildlife and waterfalls of Zambia, the lake at Malawi and the mountains of Lesotho. 6 months, 20,000 km solo journey through 10 countries of Southern Africa on my modified 1951 Harley Panhead. No rear suspension, no electric start, no back up and no plan. A truly fantastic adventure of fabulous riding and the friendliest people – a lifelong dream realised.

Gareth Jones.

Cardiff to Cape Town on Triumph Tigers teaching kids about healthy eating.

Tigers in Africa on The Great Fruit Adventure, Cardiff to Cape Town visiting farms and schools to promote healthy eating for kids while having a fantastic adventure.

Jenny and Ian Jordan.

Ian & Jenny Jordan, Together We Go

A beginners experience of adventure and How to blog on the go

A beginners experience of adventure

We decided to get motorcycle licenses on a whim and then discovered the world of motorcycle adventure!

What happens when 2 novice riders decide to take their adventures on 2 wheels? We discuss how we fit this in to day to day life. In Feb 2017 we first talked about maybe getting motorcycle licenses to help with commuting. 8 months later we're riding 2000 miles up to and around Scotland in 40-50mph wind. It's been a fun journey (the whole 8 months) and is a great prelude to bigger trips in the future.

Ian and Jenny Jordan in Scotland.

How to blog on the go

Ever wanted to share your journeys, but don't know where to start?

We have a passion for travelling, we spent 2 months in a camper van that we bought and drove around New Zealand. We love to photo, blog and video our adventures. Before we started our travels we decided to set up a blog,, if you've ever wondered how to set up a blog, or how to blog whilst on the road, we've got some helpful tips and can share our experiences. Also what gear do you take with you, what do you actually need and what is nice to have? These are areas that we'll talk through and can answer questions on.

Ian and Jenny Jordan in New Zealand.

My wife and I are new to the world of Motorcycles, but love adventure. We've embraced the freedom of travelling on two wheels and love to share our experiences with others.

Tori Lang.

Tori Lang, Yoga for Bikers

Yoga for bikers - try it! - Practical session to ease your aches and introduce how yoga can help your riding.

Experience Yoga for Bikers: Do you ache after a long ride? Carrying an injury? Not as fit and supple as you'd like to be? Tired? Yoga can help! This is a practical session to share some yoga - to help people enjoy their riding more fully. The emphasis of the session is on the areas that have become tight or injured through riding, releasing the tensions that accumulate, helping injuries to recover, and bringing balance, suppleness and well being back to the mind and body.

We'll also cover yoga techniques to help moderate body temperature and to stay alert. All this enables people to enjoy their riding experience more confidently, comfortably, safely, and for longer.

As a seasoned biker myself, and as someone who first started practising yoga over 20 years ago, I understand firsthand the benefits that yoga gives to make riding more pleasurable including:

* Improved attention and focus whilst riding
* Improved comfort whilst riding
* Improved balance
* Quicker recovery from injury
* Improved sleep, and therefore energy and attention whilst riding
* Improved ability to cope with pain and discomfort
* Greater strength and flexibility
* Increased energy levels
* Better posture
* Control over body temperature

Tori Lang - not bendy enough?

Tori is a BWY certified yoga teacher, with over 20 years of both motorcycling and yoga experience. She understands the aches, strains and general demands that riding, particularly for long periods can bring, and how yoga can help to recover good health and well-being so the journey can be even more enjoyable.

Seb Leeson and Kim Van Aerde.

Seb Leeson and Kim Van Aerde, Wandering Souls

Things don't always go according to plan
and Money, money, money...

Things don't always go according to plan

The plan was to go from Alaska to Argentina, but somehow we ended up on an island on the west coast of Africa.

The idea was to go for the classic Americas route, from Alaska to Argentina. We haven't seen Alaska and we never made it to Argentina... However, we became sponsored riders, went to remote islands in Honduras, got into trouble with the police in Nicaragua and ended up on an island off the west coast of Africa.

