Australia 2005: Third Annual HU Travellers Meeting

Why Come to a Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travellers Meeting?

You can meet people who don't think you're crazy for wanting to ride your bike to South America or Africa or across Asia, or even around the world! Admit it, all your 'normal' friends and most of your family fears for your sanity! So, this is your opportunity to meet the people who will encourage you in that craziness, share their experiences and advice on how to do it, and maybe you'll meet them again in Mongolia or Timbuktu!

Ulmarra NSW, Australia, Sept. 30 - Oct. 2, 2005

Friday Night:

  • Shirley Hardy-Rix & Brian Rix - Slide Show - Ireland to Melbourne

Tech Sessions, Saturday afternoon:

  • Frank Warner - First Aid
  • Dave Milligan - Shipping
  • Brian Irving - Bike tours in Australia and Overseas.
  • Ken & Carol Duval - Packing Display
  • Various Presenters - Which Stove?
  • For Women Only - Panel discussion, Carol Duval, Kay Forwood, Dianne Durnell, Shirley Hardy-Rix and others.
  • Ken and Carol will do a packing demo - how to get everything for two on one bike - what works, what doesn't.

Saturday Night:

  • Haydn & Dianne Durnell - Slide Show - Alaska to Ushuaia South America


  • Lachlan Campbell - Jesse Luggage

The "How to do it" will be either the Friday or Saturday night, not sure yet. The above is subject to change!

Organising the meeting - 2006.

We need some help with organisation for 2006 - Ken and Carol have done it three times now, and due to work pressures, would very much like someone else to take the lead. They and others are very willing to help .

If you can take the lead for 2006, it would be much appreciated! Lots of people each with one small task makes it easy to get the meeting going, so please let me know if you can help with a particular task for this year or next. The meeting doesn't have to be in Ulmarra, the location is flexible - reasonably easy for most Aussies to get to, good riding in the area, good campground and a place for slide shows and food is all we need.


Rally Location - Where is it?
Other Accommodation
Information about the area
T-Shirt Deal
Local hosts, information

Short History of HU Meetings


Commercial Hotel, Ulmarra NSW, on the banks of the Clarence River.

Report from Carol and Ken Duval, meeting organisers:

"Proceedings commenced on a perfect Friday evening with approximately 80% of the registered attendees arriving before sundown. Gathering in the covered beer garden, most enjoyed an excellent counter meal prepared by the hotels new chef before Shirley Hardy-Rix and Brian Rix entertained us with a lively picture show of their 2004 journey from the UK to Australia. Inspiring revelations from both rider and pillion had every ones attention and Shirley’s final statement that motorcycling riding is not ‘rocket science’ and their journey could easily be accomplished with few problems. Just get out there and do it.

A short break for a drink saw Brian and Shirley signing copies of their book ‘Two for the Road’ and answering many questions sparked by their show.

Appetites whetted, Carol and I sat amongst the ‘would be’ travellers with Grant and Susan’s PowerPoint presentation of ‘How YOU can do it’. This provided much food for thought and contributions and involvement from the gathering had proceedings venture towards 11:00pm.

The 'packing' section had every ones attention as we introduced several pictures of travellers we have met as guests or had seen on the road. The many and varied packs caused much discussion and some disbelief.

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The morning of day two was spent meeting and greeting everyone. Around 11:30 am the Women’s Forum commenced and the men adjourned to the bar!

The ladies must have had plenty to talk about, and we have made a note to allow more time for this forum at future meetings.

Our packing or should I say unpacking display got under way a little late but our efforts were appreciated as we were bombarded with questions during and after the display. Many suggestions were offered to improve our light travelling pack and were much appreciated.

Ken and Carol "unpacking"

Motorcycle First Aid is something that is a concern for all travellers and Frank Warner gave a very productive talk which in turn instigated plenty of discussion on the lack of First Aid experience of most motorcyclists.

Frank Warner, first aid

Frank has had the good fortune to complete a course that was motorcycle specific and the consensus was that efforts should be made by individuals and clubs to approach the authorities and implement similar courses in each state.

One of the questions most asked of us is what stove to take. We have our preference but decided to organize a ‘stove burnout’ to show travellers the various attributes and pitfalls of the many light weight stoves available. What an exciting event!!?? MSR, Coleman, Trangia, Primus, Gaz, Simon, and Sierra were some of the names represented. The smell of petrol, alcohol (spirit), butane and wood/dung could be smelt in the confines of the beer garden. The MSR roared like blow torch and the Sierra gave the feeling of a campfire with its burning wood and dung. The highly organized Trangia appeared in three forms, spirit, butane and petrol. After all the efforts of our fellow flame makers the consensus was… everyone has to make up their own mind.

The stove contest!

Jurgen from Belgium preferred his MSR Dragonfly. Mark preferred his petrol powered Trangia. We prefer our Coleman 44O or the new 442 Featherlight. The Sierra created a lot of interest with it's ability to burn anything organic and solid, wood, paper, cardboard, charcoal, and even dung, fresh or otherwise!!??

The 2007 Isle of Man Motorcycle Race (100 years) is on most travellers’ minds at the moment and we were fortunate enough to have Dave Milligan from Get Routed join us to give some information on shipping bikes to the UK by the container load. The picture led display was informative and if anyone is considering the IOM in 2007 I recommend you book now… This is going to be a big one. We were there in 1998 and nothing prepares you or compares to the IOM.

