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November 21, 2011 GMT
"The Route"

Real sad news about the recent kidnappings of three foreigners in Mali. As per my route, this could force a diversion to avoid Mali, though would prefer to stick with my already altered 4th route through Africa.

1st Leg

Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA (avoiding motorways and tolls)
3:29 hrs 122 miles
Around "Little Karoo" mountains.
3:29 hrs 162 miles
Camping @ Cango Mountain Resort
Oudermuragie Road - R328

Total 6:58 hrs 284 miles

Oudtshhoorn Campsite (avoiding motorways and tolls)
Over the "Great Karoo" mountains.
2:42 hrs 128 miles
Beaufort West
1:36 hrs 84.2 miles
Victoria West
1:14 hrs 64.6 miles
1:39 hrs 82.8 miles
Camping by the river @ Die bos Campsite.
Park Street, Kruger Street,

Total 7:18 hrs 359.6 miles

Preska Campsite (using major road)
Following Orange river almost then crossing at Upington.
2:59 hrs 155 miles
Following Orange river crossing @ Kakamas.
1:34 hrs 69.4 miles
Augrabies Falls National Park
Camping @ Augrabies Falls Camping
R359 - N14
Kai Garib

Total 4:33 hrs 224.4 miles

Augrabies Campsite (avoiding motorways)
Turning right @ Bladgrond then onto below:
This destination is on an unpaved road.
4:53 hrs 94.5 miles
Onseepkans (shortest route)
Cross river and then border into Namibia.
Wild camp along here somewhere if unable to make it to Karasburg.
10:24 hrs 64.5 miles
Karasburg, NAMIBA
Wild Camp.

Total 11:17 hrs 159 miles

Karasburg Wild Camp (shortest route)
Unpaved road to Fish River Canyon
13:43 hrs 88.1 miles
Ai-Ais (by Fish River Canyon)
Hot springs
Camp @ Ai-Ais Caravan/Campsite Park
C10 - D316

Total 13:43 hrs 88.1 miles

Ai - Ais, Fish River Canyon (fastest route, avoiding motorways)
Around "Great Karas" mountains.
9:36 hrs 166 miles
Motel @ Rachel Backpackers
Schmiede Street,
4th Street,

Total 9:37 hrs 166 miles

Keetmanshoop Backpackers Accomodation (avoid motorways, fastest route, using major road)
6:14 hrs 320 miles
Camping @ Augeixas Camps
Unamed Road
Cardboard Box Backpackers (pg.961)
15 Johan Albrecht Street. (6:02 hrs 309 miles)

Total 6:14 hrs 320 miles

Windhoek Accomodation (avoid motorways, fastest route)
Across Kalahari Desert.
Cross the border into Botswana.
6:26 hrs 333 miles.
Camp in Kalahari Desert @ Khawa Lodge Campsite.
A3 - Trans - Kgalagadi Highway

Total 6:29 hrs 333 miles

Ghanzi Campsite (avoid motorways, using fastest route)
Major road.
Across Kalahari Desert.
3:30 hrs 179 miles
Camp @ Maun Lodge Campsite
A3 Tawana - A3
Located in Okavango Delta in the South of Chobe National Park.
Consider safari to see the lions.
Consider extending onto Victoria Falls, Zambia if accessible through Park.

Total 3:30 hrs 179 miles

Maun Campsite/Lodge (fastest route)
Around Okavanga Delta following river.
Cross border back into Namibia @ Monembo.
Involves unpaved roads.
7:19 hrs 261 miles
Camp by river @ Rainbow Lodge Campsite
Unamed Road - C48
Ask here about road to Okongo, as its unpaved.

Total 7:19 hrs 261 miles

Mukwe Campsite (shortest route)
WARNING destination unpaved road.
Showing on map as secondary road though!
Take plenty of water and food.
17:51 hrs 221 miles
Wild camp here.

