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Mjofoz 8 Nov 2007 07:04

XTZ 750 No Centre Stand
Think this bike is not a bad duel purpose bike but after having 3 flat tyres in a short space of time and no centre stand I got a bit annoyed with Yamaha, like what are you supposed to do here. Love some feedback. Read of a rider who fitted a stand to theirs. Mine is a 1992 model. Cheers. Currently live in in New Zealand.:(

toneski 8 Nov 2007 12:39

you have a couple of options
RikyCross do a centre stand, but they are a little slow :rolleyes2:
Riky Cross - HOME
good feedback from a friend who has one :thumbup1:

or the slightly more expensive option, but less weight and the best centre stand you can buy is from Middenbok voor motorfietsen / Centerstand for motorcycles / Haupstander für das motorrad

i still havent decided which to get for my S10:rolleyes2:

Martynbiker 8 Nov 2007 15:48

use ULTRASEAL in your tyres. its a pink slimy stuff that stops punctures! they demonstrated it at a bike rally with a bike tyre that has been stabbed about 1000 times with nails, darts, a knife, staples, tacks and it still holds air!

Ultraseal Tire Sealant

toneski 9 Nov 2007 12:11

also try "slime" brand instead of ultraseal :clap:
its under half the price and does the same job ;)
there are 2 different types, one for tubed tyres and one for tubeless
so make sure you get the correct type :thumbup1:

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