The Bikes


This page is still under construction...


Paul's bike Zoe's bike

Bike Modifications:
Light weight Pannier Racks
Renthal handlbar (highest available)
Handlebar risers
Handguards (full wrap around)
Bash plate (still to be added)
Stiffer fork springs
Front mudguard support bracket
Reusable air filter (K&N)
12v socket (for tent fan,battery charger, camp light)
On board compass (none of this GPS nonsense)
Headlight on/off switch (headlights were permanently on)
Fake immobiliser LED (impressed everyone on my last trip)
Raised rear suspension
Braided brake hose

Both bikes will be carrying the following...
Ortlieb motorcycle panniers
1 Ortlieb roll bag
1 tank bag
2L jerry can for extra fuel (slung over seat)
2L jerry can for water (slung over seat)
1L water bottle (attached to handlebar crossbar)
2L camelpak (auxilliary water can be strapped to rollbag)