Total 17:51 hrs 221 miles

Nepara Wildcamp (shortest route)
WARNING unpaved road.
Take plenty of water.
27:58 hrs 179 miles
(I havent been up quite that far (close to the angola border) - but certainly it looks to be an un-tarred road - the main inter-town links tend to be tarred and around Etosha all have good quality roads but away from this area there are a lot of dirt roads. Obviously 179 miles over 28hrs is about 6mph - certainly the un-tarred roads i drove on you could happily sit on 60-80KM/h (so about 40-50MPH) - The good news is that when i was there last - in 2009 - they were tarring MANY of the roads - We never encountered a road that a bike couldnt have dealt with (obviously with some caution since it is dirt and gravel).)
Consider a wildcamp if Oshikango unachievable.
By border to Angola
Stay @ Torpoh Guesthouse
B1 - C45

Total 27:58 hrs 179 miles

Oshikango Guesthouse/Wildcamp (fastest route, using tolls)
Cross border into Angola.
Dosnt appear to be any campsites throughout Angola.
5:28 hrs 283 miles
Lubango, ANGOLA (fastest route, using tolls)
2:41 hrs 113 miles
Camp on beach as per guide, presumably @ Namibe Praia.

Total 8:11 hrs 396 miles

Namibe Beach
Take coast road North, not shown on sat nav.
Estimated 5:30 hrs 250 miles
Beautiful city. Old slavo port. Lovely restaraunts.
Wild camp on beach @ presumably Egito Praia.

Estimated Total 5:30 hrs 250 miles

Benguela Wild Camp (shortest route)
Coast Road.
Destination on unpaved road.
5:05 hrs 218 miles
Cabo Ledo/Porto Amboim
Next to Parque Nacional da Quicama
Stay @ Rio longa lodge
Unamed Road
Estrada Da Corimba

Total 5:05 hrs 218 miles

Cabo Ledo/Porto Amboim Lodge (fastest route)
8:08 hrs 331 miles
Find local accomodation or extend onto Noqui.

Total 8:08 hrs 331 miles

2nd Leg

Tombolo Local accomodation (fastest route)
2:21 hrs 105 miles
Cross border @ Matadi into DRC.
Sat nav indicating no route to Matadi, but there is.
Estimated 1 hr 30 miles
Matadi, DRC
Unpaved road, partially improved.
Advised to avoid Cabinda
Estimated 2:30 hrs 90 miles
Estimated 2 hrs 60 miles
Mindouli, CONGO
3:12 hrs 172 miles
Find local accomodation.
May have to find accomodation part way if this is un achievable.

ESTIMATED! Total 11 hrs 457 miles

Loubome Local accomodation (fastest route, using major road)
Showing on map as prohibited road but know its been travelled many times.
Cross border just after Nyanga into Gabon.
5:14 hrs 282 miles
Fougamou, GABON
No usable gps points available for accomodation, find locally.

Total 5:14 hrs 282 miles

Fougamou (fastest route - major road showing)
Take ferry @ Lambarene across Ogooue river.
5:55 hrs 309 miles
Find local acccomodation.

Total 5:55 hrs 309 miles

Nikolabona Local accomodation (fastest route)
Cross border into Cameroon at Eboro.
Continue past Ebolowa, Gabon.
2:59 hrs 159 miles
Stay @ Mariba le relax
N2 - N3, sud.

