October 30, 2011 GMT - Erdine, Turkey to home, UK
Hiya folks – here we are again for the final instalment of the 7 week journey .Last blog we were at Erdine, Turkey and had been forced to change the route home due to the Greek situation. ---- Well, we...

October 27, 2011 GMT - Alanya to Erdine, Turkey
Hiya folks, yet again ---- well it’s all been changed – but you will have to wait and see why!! Last blog was from Alanya where we stayed for 5 days in the end. – Weather forecast was for thunder...

October 10, 2011 GMT - Turkey 6
Here we are again folks --- last time we had climbed Nemrut Dagi and I felt that we needed a T shirt saying we had done so! – The guy in the hotel offered to write it on a white...

October 05, 2011 GMT - Turkey 5 - Nemrut Dagi
Here's the photos of Nemrut Dagi -- a height of 7100 feet and we had to climb the last 150 metres - nearly killed us ! Sorry about the 3 entries so quickly -- but we have a faily good...

October 05, 2011 GMT - photos from blog 4 Turkey
note the cow in the awning!...

October 05, 2011 GMT - Turkey 4
Hiya folks ---Well we are up and running again with the Camelbaks after a kind soul read the blog and mailed us to say that we could use ‘ Anything that the Turks use to soak their teeth ‘ !...

September 29, 2011 GMT - Turkey 3 photos that did'nt go in on blog !
Van cat...

September 29, 2011 GMT - Turkey 3
Hiya folks – well we left Safranbolu on Sun 25 Sept. A rather late start as a German guy on a Yamaha came screaming up the road to see us when he noticed our bike. It was great to talk...

September 24, 2011 GMT - Turkey 2
Hi ya folks --- Before I start the blog Colin didn’t think a lot of the photo that I posted of the Cisterne Bacillicus (the underground water storage area) – so here goes for some better ones – and of...

September 21, 2011 GMT - Turkey Sept 2011
Hi there again folks --- well we continue to journey and entered Turkey on Mon 19th Sept .The last part of Bulgaria was really flat and a boring ride, really, with one stop for coffee from a machine at 2...

September 20, 2011 GMT - Oops not Kosova - Montenegro, Serbia and Bulgaria
Hi there again folks - hope you enjoyed the last blog - here's the latest update. It'll be a bit long as we have been without any IT support for days ! First of all -- on the last posting...

September 15, 2011 GMT - Dubrovnik 2011

Pictures say more than words !

September 14, 2011 GMT - Wrinklies ride to Turkey 2011
Hi there folks - well Wrinklies are off again through and around Turkey. Hope to be away 8 weeks. We left UK on Monday 5 September 2011 on Herman --- our 1150 gs. Had a great send off by Brendon...

September 14, 2011 GMT - Wrinklies of to Turkey September 2011
Hi there folks- well, Wrinklies are off again - this time through France, Switzerland, Italy,Slovenia, Croatia,Montinego, Kosova, Serbia, Bulgaria and all round Turkey ( maybe io Georgia). Exit Turkey at Izmir to Greece and follow the sun home! We reckon...

September 14, 2011 GMT - Wrinklies to Turkey Sept 20
Hi there folks-- well Wrinklies are off again - this time through France, Switzerland, Ialy,Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosova,Serbia, Bulgaria, all round Turkey ( ?to georgia) and back through to Izmir in Turkey, Greece and ten follow the sun home !...

August 20, 2008 GMT - Nuits St Georges, France to HOME
Mon 11 Aug and on to Briare, France A cold start across the plain passing loads of vine growing areas. A good bit of flying by a helicopter who was spraying the crops---- what low flying and looked dangerous !...

August 10, 2008 GMT - Bercchtesgarden, Germany to Nuits St Georges, France.
Well, I have decided that the sign of a true traveller is a pocket full of loo paper in place of tissues !!! This is truely a lovely area - the Austrian tyroll is gentle and so pretty. Alot...

August 05, 2008 GMT - Ukraine to Germany
Tues 29 July and we were off again to Uzehrod.---- a gruelling 361 miles as there was 'no room at the inn' at the hotel we wanted to stay at Mukarevo! On the way there we were stopped by the...

July 28, 2008 GMT - Sudak back to Kamyanets Podilsky - a total change of plan !
The last blog was from Sudak with the temperature at 50 degrees. card board police motorbike on side of the road....

July 24, 2008 GMT - Sevastopol to Sudak in the Crimea.
21 july and it was a long , hard ride to Sevastopol - the road seemed to go on for ever and it was hot- 35 degrees ( but wait to see what tops that ! ). We passed through...

July 22, 2008 GMT - Ukraine 2 Kamyanets-Podilsky to Sebastopol
photos from previous blog: first the selection of bikers bikes we met at the first motel:...

July 18, 2008 GMT - Ukraine 1
Photos from last blog !...

July 18, 2008 GMT - Prague, Slovakia to Ukraine
Ooops,sorry - forgot to put into the last blog that we had visited the home of gliding at Wasserkruppe, Germany. Colin wanted to visit it as he has done some gliding in the past. (it's his hobby - that's...

July 10, 2008 GMT - Ripley to Prague
Sunday 6 July and we were off ! We had been up at Ripley in Derbyshire at the Horizons Unlimited bike meet. It was an enjoyable 3 days- talking with like minded travellers and they gave us a good send...

June 30, 2008 GMT - 2008 Wrinklies Ride to Russia!
Hi there folks - well, Wrinklies are off again on their trusty BMW 1150 GS. This time to meet some friends( Brendon and Tasha) who have already ridden across Canada from Halifax to Vancouver. They are then air freighting to...

June 12, 2007 GMT - Home 2007
From Lemoge it was a leisurely ride to St malo where we got the return ticket to Poole even cheaper than UK prices. First call was , of course , to see Doug ( our son) . Riding in France...

