US and Mexico
February 03, 2008 GMT


I arrived in Miami the 25th of January, did a little sight-seeing in Tampa, caught up with some acquaintances then on the 27th i headed off to Beaumont on a Greyhound bus which i would deter anyone from using.
After checking in i instantly went to pick up my bike, a Yamaha V star 1300, which i had purchased online while in Sydney. The motorbike was given to me at once and waiting there for me was Daniel Mattox, a 25 year old who decided to join me after meeting on Horizons Unlimited.

Early on the 29th we departed towards Houston (an impressive city with huge trees on the roadside) we continued towards San Antonio (a jewel of a city), we stopped at the Alamo for a while, the river there is gorgeous. From there, on route 35 we were straight off to LAREDO where we stayed the night.

SAME TEXT HERE IN SPANISH: llegue a miami el 25 sali enseguida en minibus para Tampa y en el camino vi varios aligators en los everglades de los indios me fui a lo del amigo piccion la Chiqui me llevo en auto pase un par de dias con ellos y sali en omnibus para beaumont el 27, greyhound no se lo reccomiendo a nadie, llegue a las dos de la tarde del 28 , me fui al hotel y enseguida a por la moto, justo me estaba esperando daniel mattox que pito le habia dicho por telefono donde yo iba a estar, enseguida me entregaron la moto nos fuimos al hotel y al proximo dia el 29 temprano salimos para houston una ciudad impresionante que la pasamos de costado tremendos treboles de carretera hasta de cindo pizos, sseguimos a San Antonio que es una joya de ciudad paramos en el alamo un ratito, la parte del rio es una maravilla.Rajamos para Laredo donde pasamos la noche, ese primer dia de montar me dolia hasta el pelo daniel tiene 25 años y me llevaba alto del suelo

Posted by Hugo Albini at 03:43 AM GMT


On the second day, the 30th, my riding partner Daniel tells me that "He doesn't know how things are done in Australia but in the US they name their bikes.

At first I was tempted to name her 'Kim Bassinger" but after checking my Yamaha V star 1300 from every one of her angles i decided to name her 'Angelina', my alias is MODERNDAYCOWBOY.
Daniel's bike, a Kawasaki klr 650, is called ROY and his alias is MODERNDAYDRIFTER.


We passed Rio Grande into Mexico, named by some confused gringo or a drunk gringo who thought grande meant little because the river was more like a stream.

From Nuevo Laredo we headed to Monterrey and then to Saltillo.
We ate at EL POLLO LOCO, where people eat with their hands. At this point Moderndaydrifter and i became separated so i took towards Concepcion del Oro (mexican route 54) on my own. Not any town of big significance, I booked myself a room and tucked Angelina into the garage opposite the hotel. Being able to access a cyber cafe i let Daniel know my whereabouts. A little while later the Moderndaydrifter appears at my door, he was staying at a hotel nearby and recognised my bike at the garage.

SAME TEXT HERE IN SPANISH: segundo dia 30 me dice daniel i don´t know how you do things in australia but here we name our bikes, so pense en la pasamos el rio grande que le habra puesto el nombre algun gringo que se confundio con pequeño o bien alguien que estaba mamado ya que es un hilo de agua mas chico que el san antonio en salto
De ahi nos fuimos a monterrey pasamos por el costado, luego a saltillo que entramos a comer en el pollo loco, la gente come con las manos, ahi nos separamos por un ratito y nos perdimos, asi que me fui solo para concepcion del oro un pueblito chico nada especial me busque un hotel y en almacen de enfrente me dejaron dejar la moto en el garage, me fui al cyber a poner donde estaba a daniel , luego me acoste cansado y al ratito golpearon en la puerta y era daniel que estaba en un hotel a tres puertas del mio y vio la moto mia en el garage
el nombre de montar de el es moderndaydrifter su moto Roy.una kawa klr 650

pasamos el rio grande a nuevo laredo en mexico el dia 30
y ahorita estamos en Tequila una maravilla de pueblito donde visitaremos la fabrica de liquido del mismo nombre.

Posted by Hugo Albini at 04:27 AM GMT
What to expect at the border


On the US side i had not one problem, i wasn't even stopped.