Total 2:59 hrs 159 miles

Mengong Accomodation (shortest route)
Involves unpaved roads.
17:03 hrs 123 miles
Kribi (shortest route)
2:22 hrs 70.6 miles
Edea (on a toll road)
By Sanago River.
Stay @ Esperanto Hotel
N3 Vers Yaounde

Total 19:25 hrs 193.6 miles

Edea Accomodation (shortest route)
Departue on toll road.
Across Sanagu river.
Using major road.
3:53 hrs 119 miles
Kumba (shortest route)
Involves unpaved roads.
10:58 hrs 106 miles
Stay @ Ultimate Hotel
Unamed Road - 454
Sud - Ouest

Total 14:51 hrs 225 miles

Mamfe Accomodation (fastest route using tolls)
Cross border into Nigeria.
Destination on unpaved road.
12:50 hrs 260 miles
Onitsha, NIGERIA
Accomodation by Niger river.
Stay @ Valley View Court Hotel
Unamed Road - 25,
Umuodjo - obosi

Total 12:50 hrs 260 miles

Onitsha Accomodation (fastest route)
2:25 hrs 92.3 miles
Benin - City (shortest route, not avoiding tolls)
4:16 hrs 76.5 miles
6:36 hrs 47.8 miles
Ado Ekiki
Stay @ Unad Guesthouse
Lyin - Ado Expressway
Egbewa Family Lane

Total 13:17 hrs 216.6 miles

Ado Ekibi Accomodation (shortest route, avoiding toll roads)
Destination on unpaved road.
Travelling via Alapa, Igbeti, Kisi, Mora.
Head South @ Kosubosu.
18:12 hrs 231 miles
By border to Benin.
Camping @ Fulani camps
Unamed Road - 506,

Total 18:12 hrs 231 miles

Kwara Campsite (shortest route)
Destination on unpaved road.
5:06 hrs 31.6 miles Why!?
Yashikera (shortest route, if showing)
By border to Benin.
Cross border @ Tchikandou into Benin if permitted as sat nav showing alternative route.
No route showing ? 3 hrs 50 miles
Nikki, BENIN
Wild camp here or find local accomodation.

Total Estimated 8:06 hrs 81.6 miles

Nikki Wild Camp/Local Accomodation (shortest route)
Involves unpaved road.
Cross border just after Pagouda into Togo.
17:28 hrs 152 miles
Niamtougou, TOGO
Stay @ Hotel Mira
N1 - 6, Kara

Total 17:28 hrs 152 miles

3rd Leg

Niamtougou Accomodation (shortest route)
Head North using major road then cross the border just after Dapaong into Burkino Faso.
4:44 hrs 248 miles
Koupela, BURKINA FASO (shortest route, using tolls)
2:55 hrs 142 miles
Wild camp or find local accomodation.
Only settlement camps around here.

Total 7:40 hrs 390 miles

Sabou Wild Camp/Local Accomodation (shortest route)
Destination on unpaved road.
3:09 hrs 165 miles
Bobo - Dioulasso (shortest route, using unpaved roads)
Departure is on a toll road.
Cross border @ Faramana into Mali.
3:21 hrs 145 miles
Koutiala, MALI
Stay @ Hotel (unamed)
Unamed Road - N6,

Total 6:30 hrs 310 miles

Koutiala Hotel (shortest route)
Involves unpaved road.
Destination on a toll road.
2:00 hrs 96 miles
Segou (shortest route)
By Niger River.
Destination on toll road.
Route involves unpaved roads.
2:56 hrs 145 miles
Destination on a toll road.
Involves unpaved roads.
2:49 hrs 110 miles
Wild camp here or find local accomodation.

Total 7:45 hrs 351 miles

Metanbougou Wild Camp/Local Accomodation (shortest route)
Departure on a toll road.
Route involes unpaved roads.
14:34 hrs 181 miles
Wild Camp or find local accomodation.

Total 14:34 hrs 181 miles

Diandioume Wild Camp/Local Accomodation (shortest route)
Departure on unpaved road.
Cross border just after Diandioume into Mauritania.
4:53 miles 101 miles
Ayoun el Atrous, MAURITANIA
By Sahara Desert
Stay @ Hotel nezaha - b and b
N3 - N1, Hodh El Gharbi

Total 4:53 hrs 101 miles

Ayoun el Atrous B and B (shortest route)
2:26 hrs 131 miles
Kiffa (shortest route)
Through "Passe de Djouk" by Tagnant mountain range.
Possible Oued crossing @ Abioa.
3:58 hrs 212 miles
Wild camp or find local accomodation.