Money, money, money...

How to afford overlanding and how to budget your trips?

Do you wonder HOW people can afford to go travel the world? Over the past 8 years we have been travelling to over 65 countries, we are in our mid 30's and we have no debt. And no, we are not rich and neither did we win the lottery, yet we travel all over the place and have sufficient funds to pay for it. Our secret is simple...

Seb Leeson and Kim Van Aerde.

Kim and Sebastian have been travelling and overlanding to 65 countries in the last 8 years and the end is not even in sight yet... Their journeys are a delicate balance between the rat race and the freedom of overlanding. Those of you who were at HUBB UK 2013 will remember their trip started from there, welcome back to HUBB UK guys!

Joseph Lewiston.

Joseph Lewiston

The Mongol Rally - Flat tyres, dead batteries and a drone

A brief summary of a 2 month 17,500 mile round trip in a 1.2l Vauxhall Agila from a rookie traveller and film maker.

In 2016 Joseph and his two travel buddies set out to take part in the Mongol Rally. After committing to the adventure, they then decided to A) film the whole thing and B) hit the finish line and keep going. Here's to the good, bad and the ugly when travelling across the world for the first time. Visas, Border crossings, Tech on the road and some really odd people. France, Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia again?

Joe Lewiston.

Joseph is a recent graduate and director of a small media production company based in London. He specialises in documentary work and photography, and has recently learned not to refer to his aerial camera as a 'drone' when abroad...

Helen Lloyd.

Helen Lloyd

Africa on 2 Wheels: Serow and Cycle

An African adventure riding 40,000km on Yamaha XT225's from Cape Town to Cairo. But how does it compare to travelling the world by bicycle?

Five years ago Helen cycled solo from the UK to Cape Town. It took 18 months to pedal 25,000km across the Sahara, through West Africa, the DRC and on to South Africa.

Helen Lloyd.

Last year she returned to the African continent to ride from Cape Town to Cairo with Jimmy Howe. But this time she upgraded to a motorbike (Serow XT225). It took almost as long, detouring through Lesotho and the Namibian desert, traversing Angola, visiting Zimbabwe and Malawi, riding through Uganda's National Parks and battling Ethiopia's stone-throwing kids to reach the Danakil depression. Helen will talk about her journeys, describing the pros and cons of cycling vs. motorbike travel, the benefits of travelling alone or with a partner, as well as outlining some smaller adventures off the bikes.

Helen Lloyd.

Helen says she's an engineer, but spends most of her time doing other things... mostly in remote corners of the globe. Like cycling through Siberia in winter, packrafting in Nicaragua and horse-riding in Kyrgyzstan. Now she's ridden her motorbike across Africa. Oh, and she writes books about her journeys too.

Rebecca Lowe.

Rebecca Lowe

Pedalling against prejudice - One woman's 11,000km solo cycle through the Middle East, from London to Tehran

The day Rebecca Lowe left London to embark on an 11,000km cycle to Tehran, she was deeply unprepared. She wasn't fit, had never used panniers and had no sense of direction. For most of her friends and family, expectations she'd make it out alive were disappointingly low.

But for all the doubts, she was tentatively confident she'd get there in the end. Her aims were simple: develop enviably shapely calves; survive; and shed light on a region long misunderstood by the West. Mostly she hoped to show, at a time of increasing prejudice and division, that the bulk of the Middle East is far from the heady morass of violence and fanaticism many people believe. And that a woman could cycle through it safely.

Rebecca Lowe.

Thankfully, the gamble paid off. Not only did she survive, but she was privileged to discover an enchanting world of warmth, colour and compassion; a world far safer and more familiar than she could ever have imagined.

Hear about Rebecca's year-long adventure through Europe, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Oman, the UAE and Iran. Discover how she collapsed from thirst in the Sahara, was stalked by police in Egypt, hit the party circuit in Iran – and managed to stay on her bike despite eating a Guinness World Record number of kebabs.