At Immigration in Mexico we paid a $US 22.50 visa plus the $US 39 fee (valid for a month) for importing the bike, which you need to also present bill of sell, passport and license.

In half an hour it was all done the bikes and the riders were legal and ready to keep going


Posted by Hugo Albini at 04:51 AM GMT
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Posted by Hugo Albini at 05:04 AM GMT
DAY 3 - Mexico


We left early from Concepcion del Oro en route for Zacatecas we followed this enjoyable route to Guadalajara which is gigantic, the road is curvy and picturesque. We arrived at Tequila a charming town, we lodged at a beautiful spanish style hotel with king bed, Casa Dulce Maria for $350 pesos.
I've now made 1140 miles and loving it, the more i ride Angelina the more she wants me.

We have met lots of people, they approach us and we joke around. On one occasion we had to pay toll on a road and i suggested to the 'muchacha' that bikes should be exempt from toll, she replied cheekily "only if you give me a ride". All in all the people are good. Today we ate at PERROS Y BURROS we had some burritos.
Tomorrow we are hoping to stop by the Tequila factory.

SAME TEXT HERE IN SPANISH: Dia tres el 31- salimos de concepcion temprano rumbo a Zacatecas muy lindo la ruta luego seguimos para guadalajara que es gigantesco, el camino lleno de curvas y muy pintoresco, llegamos a Tequila que un pueblito maravilloso estamos en un hotel de primera, Casa Dulce Maria con cama king y todo estylo español por $350 pesos. ya hice mas de 1.140 millas, vamos rebien. la angelina cuando mas la monto mas le gusta, hemos conversado con mucha gente todo el mundo se nos acerca, hacemos bromas, en una carretera paga le dije a la muchacho no te parece que las motos no debian de pagar y me dice toda picarona solamente si me das una vuelta, la gente nos da direccion y en general es gente buena y humilde, hoy fuimos a comer a un lugar que se llama Perros y burros, pues nos comimos unos burritos. mmañana pensamos ir a la fabrica de tequila.

Posted by Hugo Albini at 05:42 AM GMT
DAY 4 - Lots of Tolls


We left Tequila and on our way to Tepic (mexican route 15) upon exit it was 21 pesos then it was 34, a little later 87 pesos and finally 103. A dangerous road, with mountain terrain and traffic coming and going including huge amounts of large trucks.
It was a very tense journey, particularly when passing the vehicles, of course you end up enjoying it all because of the adrenalin rush. Nevertheless, there were some ugly moments.
The scene was lovely, we ended up by passing Tepic and made route to the coast. THE PACIFIC OCEAN, outstanding scenery, fantastic beaches. Puerto Vallarta is spectacular and we stopped here to sleep and eat.
Tomorrow i head south along the coast (mexican route 200) , i'm hoping to make it to Acapulco in two days
vallarta.jpg playa.jpg

SAME TEXT HERE IN SPANISH: Salimos hoy de mañana dia cuatro de Tequila con rumbo a Tepic ya a la salida 21 pesos
despues 34, despues 87 y 103 , la carretera muy peligrosa va y viene y todo montañoso con un monton de camiones con zorra como de 100 metros de largo un monton de tension para pasarlo, claro que lo difruto y me da un monton de adrenalina me encanta aunque me la vi fea un par de veces, los paisajes maravillosos y como a las dos by pass tepic y llegamos al pacifico, playas de peliculas y al rato llegamos a puerto vallasta, es un lujo, chequea el nombre estroy tan cansado que ni se donde estoy, paramos a comer.

Posted by Hugo Albini at 06:05 AM GMT
February 11, 2008 GMT
DAY 5 - Goodbye Daniel


We left Puerto Vallarta, in perfect weather, surrounded by mountains. The road had many curves and no tolls. My partner Daniel spotted a beach and stayed at the place to watch superball, so we parted and i kept heading south. The coast was magnificent, one beautiful beach after the other, though the sand is not as nice as the ones in Australia. I arrived at Tecoman and stayed at the Hotel Plaza at $412 pesos it has air and pool and most importantly a guard to watch your vehicle. I am getting a little tired of the obstructions along the road, ie speed humps, together with the amount of rubbish it doesn't allow for a smooth ride.

