Preparation for overland Trans America and beyond, starting in Vancouver, Canada on the first of June 2005.

February 27, 2008 GMT
Windhoek North


West Coast or East Coast? What route to take?

Posted by Julie Rose at 07:12 AM GMT
March 28, 2008 GMT

Markets in Livingstone


The BOI (Body Odour Index) had been raised considerably since crossing the border... surpisingly it was not us and was to plague our olfactory sences for our entire stay.

Posted by Julie Rose at 02:53 PM GMT
Great House of Stone

Filling Up

'There is a problem with petrol in Zimbabwe, do you think you have enough?' This from a Customs Officer as he perused our entry papers.

We had prepared an extra 38 litres of fuel. Was it enough? We did not know.

Posted by Julie Rose at 03:11 PM GMT
March 31, 2008 GMT
Round and Round we go

Crossing The Limpopo River from Zimbabwe to South Africa

Our return to South Africa was purely for business and to transit to the Mozambique coast.

Posted by Julie Rose at 07:10 AM GMT
April 02, 2008 GMT
Sun, Sand, Stealing. OH and Pot Holes!

EN1 - Main Highway of Mozambique

We spent almost one month in Mozambique. In that time covering over 2,000 kilometres. We were robbed, bent the front wheel rim, had our first fuel injection problem and discovered the worst paved road we have been on. On top of all that, we counted approximately 3,200,270 individual pot holes on the main EN1 highway from South Africa, Komaliport/Ressano Garcia border, to Malawi, Zobue.

If you don’t believe us you can count them yourself!

Posted by Julie Rose at 03:29 PM GMT
April 11, 2008 GMT
Pot Holes Part 2

Black Market Petrol - Inchope

We felt like we were back in Zimbabwe as petrol station after petrol station turned us away. ‘No Fuel’, ‘No power’. On the 470 kilometre stretch from Vilankulos to Chimois we resorted to black market fuel of dubious quality. A old stocking used as a filter for fuel before entering the tank was used constantly and we were concerned about water and other special ‘additives’! The bike continued to run, somewhat roughly at times, all that is required really.

Posted by Julie Rose at 01:22 PM GMT
April 30, 2008 GMT
Lounging by the Lake

Grant Plays in the Sand near Cool Runnings

How do you pee on the side of the road in the most densely populated country in Africa?? Rather quickly actually, welcome to Malawi.

Posted by Julie Rose at 10:35 AM GMT
May 31, 2008 GMT
(mis)Adventures in Tanzania

Yes, the road is smooth

'You are very near now. Only thirte... kilometres and the road is smooth all the way.' (Easy for him to say sitting atop his steam roller.)

Thirteen/Thirty which was it? Smooth, we think he meant soft, infact we discovered he meant soft. After finally finding 'the Church' and turning 'light on the lough load' Tanzanias clouds were building for this afternoons deluge, we decided to skip finding the 'Star that Fell from the Sky' (meteorite crater) and return to the Mbeya Paradise Inn.

Posted by Grant Guerin at 09:11 AM GMT
June 01, 2008 GMT
Three Years on the Road

Miss Piggy & Grant

The first of June seems to come around quickly as does Easter, Christmas and Birthdays.

June 1, 2008, marks the end of our third year since leaving Australia, 120,000Kilometres of travel, 2 continents, 26 countries, countless hotels, campgrounds, meals, bottles of wine. And best of all the great company we have been privileged to share.

Posted by Julie Rose at 07:49 AM GMT
July 08, 2008 GMT
The Road to Rack and Ruin

'So, where are the four lanes?'

According to our map the road, from Tarveta (border town with Tanzania) to Mombasa, was nothing short of a four lane super highway. Our map has been proven wrong in the past!

Posted by Julie Rose at 10:07 AM GMT
July 15, 2008 GMT
Chaos & Confusion in Customs


The idea of corruption is to make as much money out of the muzungus (white foreigners) as possible. However, in our case it all backfired on the KRA (Kenyan Revenue Authority). Eventually, essentially, they disorganized their way out of money. We paid a maximum of $11.00 on 'special taxes' which started out as about $150.00.