Total 6:24 hrs 343 miles

Aleg Local Accomodation/Wild Camp (fastest route, using unpaved roads)
Involves unpaved roads.
Across the Trarza area of the Sahara desert to join the coast road @ Nouakchott.
3:13 hrs 165 miles
Estimated 6 hrs 160 miles
Chami saumatre/Water Hole - not shown in sat nav. View map.
Waterhole/pumping station located near Parc National du Banc d'Arguln louik.
Wild camp here or find local accomodation.
Stock up with fuel and water for possibly 2 - 3 days.

Estimated Total 9:13 hrs 325 miles

Chami saumatre Wild Camp/Local Accomodation (fastest route)
Cross border into Western Sahara to continue along the coastal desert road.
Estimated 6 hrs 170 miles
Guerguarat, WESTERN SAHARA (only route)
Western Sahara not listed/shown on sat nav.
Estimated 6 hrs 120 miles
Ain Berda (only route)
Wild Camp or find local accomodation.

Estimated 12 hrs 290 miles

Ain Berda Wild Camp/Local Accomodation (only route)
Through Sahara using only major coast road.
Estimated 12 hrs 200 miles
Wild camp or find local accomodation after refuelling.

Total 12 hrs 200 miles

Echtoucan Wild Camp/Local Accomodatiion (only route)
Continue through Sahara
Estimated 12 hrs 200 miles
Wild camp or find local accomodation possibly near refuelling station.

Total Estimated 12 hrs 200 miles

Laayoune Wild Camp/Local Accomodation (only route)
Continue using only major road through Sahara.
Cross border @ Tah into Morocco.
Estimated 2 hrs 50 miles
Tah, MOROCCO (avoiding motorways)
Approaching Anti Atlas mountains.
4:19 hrs 230 miles
Staying @ Salam +212-528872057
N1 Avenue Youseff ibn Tachfine - N1, Gue..

Total Estimated 6:19 hrs 280 miles

Guelmim Accomodation (avoiding motorways)
Over the Atlas mountains.
5:55 hrs 289 miles
Stay @ Riad marelia
Trik Amlak Mkhaznia
Rue El Makbura
Stayed here before and they have a garage.

Total 5:55 hrs 289 miles

Marrakech Riad (avoiding motorways)
Heading South again using the amazing Tizi - n - Tichka pass.
2:29 hrs 124 miles
Ouarzazate (avoiding motorways)
1:20 hrs 69.6 miles
Boumalne Dades
Passing through the gorge today or next day.
Find campsite or local accomodation.

Total 3:49 hrs 193.6 miles

Boumalne Dades Campsite/Local Accomodation (avoiding motorways)
Over the Haut Atlas mountains.
3:45 hrs 200 miles
Midelt (avoiding motorways)
Over the Moyen Atlas mountains.
1:26 hrs 68.1 miles
Find campsite.

Total 5:16 hrs 268.1 miles

Boulemane Campsite (avoiding motorways)
Descend the Moyen Atlas mountains then climb RIF mountains.
3:35 hrs 155 miles
Along the RIF mountains using real twisty roads.
1:28 hrs 71.5 miles
Find local accomodation or campsite.

Total 5:01 hrs 226.5 miles

Chefchaouen Campsite/Local Accomodation (avoiding motorways)
Estimated 3 hrs 100 miles
Spanish Port

Total 3 hrs 100 miles

Ferry from Ceuta - Algeciras.

Estimated Grand Total 10,584.1 miles
Estimated 43 days on the road
17 Border Crossings allowing a day for each.
Approx 30 days remaining for relaxing, trekking and to use in emergencies.

Posted by Tommy Foy at November 21, 2011 11:38 PM GMT

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