Rebecca is a freelance journalist, specialising in human rights and the law. She currently lives and works in London, and is writing a book about her trip. Read more about her and her journey at

Sjaak Lucassen.

Sjaak Lucassen

Travel Tips - Inventive tips which have proven to be great value

Being on the road, you need to be creative, especially when you have to repair your bike or gear in the middle of nowhere. What we think that does not work in ‘civilised’ countries seems to work if you need it to! Looking at a ‘problem’ while throwing the conventional (conservative) thinking away and by seeing it as a challenge rather than an annoying issue will bring you, in the end, not only a good result, but also a great story to tell. Sjaak will give several examples that were of great value to him. Presented with his usual humour, Sjaak also hopes you'll bring in your experiences and stories.

Sjaak Lucassen on the Beaufort Sea, Alaska.

Sjaak started to travel because motorcycle vacations always felt too short. Before he knew it, he was bitten by the travel bug, resulting in about 10 years of his life on the road using rather unusual bikes. Sjaak rides sport bikes. The reason is simple: he finds it more important to use the right bike for his heart than for the terrain. Over time, his travels became more and more extreme. The last one was on the polar ice north of Alaska. Next goal is to reach the North Pole with the bike that he is currently building, 'aRctic1'.

Marj Lunn.

Marj Lunn

Presentation Skills for Overlanders and Polish Your Presentation

Presentation Skills for Overlanders - How to present your trip without boring the pants off the audience

Speaking in front of a group of people is rated as one of the top ten greatest fears. If you've done an amazing trip and love talking about it but stop at telling it with one or two people in the bar or around the camp fire, come along and learn how to share your story in your personal style without boring the pants off your audience. Or if you would like to polish your presentation or manage those nerves better, this session is for you too. It will cover: • Working out what to share – what do people want to listen to? • Structuring your presentation – easy frameworks that work • Balancing visuals with talk – tips on the use of PowerPoint • Do's and Don'ts of presenting • Dealing with nerves and apprehension • Managing questions and unexpected situations

Polish Your Presentation - How to present your trip successfully and avoid some of the common pitfalls that leave you or your audience thinking 'if only ...'

A practical and interactive session for presenters and would-be presenters to help you polish your presentation skills and avoid some of the common pitfalls. This session will get to the heart of what will help make you a great presenter. So whether this is your first ever presentation, the first time you've shared your trip or just want to polish your content or delivery skills, deal with nerves or find some answers to questions about the best way to present your trip, please pop along. If you are presenting at this year's HUBB there will also be opportunity for 1:1 coaching.

Marj Lunn.

Having travelled to most continents I thought I was a seasoned traveller. Then I discovered overlanding and wilderness camping in 2010 when we drove from the UK in our 4x4 Troopy to Morocco... and the world of travel opened up once more.

Mark Manley.

Mark Manley

An introduction to bikepacking/touring

An introduction to bikepacking and bicycle touring for anyone thinking of a few days away to a multi-year around the world trip.

Advice on what type of bike, what to take and how to carry it, also including information about taking your bike on an airline and public transport, what spare parts you might need, health on the road particularly relating to diet and the benefits of travelling with a folding bike when backpacking.

Mark Manley.

I have been motorcycling and motorcycle travelling for nearly 40 years and have been to every motorable continent by motorcycle. In the past few years I have developed an interest in bicycle touring and would like to pass on some of my experience in this area.

Derek Mansfield.

Derek Mansfield

How to make friends on the road and avoid paying bribes to police and petty officials AND
How not to fear mechanical malfunction

How to make friends on the road and avoid paying bribes to police and petty officials

There are two big worries for long distance travellers; namely, how can they communicate in 28 or more languages and what happens when officials and police are looking for a bribe. Describing events that took place on a journey from London to Mongolia and back, Mansfield explains how he spoke Klingon to complete strangers, made lifetime friends on the road and learned when and when not to pay bribes.

