Turkey and the Middle East

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Here's a list of routes we've taken from day to day. Might not be of much interest to anyone but ourselves but if you're planning a similar ride get in touch and we'll happily let you know which the good bits were and which weren't.

This page is Turkey and the Middle East, there's a different page for Europe and Africa

Marmaris - Faralya (169km)

Faralya - Kas via Saklikent Gorge and Patara (164km)

Kas - Cirali via Olympos and Cavus (169km)

Cirali - Antalya (89km)

Antalya - Side (95)


Side - Anamur (185km)

Anamur - Silifke (170km)

running total 3753km

Silifke - Arsuz (316km)

Arsuz - Antakya (70km)

Antakya - Tarsous (Syria) (205km)

Tarsous - Hama (205km)

Hama - Qasr Ibn walden - Hama (130km)

Hama - Damascus (230km)

Damascus - Amman (Jordan) (210km)

Amman - Shumeiri Reserve (130km)

Shumeiri Reserve - Madaba (120km)

Madaba - Hammamay Ma'in - Madaba (70km)

Madaba - Dana via Wadi Mujid, Kerak, Potash City , Fifa and Tafila (195km)

Dana - Wadi Rum (95km)

Wadi Rum - Aqaba (80km)

Aqaba Camp - Aqaba City x 3 (70km)

oil change

Aqaba - Nuwieba (Egypt) (boat)

running total 5969km

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