SAME TEXT HERE IN SPANISH: Sallimos de puerto vallarta, el clima perfecto, camino entre montañas y muhcas curvas, carretera libre no paga por la costa, unos kilometros antes de Manzanillo se quedo daniel en una playa preciosa para ver superball, nos dimos la manos y raje para el sur, todo camino una belleza tras otra playa y mas playa la arena no tan linda como la de ahi. LLegue al hotel Plaza en Tecoman, con aire piscina todo rebien por 412.00 pesos, guardia para los autos y motos.
Los reductores de velocidad, los topes y los vibradores mas la basura en la carretera me estan cansando un poco bastante.

Posted by Hugo Albini at 02:20 AM GMT
DAY 6 - Lots to see on the Road


I left Tecoman the next morning (7:30) and headed towards playa Azul by taking a detour off route 200 and then to ciudad Lazaro Cardenas (not to be confused with lazaro cardenas in Chihuahua, mex.)

I re joined mexican route 200 and arrived at Zihuatanejo to stay at Hotel Bahia where they asked for $400 pesos but after a bit of a whinge they charged me $350. The room has air and there is a safe parking garage closed the whole night.

All along the coastal road (route 200) so far there haven't been any tolls. Through the small villages you see a lot of poverty, and every 20 to 30 kilometres there is a military post, mostly i've just kept riding through, on one occasion they stopped me because according to them i was going too fast. On another occasion they stopped me with the excuse of having to check the bike, but it was more for their own curiosity and a conversation. They all have weapons and are prepared to shoot anyone who does not stop at their request. I asked them what was their role and they answered to stop drug trafficking. I asked if i could take a photograph but was denied.
There are also many signs requesting travellers to stop at the phyto and zoo sanitary, regarding quarantine laws of plants and animals, however there is never anyone on duty.
Petrol costs 7 pesos per litre unleaded and 8.50 super. In small towns petrol is available. They have it stored in bottles and siphon it out with a hose.

There are also all kind of wildlife squirrels, iguanas, tarantulas and many birds. As well as the domesticated donkey.

Sali a las 730 de Tocoman con rumbo a playa Azul- Lazarfo Cardenas y llegue al hotel Bahia en
Zihuatanejo querian 400 pero llore y me lo dejo por 350 con aire bastante bien y con estacionamiento seguro cierran de noche, todo por la 200 carretera libre y por la costa, passe un monton de pueblos, mucha pobreza, cada 20 - 30 klms un puesto militar, me dejaron pasar en todos pero en dos me pararon uno para retarme que me hacian seña que baje la velocidad y yo segun ello alto el suelo, despues del retito me señalo que siguiera, yel otro me revizaron solo los costados pero fue mas bien para ver la moto y hacerme preguntas de donde vienes y adonde vas y eso, todos con metralletas y alguno barricados en bolsas de arenas apuntando para el lado donde uno pasa, les pregunte si podia sacar fotos y no, les pregunte que es lo que buscaban me dijo drogas pero no estaba muy seguro me parece que es algo que le da el gobierno para hacer en vez de tenerlos en las barracas haciendo nada.
Tambien hay carteles que tenes que parar de Fitozoosanitario que no se lo que es y nuncaq hay nadie en los puestos, La gasolina esta a 7.00 el litro de la sin plomo y 8.50 la super, en los pueblos te la venden suelta por decir la tienen en botellas de plasticos te prestan un embudo o ponen una manguerra en e tanque y soplan en el recipiente.
En el camino vi burros, ardillas, iguana o algo del genero, una tarantula cruzando pancha la carretera, y aves un monton