How not to fear mechanical malfunction
A veteran of multiple mechanical failures with no tools or aptitude, here's how to get stuff fixed.

Riding Italian motorcycles in wilds of Eastern Europe and beyond, Mansfield is often stuck on the side of the road with punctures, dead batteries, exploded engines and or complete, total and terminal breakdowns. As he rarely packs little more technical than a toothpick, his experience will help long-distance travellers understand karma, and help them lose their fear of mechanical malfunction. It is unlikely anyone will learn about which tools to take or how to actually physically fix things.

Derek Mansfield in Mongolia.

Derek Mansfield has lived more lives than most! Leaving home as a teenager, he sailed the world in an alcoholic haze, compliments of the Royal Navy. Nineteen careers later, in his fifties, he bought an overlarge motorcycle and since 2010 has ridden Europe and Asia, most countries more than twice.

Derek is also an accomplished author and will have books available at the event!

"The writing flows gently, like riding a smooth road in clear weather. Spiced by self-deprecating humor and ironic wit, the book's good company—written by someone focused on the ride and the experience, definitely not his own ego.... lucid descriptions of the sights, sounds, tastes and smells encountered give the reader an experience seemingly close to riding along on the journey.... And . . . what a journey... war-torn areas, even now populated with land mines; societies in political turmoil, corrupted from within and without; seething ethnic conflicts barely attenuated. Yet, Mansfield finds beauty, freedom and fellowship within the chaos." Jim Cowgill, ADVMoto Magazine

Omar Mansour.

Omar Mansour

Cape to Cape (Cape town to Cape North)

Travel the world on motorbike is a dream. If you are from the Middle East you face lots of problems to travel the world on bike. How I faced that

I want to travel on my bike ? what ? are you crazy ? how come ? no way you can do that! That is a sample of answers from friends family and every one I spoke about my dream here in Egypt. It is not known in that part of the world to travel on motorbike. It is many times harder than if I'm from Europe or from the Western side of the world. Yes I do need a visa for 99 % of the world and it is way way harder if you say I am going to travel on motorbike. To buy a reliable bike in Egypt will cost you the price of the bike plus shipping plus 200 percent customs taxes spare parts, camping gear, riding gear is very hard to find in Egypt so that is a sample of what I faced.

Omar Mansour at Pyramids in Egypt.

I managed to travel from Cape town to Cape North (NordKapp). I travel slow. I spend in each country - enough time to explore, know about the people and the culture. Sure I had a few broken bones here and there during my travel. I want to speak how to make your dream come true, how to travel safe around Africa and Middle East I will have a short video from my travel.

I'm a member in HU for 15 years. HU helped me a lot to keep travelling. I'm from Middle East I don't think any one represents that part of the world in HU before. Travel on bike unites us as humans. Peace.

Ed March.

Ed March

Alaska to Argentina on Honda 90's
3 years, 1.75 people, 45,000 miles, -33oC, +45oC, 1.8 vehicles. Chaos as always.

Ed's back from a 3 year trip, and that means one presentation time! 45,000 miles, 3 years, riding and camping across Canada in the winter at -33oC and then riding across the USA off-road on the 5,000 mile Trans America Trail. Started the trip as a couple with Rachel Lasham, but finished apart... all on Honda 90's. The list of things that happened is nigh on endless, and nobody likes plot spoilers, so you'll just have to find out the rest during the presentation.

Ed March.

Stephen Marsh.

Stephen Marsh, Orca

Whales, wheels and waves!

Start your adventure the minute you board a ferry. Learn about the incredible and enigmatic creatures that inhabit our seas.

For many of us, the first part of our travel will be getting away from the UK by ferry. Within a day's sailing we can see over a third of the world's species of whales and dolphins and some waters, such as the Bay of Biscay, are hotspots for these enigmatic creatures. Stephen is a seasoned sea traveller. Having worked for a whale and dolphin survey charity and now managing a charity that rescues marine wildlife, he will share his knowledge of the biology of these fascinating animals, his yarns of whales seen and tell of the best places and times to get out on deck! There's an incredible wildlife spectacular that's free for all to see - as long as you're looking!

