Dave Barr

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Motivational Speaker, Author, Motorcycling and Skydiving Adventurer

Riding the Edge

Dave Barr is a native Californian who rode his 1972 Harley-Davidson around the world. His journey carried him across six continents and took a grueling three and a half years (September 1990 - May 1994) and 83,000 ridden miles to complete. To date, only eighty-nine others have successfully toured the world on motorcycle, but Dave is the only one to do it on a Harley. If this wasn't enough of a distinction, he's also the only disabled person to have accomplished such a feat. Dave is a double amputee, who lost both of his legs to a land mine explosion in Angola in 1981. Dave has written and published "
Riding The Edge", a five hundred page book which documents his journey around the world and has also produced a video by the same name. Click the book cover for some great pictures.
Riding the Ice

Deciding he needed yet another challenge, Dave set out on another adventure in the winter of 1996-97. This time he would establish a Guinness Book World Record for his efforts. The journey started at the French coast of the Atlantic Ocean and carried him across Europe, Russia and Siberia all the way to the Pacific Ocean. If the trip wasn't enough of a challenging itself, this entire motorcycle adventure was done in the midst of winter. The total mileage of the journey was 13,000 ridden miles.  

Riding The Ice is a 240 page book chronicling this amazing motorcycle adventure through the below freezing temperatures of Russia and Siberia. Click the book cover for some great pictures.

Dave Barr holds the distinction of being:

An individual who has served in active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps in Vietnam and also served in the armed forces of three other nations.

The first double amputee skydiver in the world.

The only disabled person to have ridden around the world on a motorcycle.

The first person to have ridden a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle around the world.

The first person to establish a Guinness Book World Record for traveling by motorcycle across Europe, Russia, and Siberia in the dead of winter.

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Not surprisingly, Dave received many requests to speak to various audiences about his experiences.  As a result, he made a career change and has now successfully made the transition into the field of public/motivational speaking.  He has spoken to various international business corporations, military groups, public service organizations and charitable foundations throughout the world. 

For information about Dave Barr speaking engagements, or to order Dave's books directly from Dave:

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