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davetherave 21 May 2006 23:23

XTZ 600 Tenere 1983 34L Manual ?
Hi all
I need a manual for the model mentioned above.Is the Clymer XT/TT 600 manual the correct manual for this engine?
I have also seen a service manual dated 1983 TT 600 (L) 275 page Yamaha Dealership workshop manual.Would this be the correct manual also for this bike and more detailed than the Clymer?
Does anyone know where I can go and buy a Clymer manual for this bike instead of waiting for delivery from on line shops?

Many Thanks. Dave.

davetherave 23 May 2006 11:09

Correction to title model!
Hi all
I meant Yamaha XT 600Z not XTZ as quoted in title to my thread.Apologies to any confusion caused!

Regards. Dave.

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