Posted by Hugo Albini at 02:42 AM GMT
DAY 7 - Acapulco


Left early in the morning still on Mexican route 200, lots of curves and still toll free, fortunately the road is a good one, pity the rubbish in particular bags after bags that people throw, then others burn them and create a lot of smoke. It is also pretty difficult to get used to the traffic conditions here where people change lanes without using their blinkers, their methods of giving way are confusing and basically you need to expect the unexpected continuously. Occasionally, there are signs that warn you of changed traffic conditions ahead but mostly there aren't.
To make 220kms to Acapulco it took me 4 and a half hours. The entrance was exhausting and the contrast between luxury and poverty was astounding.
The day was hot so while i was riding along the beach i took my helmet off, got caught by the police who called the commandante, they took my licence and asked i pay 600 pesos for it to be returned. Ended up paying 300 pesos but this little incident meant i had to re think my hotel choice.
So i took route 95, which is a beautiful road, payed two tolls one worth 90 pesos the other 100 pesos and arrived at Chilpancingo.
Stayed at Hotel San Carlos for 200 pesos and parked Angelina in the lobby. A worker brought to my attention that it is the law that tourists are not allowed to be fined in Acapulco.
pulco.JPG aca.JPG acapulco.JPG acapul.JPG

SAME TEXT HERE IN SPANISH: sali temprano y segui por la carreetera 200 gratis muchas curvas por supuesto pero las carreteras son bastante buenas, una pena la basura que la gente tira bolsas y bolsas, y en los pueblos la queman enfrente de sus casas siempre olor a humo, los topes hay veces que te avizan otra que no, carteles con topes a 100 metros y despues nada o no carteles y te comes cinco medio de corrido, la gente se cambia de linea sin prender el intermitente, cuando quieren que los pases mucho de ellos lo ponen por el lado que tenes que pasarlo y no sabes si vvan a doblar enfrente de ti, hay que tener mucho cuidado y no confiar en las señas de los demas, hoy vi dos perros muertos que es mi temor, pero hasta ahora he tenido suerte no se me cruzaron muchas cosas.
para hacer 220 kms hasta acapulco me costo 4 y media horas la entrada mortal, nunca pense que era tan gigante contraste tremendo de pobreza y lujo, ves ranchitos de lata en el tope de una colina con todo el mar enfrente, era tanto el calor que me saque el casco y cuando iba por las playas en acapulco me paro un policia y al rato llego el comandante, una bulla barbara me sacaron la licencia y me dijeron que tenia que acompañarlos a la carcel donde tenia que pagar mas de 600 pesos para que me entregaran la licencia, al final arregle con 300 de coima, una pena porque ahora estoy en un hotel San Carlos en Chilpancingo por 200 pesos y estascione la moto adentro en el lobby y el tipo me dice que tenia que haberlo acompañado porque es ley que no pueden cobrar multas a los turistas en acapulco, me vine en una carretera para primera casilla 90 pesos segunda 100, un lujo de carretera la 95 cuota, me pasaban como 160 kms por hora desde acapulco que voy en el camino a mexico, doblare antes, ya la gente no es campesina como hasta ahora, todo autos modernos y no te respetan naa

Posted by Hugo Albini at 10:28 AM GMT
February 13, 2008 GMT
Day 8 - The 5th of February

Hilaire Belloc

Today i departed Chilpancingo to Cordoba on Mexican route 95, with tolls totaling $505 pesos, an outrage to tell the truth but i avoid humps and bumps which slow me down and Angelina doesn't like them. I actually made 500kms more than the average. In Cordoba I am staying at a fabulous hotel, the best so far, for $460 pesos with secure parking. My journey today took me past Cuernavaca (not too far from Mexico City), Cuautla and Puebla, which has over a million inhabitants. From Puebla there is an "autopista", like a freeway or highway to VeraCruz, Mexican route 150. Around the area of Fortin de Flores this road (route 150) isn't clearly defined and route 125 along with a few other roads branch off from the autopista, so somewhere i inadvertently diverted and my arrival to cordoba was delayed. Nevertheless, the scenery was sensational all the different villages surrounded by mountains.
This first photo is at tropic of Cancer
elcamino.JPG iglesia.JPG

SAME TEXT HERE IN SPANISH: dia 8 el 5 de febrero 08

Hoy sali por la 95 carretera paga desde Chipancingo hasta Cordoba donde estoy ahora en un hotel fabuloso el mejor so far por 460.00 pesos con estacionamiento abajo con cuidador, en el medio del centro, en total las carreteras fueron 505.00, un disparate , perome libro de los topes que angelina los odia y avanzo pila casi 500 kms hoy pase por Guarnavaca, Cuautla y Puebla que tiene mas de un millon de hab. no pude encontrar la carretera para Vera Cruz y me costo mas de media hora, el camino de puebla para cordoba, los pueblos en los valles rodeados de nontañas senzacional.