Common dolphin by Stephen Marsh.

Common dolphin by Stephen Marsh of Orca

Both for work and pleasure, Stephen has travelled around the world lecturing on wildlife, especially whales and dolphins that are major passion - the other is biking. When he gets on his motorbike it's usually to travel somewhere to see and photograph wildlife. Whales, wheels and waves!

Arun Nangla. Johannes Weisborn.

Nora Nijkamp and Jojo Weissborn

Adventurism mindset, the only thing you need and
Beginner mistakes, a comedy story

Adventurism mindset, the only thing you need

We all do it, over prepare and overpack. In this reflective talk I try to convince you to take less by bringing the right mindset.

In this presentation Nora shares stories about her first overland adventure. Without any experience she packed her bags and left. She shares how to deal with the daily challenges on the road and how to grow with the experience. In the end I learned that it doesn't matter how you prepare or pack, the most important thing you can bring is the right mindset.

Beginner mistakes, a comedy story

We were beginner travellers and made a lot of mistakes. Without taking ourselves too seriously we share with you our packing tips.

This presentation is a guideline for travel preparations. Without any experience we left on an overland adventure and we will share our embarrassing packing lists. Now with some experience under our belts we will try and convince you to travel lighter and leave some things behind.

Nora Nijkamp.

Making travel videos, tips from a pro

Sharing your experience with video is the best (in my opinion) way to keep your family and friends up to date. Cameras, editing and more.

A guide for everyone who is interested into sharing their travel stories in a new way. What cameras do you use, what are the basics, how do you go through all the footage and how do you edit something that your family doesn't fall asleep to?

Nora & Jojo are a couple brought together by the adventure of motorcycle overland travel. we have plenty of stories to share from our solo travel and of our time exploring the world together. We are a happy couple with a shared passion. Adventure.

Iain Nicholson.

Iain Nicholson

Overland in Spain - Hidden Backroads and
20 essential items for your trip

Spain is a place many simply pass through on their way South to North Africa, and miss the off road paradise! Iain has travelled in Europe and Scandinavia from a very very young age! Trips have covered everything from mountaineering to motorcycle travel. This presentation is a compilation of trips to Spain on a trusty 650 single. All of the trips start at home in Lancashire, riding all of the way (except the ferries!) on 650 cc bikes, camping along the way and making the most of the landscape, culture and scenery.

20 essential items for your trip

Deciding what to take on a trip is always a long process, and there's always the essentials you need. This short presentation will cover the essentials and hopefully provoke some thought on what you need to take and how to prepare.

Iain Nicholson.

Iain is a seasoned traveller who grew a bit older and moved from exploring the mountains on foot to overland travel when he discovered the joys of riding rough roads and trails to explore further. More recently, Iain has spent the past few years of holidays riding the trails in Spain on his motorcycle.

Sheonagh Ravensdale.Pat Thomson.

Sheonagh Ravensdale and Pat Thomson

India – Hardly Driveable? and
Panama to Cambodia on Brazilian bikes

India – Hardly Driveable?

South India. Are Harleys really suitable bikes? What possessed us? A light-hearted tale of survival and the other women riders we met.

The plan was to fly to Mumbai, buy a couple of small bikes and go off for a quiet two-month tour of Rajasthan and the north. However, making contact with a couple of Indian women riders and rekindling an acquaintance from 27 years ago resulted in:
a) Being invited to speak at India Bike Week in Goa.
b) Being lent a couple of brand new Harley Davidsons in return for two articles for BIKE India Magazine.

So the plans went out of the window; we dumped most of the luggage and the northern half of the map and set off southwards. We met many Indian riders including a bunch of amazing women and their bikes. Six weeks and 5000 kms later, we handed the keys back, thankful that both we and the Harleys had survived!