June 03, 2007 GMT - photos
What no beer? last Chance saloon!...

June 03, 2007 GMT - Gibralter and return 2007
So here we are in Gibralter for 5 days trying to get this elusive tyre.We were there from Sun 20 to Fri 25 May.On Thursday the guy eventually told told us that he was unable to get it from Spain!...

May 22, 2007 GMT - photos
High Atlas Pass High Atlas Pass Sahara storm The Stoney desert Not wher you think ! Hotel at Ouazazarate Local transport shop in mountains Desert town Beduin tent Over loaded or what ?! Camels!...

May 21, 2007 GMT - Morocco2
Sun 13 and we were off to Marakesh after having had our boots cleaned for 50p,through the Atlas mountains and what a spectacular ride on deserted roads with tiny villages.They say that traversing the Atlas is one of the motor...

May 16, 2007 GMT - photos
Tatuine Just to make sure you stop at police checks! Unexpected lakes in the Atlas Herman in his garden...

May 16, 2007 GMT - Morocco
10 May and we had an easy entry to Morocco after the ferry ride which was half an hour and cost 59 GBP.Through the formalities in about an hour with some help from 2 guys who expected a tip and...

May 16, 2007 GMT - photos
A busy road in France at noon! Forts at La Rochelle. Pyrenees in cloud ! Spanish cafe on side of road. On way to Ronda Spanish mountain town. Ronda gorge Town nestled in Ronda mountains Gibralter!...

May 10, 2007 GMT - Gibralter
Total miles to Gib was 1675. . Anyway the trip from Ronda was great: through the mountains with towns and villages dotted on the side of the mountains and all the houses painted in white. The first view of...

May 08, 2007 GMT - UK to Gibralter 2007
We left UK on Monday 30 April via Condor ferries who were the one company that we found would give reductions for Senior Citizens ! They were good and secured bike for us.From Weymouth to St Malo and stopped...

April 29, 2007 GMT -

April 29, 2007 GMT - Wrinklies to Morocco
Hi there folks. Wrinklies are off again on their travels again ,after the jaunt to Australia and back to UK last year on our 1150 GS. Colin did a full service on return with no major faults found. It took...

September 26, 2006 GMT -

September 26, 2006 GMT - Homeward bound
We left Dinant, Belgium om 28 August, having had a few days rest and sightseeing. It was around here that we had a long nail in the back tyre and were lucky to find a BMW dealer open on a...

August 25, 2006 GMT - Scandinavia,Germany
We left Baju, Hungary on 12 /8 /06 having enjoyed the swimming pool facilities at the hotel and meals, including drinks for 13 GBP. IT cafes charge by the minute but the total for one hour is 83 pence ....

August 11, 2006 GMT - Alpine and Balkan areas
Went through the Tarn Gorge in France on 2/ 8/ 06 with tunnels of rock over the road to Vallance. The heighest point here was 1,00 metres. This is wonderful biking country and it is nice to see more bikes...

August 01, 2006 GMT - Portugal , Spain & France
We arrived in Lisbon on the 24 July_ not too tired as we had had a break for the weekend. Colin had booked the hotel over the net and managed to get one of a chain that was Muslim...

August 01, 2006 GMT - Australia 4
Before leaving Oz we managed a trip to Byron Bay to try to see the whales Drove through Brisbane and on to the Pacific Highway.Sadly the trip in the Zodiac had to be cancelled due to inclement weather !___ would...

July 12, 2006 GMT -

July 12, 2006 GMT -

July 12, 2006 GMT - Australia3
Colin has completed the service on the bike which was a major one. Gaskets, plugs , oil change, brackets and brake pads. The parts cost 151 GBP. Then we took the bike to the BMW dealer for the day...

June 30, 2006 GMT -

June 30, 2006 GMT - Australia 2
Colin and Judy's house is absoltely idyllic- set in 6 acres of woodland and is virtually like having your own nature reserve. The kangaroos will come up to the edge of the decking to feed nightly and when you...

June 01, 2006 GMT -

May 30, 2006 GMT - Australia
We landed in Oz on 13th May and 12 days later the bike was cleared of Customs and Quarantine. We had arranged for an Agent to do all the necessary dealings with them and the total bill came to 615GB...

May 19, 2006 GMT -

May 19, 2006 GMT - India 2

Interviewed by the press !
Heat exhaustion in Delhi

May 08, 2006 GMT -

May 07, 2006 GMT - India

We come to india and they have a heatwave !

May 02, 2006 GMT - Pakistan

Remember to drive on the right ! (or left, or central )

Came to the desert -- and it rained !

May 02, 2006 GMT - Iran 2

Bam- a devastated city.

Spikes at the road blocks

April 17, 2006 GMT - Iran

Petrol cheaper than water

April 08, 2006 GMT - Turkey 3

Roads- what roads!

April 06, 2006 GMT -

April 03, 2006 GMT - Turkey 2

An amazing country.....

March 31, 2006 GMT - Turkey

High winds
Who lost the intercom lead
Total eclipse of the sun

March 27, 2006 GMT - Greece
Left Thessolonıka 21/3/06 for Alexandroupolı. The 2 hour tıme dıfference and seeıng a road sıgn for Yugoslavıa and Bulgarıa brıgs home how far we are away- but ıt does,nt seem very long sınce we started. The shops are stıll open...

March 21, 2006 GMT - Italy and Greece

We went to Pompeii- and it was shut!- and so to Greece and unknown territory.

March 12, 2006 GMT - Europe

What the weather threw at us !

February 26, 2006 GMT - Preparation - WrinkliesWround the World

Welcome to the journal of our Gap Year - at 60 years of age (hence the title). We are travelling on a BMW 1150 GS.


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