Posted by Hugo Albini at 08:01 AM GMT


I arrived at hotel RITZ in Villahermosa, the night is $390 pesos, with closed and secure parking next door. Its not great but anything better goes for around 1000 pesos, at least it has air con. There are some places for 100 pesos but there is no guarantee Angelina would be safe.
The city is huge over a million people living here.
On the way here i passed through Vera Cruz but decided not to stop, traffic is so disorganised in large cities i try not to hang around for too long. I also passed Cardenas.
Timing was good today, the road wasn't much. There was a lot of wind, at one point it got really dark and cloudy i thought it was going to pour. I've got another 580kms and i get to Chetumal so i hope weather is good tomorrow. Angelina has 2642 miles (4252 kms) on her.
Food is really cheap but everything else is quite expensive, especially in larger cities, more so than the cost of things in the USA.
DSC_0209.JPG rio.JPG hotel.JPG

SAME TEXT HERE IN SPANISH: dia 9 miercoles 6 feb,08
llegue al hotel ritz en Villahermosa por 390.00 estacionamiento al lado cerrado y con guardia, con techo. el hotel no es gran cosa pero tiene aire y no esta mal los buenos estaban a mas de 1000,
y encontre uno por 100 pero no entraba la moto en el lobby dos viejitas eran las dueñas, muy basico asi que me vine para esta zona de los mercados, la ciudad es gigante mas de un millon, pase por Cardenas, me habian dicho que no era tan grande sufri de calor pila buscando hotel, igual hice buen camino, nada especial en la ruta, mucho viento y despues se nublo y oscureciio pense que se iba a largar a llover, pase cerca de Vera Cruz pero decidi no entrar, el trafico es tan desordenado en las ciudades grandes que hago lo posible para rajar, tengo unos 580 kms para llegar a Chetumal, veremos como esta el tiemmpo , millas en Angelina 2.642
con el viento que habia, jamas habia experimentado esa fuerza
En las ciudades grandes hay maquis y el coronel con sus pollos, sub y casi todas la cadenas americanas y es todo caro tanto o mas que en usa, pero la comida de ellos es rebarata y en los super igual, y comida de paso hacen guizos y cosas de ellos, que yo ni me acerco pero todo por vintenes.

Posted by Hugo Albini at 11:05 AM GMT
DAY 10 - Goodbye Mexico

Charles Dickens

I've arrived in Chetumal at 2:30, left villahermosa at 7.
A long day, along mexican route 186. Went passed Escarcega and got Burger King. There were two tolls of 18 pesos each.
Nothing special except that Angelina and I got soaked as it started to rain.
I am at the hotel casablanca for 300 pesos with fan (with air con its 460 pesos).
I've got Angelina parked AT the door of my room and the hotel is closed up at night. Tomorrow Belize!!!!! Adios Mejico.
roadchet.JPG hotelchet.JPG

SAME TEXT HERE IN SPANISH: Dia 10 miercoles 7,
se terminaron los topes, acabo de llegar a Chetzumal a las 2.30
salii de villahermosa a las 7 un largo dia pase por Escarcega donde comi en burger king, carretera cuota solos dos pàgos de 18.00 pesos cada uno.
nada especial el camino, eso si empezo a llover un par de horas antes de Chet y me moje, y angelina quedo a la miseria de barro no podia ver atraves del parabrizas sucio, saque la cabeza pa el costado
Estoy en el hotel casa Blanca por 300.oo pesos con ventilador con aire querian 460 y estacione la moto enfrente de la puerta y cierran de noche, H.R highly recomended
despues es R y despues es NC
millas en angie 3.006
mañana salgo para Belize y los cayos.

Posted by Hugo Albini at 11:46 AM GMT

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