Pat Thomson navigating bridge in Laos.

Panama to Cambodia on Brazilian bikes

The "Dusty Old Bags" serendipitous route through 15 countries in 16 months. A women's take on travel in these regions.

The plan was to start where we left off last time after South America. Seven Central American countries and six Asian countries later, the bikes and us still have a long way to go. Along the way, we listened to Nahuatl protest songs in Mexico, had an encounter with a Nicaraguan policeman, planted rice for a Korean farmer in Tokyo, wild camped in South Korea, joined in Ramadan celebrations in Malaysia, shared a boarding house with ladyboys in Chiang Mai and dodged tanks in northern Cambodia.

When the passports, insurance and carnets ran out after 16 months, we had to come home. The rest of RTW awaits!

Sheonagh Ravensdale and Pat Thomson in Cambodia.

With over 80 years of biking experience between them, two women, Sheonagh Ravensdale and Pat Thomson have motorcycled through 45 countries over the years. The end plan is RTW, but we keep getting diverted. Known on Horizons as The Dusty Old Bags, this actually refers to our luggage.

Alistair and Maria Robinson.

Maria and Alistair Robinson (the Franglais Riders)

Russia & Central Asia: practical guide and making a case for Russia!

In 2014 we bought two cheap and old Honda XR125s off eBay and rode from London to Mongolia and back. We followed the Silk road and came back (cheating a bit) by taking the trans-Siberian, with our bikes.

During summer 2015 we went back to Siberia for a very short 10 days blast across the glorious Altai mountains, with Russian friends, on local bikes (DR250).

In 2016, we bought a couple of 250 Enduro bikes and we decided to spend few summer months exploring further Northern Russia and Kyrgyzstan.

This presentation is not about our trips! It is about practical information regarding Russia and Central Asia: from paper work, easiest borders, most beautiful roads to ride, transporting the bikes and everything that may make your trip easier to organise and more enjoyable to ride.

We hope, along the way, to debunk some false assumptions and convince you that this region of the world, and Russia in particular, are amazing countries to explore.

Maria and Alistair Robinson.

We are Maria and Alistair, known also as "the Franglais Riders". We have travelled extensively, over the years, on motorbikes, through South America, Vietnam, Russia, Central Asia, USA and of course Europe. We hope to inspire you and encourage you to visit these countries, just on our doorstep! If we can do it, anyone can!

Nick Schofield.

Nick Schofield

Two Week Adventures in South Africa - Fly in and hire a bike

Only two things were fixed, the dates and the bike. The dates where Easter 2017 and the bike, hired was an XT660r with the lowering kit for a short ass. The rest would be made up as I go along. The rough plan was to fly into Johannesburg, head west till I hit the Atlantic Ocean then turn left till I got to Cape Town then left again along the Garden route and then left again back up to Johannesburg about 3k miles in 15 days. The rest was made up as I went, highlights included; Table mountain, Cape Agulhas, Indian Ocean and the Sani Pass (reputed to be in the top 10 most dangerous roads in the world and the highest pass in Africa) and the mounting Kingdom of Lesotho. The great thing about not having a plan is nothing can go wrong.

Nick Schofield.

Passionate about my family, job and adventure travel. How do you fit it all in? I have ridden from Mongolia twice, the Trans American Trail (TAT), Morocco, Vietnam and South Africa on small lightweight adventure bikes on a tight budget. It is possible to fit it all in!

Chris Scott.

Chris Scott, Adventure Motorcycling

The Desert Years and Morocco: One Short Ferry; One Giant Leap

The Desert Years

Sahara specialist Chris Scott looks back on four decades of desert biking.