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Our next presenter was Brian Irving of Hidden Australia Adventure Tours. Brian gave us an informative show on tours in Australia, South East Asia and the USA. The Australian tours covered road bike, dirt bike or coach tours and would be most suitable for travellers on a limited time frame.

Laurelle, our host at the Hotel organized another BBQ for the Saturday night meal and included a delicious desert. This works well when there are plenty of things happening and simplifying meals is one of the great time savers.

Our eyes turned towards the screen once again to enjoy the beautiful shots taken by Haydn and Dianne Durnell on their journey from Alaska to Ushuaia in South America. Time allowed only the viewing of the South American leg and we were not disappointed. Spectacular scenery, people, animals, great roads, and delicious food continually enticed travellers to this slice of motorcycle heaven.

The WOW factor was ever present as we travelled with Haydn and Dianne on their Harley Davidson through these fantastic countries. This is our next destination.

The Book/DVD ‘Long Way Round’ by Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman has enjoyed much popularity and our next guests rode a similar route but continued on to Vladivostok rather than tackle the ‘Road of Bones’. Before they crossed Russia, Brett Dean and Dave Sawtell rode their Triumph Tigers through Europe and also enjoyed a stint in Iceland and Morocco. Both these destinations are magical places for motorcycling.

By the time our next presenter tackled the big screen he was probably hoping everyone was getting tired and he would be able to race through his show with few interruptions. Bruce Mclean rode his BMW650 Dakar across Russia to the UK. Despite the late hour his adventure had us all laughing.

Now Bruce is a mature aged man and his story should certainly inspire any budding traveller to give it a go.

Despite the late hour few souls were lost to the dream world and conversations continued well after we had packed up indicating the shows had stimulated much discussion.

On Sunday most people rose early in anticipation of the first boats to roar by on the annual Bridge to Bridge race. A perfect day greeted the boats and skiers. They continued to thunder by as people began packing and departing. Some were travelling to homes in excess of 1500 kms away.

Many thanks to every one who joined us this year and we hope our efforts inspired or at least provided a little kindling to achieving that dream.

Our special thanks go to all our helpers, Mike Stokes and Jane Johnson who carried huge quantities of gear down to Ulmarra and back to Brisbane. Mike was also our photographer for the weekend and Jane helped with registrations. Bob and Sandra Farrell, who carried the both of us along with more gear to the event. Bob and Sandra also assisted in the set up and registrations.

More thanks go to all our presenters and displayers whose efforts have made this meeting our most successful.

See you on the road, Carol & Ken Duval


fabulous camp site by the misty river

Lots of bikes to look at

Lachlan Campbell - Jesse Luggage

Colleen and Rick Gard

Helge, Norway and Jurgen, Belgium and ?


Ken Duval, Jane Johnson, Sandra and Bob Farrell

relax and chat time
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The Rally Location

The Commercial Hotel, (Ulmarra pub) 12 kms from Grafton, NSW, on the Clarence river

The Commercial Hotel, Ulmarra

Dining and slide show covered area

Camp ground at the rear of the pub, backing onto the Clarence River

Camping IS NOT included in your entry fee!

YOU MUST BOOK your rooms and camping!

ALL bookings for accommodation and meals: Laurelle Attwill at the Commercial Hotel in Ulmarra. Email Laurelle. Phone number is (02) 6644 5305.


Bed (20 in the hotel) $22 per person per night, not including breakfast. Book EARLY!
Camping $14 per person per night. Extra person in the SAME tent $2 per person per night.
Saturday night BBQ dinner: includes dessert and tea or coffee, $15.00 per person.
Light breakfast: Juice, toast, tea or coffee $3.00 per person.

Barbie use is included in your camping fee at last word.

Getting There - GPS, Maps

GPS location: 29° 37' South 153° 02' East map. Zoom in for more detail.

if you have any links or details or better maps for the area for the area please let us know

Frank Warner sent us some links to great info on Ulmarra from, and the pub we're going to be at. Also Government of Australia, Ulmarra info here.

Other Accommodation Possibilities

So far as we know ... - enter "Ulmarra" for links to accommodation etc. The Commercial Hotel is the pub - and the only accommodation. See info above for rates for the event. Grafton is also possible and only 12kms away.

Jacaranda Motorlodge , (9kms south of Ulmarra, 3kms north of Graffton.)
266 Pacific Hwy Grafton NSW 2460
Ph (02) 6642 2833
Fax: (02) 6642 6351
Single: $70
Double $80
Twin $90 Price does NOT include breakfast.

You need to do your own bookings there. Contact David at the lodge.

Jacaranda Motor Lodge

Jacaranda Motor Lodge, and Map here

"This beautiful unspoilt valley provides some glorious contrasts. Waterways are a major local feature and the mighty CLARENCE RIVER meanders out to sea at Yamba. Rural industries, farms and bush land, rugged and spectacular gorges, WORLD HERITAGE NATIONAL PARKS and stunning beaches are all within an hours drive of the Jacaranda Motor Lodge."

Any other suggestions anyone?

Information about the area and enter Ulmarra for links to what to do where.

Local Hosts

Ken and Carol Duval are co-organizers of this event. Thanks!

If you have any questions, they can be contacted here:

Global Rescue, WORLDwide evacuation services for EVERYONE

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