Posted by Grant Guerin at 02:07 PM GMT
August 06, 2008 GMT
♫♪♫ Highway from Hell ♪ ♫♫♪

Its official.... it's just like Equatorial Africa

Little can be said about the road to the border of Ethiopia except that the 540 kilometres of dirt road is extremely isolated, rugged, rough and tiring. The scenery is spectacular as are the people who inhabit this area and indeed with many of the horror stories prevailing of that route, either be it security or road conditions none should deter the adventurous mind, having said that, our water and food stops were brief and also road conditions are such that you should expect possible damage to your bike.

We completed the journey in three days with a full days rest in Marsabit and when all is said and done it is in fact one of the only routes between the two countries and the most preferred.

Posted by Grant Guerin at 07:00 AM GMT
January 17, 2009 GMT
You! You! You!

Ethiopia at last

Finally arriving in Moyales we found the town to be as dusty, dirty and tired as we were, yet it was a blessing to find sanctuary at the Catholic Mission where we could erect our trusty tent and bed down for the night.

The TV news of late had been warning of a great famine to rival that of an earlier, more famous, famine in Ethiopia. Visions of dry deserts and suffering all around were filling our heads. Stories from other riders had told tales of excellent roads and spectacular scenery marred by unfriendly Ethiopians hurling rocks, sticks and abuse.

We entered Ethiopia with some trepidation.

Posted by Grant Guerin at 12:50 PM GMT
February 15, 2009 GMT
Ciao, Ciao For now

Featuring Grant Guerin and Julie Rose with special appearance by some other guy

Our flight from Addis took us to Sydney via Bangkok. For the first time in three and a half years we were eating seriously good Thai food. How we had missed it. The eight hour lay –over saw us having Thai massage and eating noodles non-stop!

Posted by Grant Guerin at 04:00 AM GMT
March 06, 2014 GMT
Final Preparation

All photos related to this blog entry can be found at Grant & Julie

Grant and Miss Crumpet, Piggy's replacement

Well after talking about it for what seems an eternity, the time for us to get back in the road has finally arrived.

Posted by Julie Rose at 10:07 AM GMT
March 25, 2014 GMT
Cairns to Brisbane - Down the Bruce

All photos related to this blog entry can be found at Grant & Julie


After all the business of packing and sorting we are finally on the road and at last we managed time to stop at the Cardwell Range look out to view the Hinchinbrook Channel.

Posted by Julie Rose at 02:05 PM GMT
April 02, 2014 GMT
Brisbane to Adelaide - Attacked by Killer Mice

All photos related to this blog entry can be found at Grant & Julie

Early Morning Start - Hay

Time to leave Brisbane and we have decided to whip down to Adelaide rather than womble along.

A 'glitch in the matrix' has seen us cancelling our South African stop over and heading straight to London, via Singapore, has resulted in an urgency to sending the bike as we will be four weeks early in the UK.

Posted by Julie Rose at 02:07 PM GMT
April 16, 2014 GMT
See you on the other side of the pond Miss Crumpet

All photos related to this blog entry can be found at Grant & Julie

See you on the other side of the pond Crumpet

Our first week in Adelaide was swallowed up by sourcing a metal crate, assembling it, modifying it, practice packing the bike, delivering to the depot and final packing and shipping arrangements.

Posted by Julie Rose at 02:10 PM GMT
May 06, 2014 GMT
Singapore Slings and Touching Down in Old Blighty

All photos related to this blog entry can be found at Grant & Julie

Modern Singapore

A two night stop over, on our way to London, in Singapore was a lovely respite from what would have been a 21 hour flight plus transfers.

30 degrees C temperatures, threatening storms, high humidity was a welcome panacea to the cramped conditions of Cattle Class Flying.

Posted by Julie Rose at 02:19 PM GMT
May 12, 2014 GMT
London - Waiting...

All photos related to this blog entry can be found at Grant & Julie

Riding the Monopoly Board

Arriving in London and there is still a month before the bike is to arrive. A very good thing we have such lovely friends to amuse us and keep us occupied. And how grateful we are to have such a lovely welcoming roof over our heads in Ealing.

We met Bonny and Mike in Namibia in 2007/2008 at a backpackers hostel and traveled with them, on and off, to Ethiopia. We never really believed we would ever see them, in the flesh, again, yet here we are.

Posted by Julie Rose at 07:02 PM GMT
May 20, 2014 GMT

All photos related to this blog entry can be found at Grant & Julie

Iceland 419.JPG
Camping in Iceland in Summer

From the 13th to the 22nd of May 2014 we took a joyride to Iceland. It is a spectacular and interesting country, both historically, culturally and geologically.

We took so many photos that we decided to publish a short blog with photos.