From his first aborted venture into Algeria aged 22 aboard a scrapheap-challenged XT500, to his most recent return there and a whole lot of sandy places in between, desert fan Chris Scott takes us back to a time when relaxed access, the glamour of the original Dakar rally and dependable machinery all combined to create a golden age of overland adventuring until the rise of jihadism, banditry and other strife turned much of the Sahara into a no-go zone.

Chris Scott.

Morocco: One Short Ferry; One Giant Leap

It's only Morocco and it's easier than you think. Morocco author and tour guide Chris Scott gives the low-down on how, where and when

Just three days away, Morocco is the nearest destination to the UK which offers a significantly different culture – the basis for a genuine motorcycling adventure. 'Morocco Overland' author Chris Scott answers all your questions on riding in Morocco: the best seasons, the best places and the best machine to make the most of your time.

Among other things, Chris Scott writes the 'Adventure Motorcycling Handbook' ('AMH') and his urban memoir, 'The Street Riding Years'. Since the early 80s he's travelled regularly in the Sahara.

Sharyn and Nigel Tailyour.

Sharyn & Nigel Tailyour

Two pensioners from Ushuaia to Alaska and
Wrincklies Round the World

Two pensioners from Ushuaia to Alaska - The TransAmerica highway on a 10 year old bike - two up.

Colombia's notorious Ruta 10: "Adios mi Vida", Alaskan bears, Brazilian Love Hotels and the odd Mexican dead body by the road feature in this talk. Nigel and Sharyn took their pension book from Brazil to Ushuaia and then up to Alaska on a 10 year old bike - two up. They have their tent and their stove and sleeping bags for 6 months. Hear how even they did it and so you can too. Little planning, little money and certainly no expensive gear means that if you dream of such an edventure then you'll learn how to do it and be inspired to go there yourself. The talk is packed with information, videos and photos of people and places to inform and inspire.

Nigel & Sharyn Tailyour in Morocco.

Wrincklies Round the World - Two pensioners, RTW on a 12 year old bike. They can't make it surely?

Leaving England to get to Vladivostok seemed easy until the Russian border guard scratched his head, shook it and said "Nevamoshna"-Impossible, "Niet Narogy" "no road. And we were still in Estonia with 11 time zones ahead of us. A huge adventure lay ahead that included Russian bears, a gangster (allegedly) and a long train ride before arriving in the shores of the USA. Then over to the Big Apple and back to UK. This talk will show you how even two pensioners on an old bike can go round the world. It will inspire you and inform you. There is no need for planning, money or permission. Nigel and sharyn will show you how to have the adventure of a lifetime.

Nigel and Sharyn are two pensioners who prove that anyone can do it. Their old bike takes their tent, cooker and both of them to the ends of the Earth. Round the World or their latest trip from Ushuaia to Alaska they talk enthusiastically about the wonderful people they see and the amazing places too. If they can do it, you can too.

Fernando Torres.

Fernando Torres

Brazil: the entire World in a country

The arid Outback, the Swiss Alps, the swamps from Florida or the Mongolian steppe. All of that and much more is in Brazil, a hidden jewel.

Fernando Torres.

Brazil is a Paradise for overlanders, much bigger than Europe. The friendliness of Brazilians is proverbial and their food is a delicious mix of Europe, Africa and Indigenous plates. But above all, the Mother Nature outshined in shaping a country where you can visit practically all the ecosystems in the World and experience unique places that are not included in Tripadvisor (not yet!). No time to visit Australia, USA and Africa in a couple of months? No problem, Brazil awaits you!

Fernando Torres.

Fernando is a Spanish engineer who lived in Brazil for 8 years and fell in love with the country and its endless beauties to the point of marrying one of them. He rode 27 out of the 28 Brazilian states - some of them are bigger than the UK!

Mark Warrender and friend.

Mark Warrender

Melbourne to Birmingham - Idiot's guide! AND
Hammock Camping - Better than any tent!

Melbourne to Birmingham - Idiot's guide!
A brief account of my travels from Melbourne to Birmingham in 2014, through South Korea, Russia, Mongolia, & the Stans. Lots of handy tips!!

