Tire Changing!

Alistair fixing a tire in an inconvenient place!
Tire repairs in Tierra del Fuego, South America


This 1.5 hour DVD answers all your questions, for both tube and tubeless tires:

Getting Started

Getting it Off

Plugs and Patches

Getting it On

Finishing Touches

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Comments on 'Tire Changing!'

"I recently bought this DVD to help with fixing tires while on the go. The DVD is very well made and to the point. It comprehensively covers repairs and changes for tubed and tubeless tires. I certainly got many pointers regarding patch types and a couple of tricks too. I would certainly recommend this DVD for anyone who wants to learn more about fixing their tires. With a little bit of practice, you could save yourself an expensive trip on a tow truck!" xtrg, on Amazon.com

"Very informative and practical - I learnt a lot and realise how unprepared I was when I went on my trips!"

"Really valuable!"

"If it isn't in this DVD, you don't need to know it!