Posted by Julie Rose at 12:53 PM GMT
June 13, 2014 GMT
London... The wait is over!

All photos related to this blog entry can be found at Grant & Julie

United Kingdom (ipad) 093.JPG
Fingers Crossed

Waiting, is a cruel game. The MSC Irene, with Crumpet on board, was due to dock on the 3rd of June. The container was to be de stuffed on the 5th. The destuffing was pushed back to the 7th, then the 10th...

Posted by Julie Rose at 12:55 PM GMT
June 17, 2014 GMT
Great Piles of Rocks

All photos related to this blog entry can be found at Grant & Julie

Uniited Kingdom 021.JPG
Stone Henge - quite a famous pile of rocks

Once apon a time, in the exotic Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, Grant and Jules were visiting the mystical Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. Strolling through the magnificent structures, some restored and some in ruins a voice, a loud voice, with the accent of North America could be heard bellowing across the great plaza "God damn it Harold, you dragged me half way across the world to look at a pile of rocks!"

Posted by Julie Rose at 12:58 PM GMT
June 24, 2014 GMT
The Quest Continues.... for more piles of rocks

All photos related to this blog entry can be found at Grant & Julie

Uniited Kingdom 379.JPG
Rievaulx Abbey

We have a rule when it comes to travelling and cities and that is 'If it pisses you off, then get out". Once out, you can decide to stay outside and catch public transport in or give it a wide berth and do something else instead.

Posted by Julie Rose at 01:26 PM GMT
July 01, 2014 GMT
Hadrian and the Scotts

All photos related to this blog entry can be found at Grant & Julie

United Kingdom 121.JPG
Hadrian's Wall

We went to see a man about a wall.... a very long wall, 117kms of wall, which was the most heavily fortified frontier of the Roman Empire for 300 years.

Posted by Julie Rose at 01:31 PM GMT
July 27, 2014 GMT
A Month in a Scottish Fishing Village

All photos related to this blog entry can be found at Grant & Julie

United Kingdom 078.JPG
2007 - Salta, Argentina
Photo Courtesy: Marcel Achermann

In 2007 we travelled with Emma and Hamish in Argentina and Chile. We shared meals, wine, campsites, wine, cabanas, gravel roads, wine, Christmas, very bad gravel roads, a farm house, wine, snow, Spandau Ballet and much laughter. None of us can stand the thought of drinking Uvita, a ubiquitous Argentinian boxed wine, ever again.

As life makes everyone busy, especially when you have two children now, as they do, we have kept sporadically in touch. So to see them again, meet their children and reconnect has been a real treat.

Posted by Julie Rose at 01:33 PM GMT
August 16, 2014 GMT
Faffing About the UK

All photos related to this blog entry can be found at Grant & Julie

United Kingdom 004.JPG
We had come across this WWII Harley Davidson from Canada a couple of times in the UK

We had promised ourselves we would be in France in the first week of August and with Hamish, Emma and the kids now home from Turkey it was time for us to move on and let them have their house back. We said our goodbyes to all hoping we may see them in Turkey next year as we ride east.

Posted by Julie Rose at 01:37 PM GMT
September 06, 2014 GMT
France = Friends, Fun & Food

All photos related to this blog entry can be found at Grant & Julie

France 006.JPG
Dover to Calais Ferry with its specially designed motorcycle parks

The ferry crossing from Dover to Calais was early, uneventful and almost over before it began. As Australians we are not used to taking an hour and a half to get to new country.

Posted by Julie Rose at 01:38 PM GMT
September 13, 2014 GMT
Just a Little Taste

All photos related to this blog entry can be found at Grant & Julie

Autumn is coming to Europe. The signs are there for the reading. The lush summer greens of the forests are hinting at it with flashes of red, yellow and orange, the evenings are whispering a little cooler and as we ride the wind causes a flurry of chatter amongst the fallen leaves.

Crumpet in Switzerland

Posted by Julie Rose at 10:37 AM GMT
September 19, 2014 GMT
Italy in Ruins

All photos related to this blog entry can be found at Grant & Julie

After getting lost in Lucerne, and circling back to Marcel and Karin’s three times (misdirected road works were to blame) we finally found our way out. This seems to be an all too common occurrence of ours lately and quite frankly we are getting bored with it.

2014 Italy 008.JPG
Colosseum - Rome

Posted by Julie Rose at 11:31 AM GMT

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