See how someone with no prior skills, limited research and budget managed to travel half way around the world on his own on a bike. If I can do it then you certainly can, and this idiot's guide provides a handy list of all the stuff not to worry about. Experience my trip through photos, anecdotes and stories to make you laugh (and occasionally cry) and hopefully the penny will drop that anyone can do this. So why not you?

Mark Warrender.

Hammock Camping - Better than any tent!!
How to hang your hammock and why life is better off the ground!

I traveled around the world on a bike and slept in a hammock most of the time. It really is a practical alternative to the tent, super comfy, light and compact with tonnes of advantages you've never even thought of! It's a seat, a washing line, extra storage, dry shelter (for fixing your bike) and much more!! Come and see a practical demonstration on choosing your spot, rigging and de-rigging, how to lie comfortably, sleep/chillax in one. What to do if/when it rains or when there are no trees. Have a little hang and try it out for yourself.

Mark Warrender.

Quirien Wijnberg and Shu Liang.

Quirien 'Q' Wijnberg & Shu Liang, Dos Chinos

How to deal with those *&#% annoyances? and Non-Mechanic's RTW trip and What's In Your Toolkit?

A Canadian and a Dutch walk into a bus station in Cuba... that's how we met! We have since traveled together through more than 40 countries together by motorcycle and we're still at it! In between work, that is...

Quirien Wijnberg + Shu Liang with bike.

A non-mechanic's RTW-trip - How we prepped for and dealt with mechanical problems during our RTW-trip

Not a mechanic but still want to ride the world? That was me! 40+-countries further by bike, yet I'm still no mechanic, but I've learned how to prepare for and deal with mechanical challenges on my journey. Let me share how it worked for me!

What's in your toolkit? I'll show mine!

When traveling you'll need a toolkit, I'll share with you what I brought and why I chose what I brought. You know the deal: your bike can carry only so much. Underwear: check, socks: check! But what about tools? Let me share with you which tools I bring for our bike trips.

Quirien Wijnberg - fallen bike.

How to deal with those *&#% annoyances?

What annoys you the most when you travel on two wheels? Time to reflect and share! Shu will present her own examples through DosChinos' 14-month travel jouney, as well as interact with other travellers. Who knows? Your future trips may just be a lot safer and much more enjoyable after this session.

Tom Woodrow.

Tom Woodrow, Adventure Bike TV

What makes a good adventure travel film? and Ask a filming expert!

What makes a good adventure travel film? A workshop where everyone works together to find out what is really need to make a great adventure film.

NOTE: Workshop numbers are strictly limited, so sign up at the Registration Desk when you check in!

Ask a filming expert

An open question and answer session with Tom Woodrow, where anything about filming can be asked. He will take questions on: Filming Equipment; Packing your film gear; Charging on the road; What you should film; Editing; Funding; and What to do with a finished film.

Tom Woodrow.

Tom Woodrow is a cinematographer, who has filmed 3 travel series, 2 films and is the man behind Adventure Bike TV. His production company Geek Media also produces other shows and has an impressive list of corporate clients. He has travelled through Africa on both a old 200cc Honda and a new 1200 Yamaha and has also travelled to Nordkapp and Nepal, India and Bangladesh.


Zebb, MotoLoco

Kyrgyzstan - what to expect and how to freight and store your bike

Ride Kyrgyzstan

What to expect when riding in Kyrgyzstan

A video and slide show of riding a motor bike in the magnificent Kyrgyzstan followed by a short Q&A session.

Zebb in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan, freight and store your bike

How to freight and store your bike in Kyrgyzstan and what paperwork you need

A short presentation followed by a Q&A session on how to get your bike too and how to store it in Kyrgyzstan.

I first travelled abroad by motor bike in 1978 and have been travelling most years since then, most recently in the stans. Still getting things wrong but also getting a hell of a lot right. Started Motoloco Ltd in 2010.