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Foxtrot Oscar 30 Jun 2012 17:22

XT600E Switchgear
Hello all, this is my first post of many i hope so here go's.
First off i have a 1994 XT600E that i had the '' Sky, tarmac,sky tarmac'' experience with and i am in need of some parts (For the bike, not me).
I am having a bit of a time of getting the left hand switchgear (Handlebars), i was wondering if the same switchgear was fitted to other bikes and not just the XT600 ?
Its the lights and indicators switches that are smashed to bits also the handlebars are a bit of a work of art :oops2:
If anyone can point me in the right direction for original bars (or at least the same pattern/ size/ height) and switches, i would be most grateful bier

Thanks and best wishes

Grant Johnson 1 Jul 2012 02:13

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Best of luck with the repairs!

Hampo69 1 Jul 2012 08:36

I wouldn't know for sure, but if a direct replacement is proving almost impossible to find, then I imagine most Yam trailie switchgear should do the job. I guess it would need to be adjusted to fit, but it should have everything on as regards lights and indicators.

Zergman 1 Jul 2012 08:51

Try eBay - works for me :thumbup1:
although the prices may be high...

petez1 7 Jul 2012 01:18

I recently purchased a LH switch from the local Enfield importer. The switch looks identical to my (88 XT600) and the wiring fits. Although I have to change the harness plug because it is wired differant to my original loom. But for NZ$60 brand new I thought it was a reasonable solution.

Foxtrot Oscar 28 Sep 2012 19:05


Originally Posted by Zergman (Post 384431)
Try eBay - works for me :thumbup1:
although the prices may be high...

Well i have spent months looking through good old e-bay for a left hand switch gear assembly to no avail, its looking like i will have to buy something Yamaha and bodge it with bullet connectors :(. On a plus point, the XT is now running (New battery, handle bars, break lever etc.............).
After fitting the new battery and draining off the old petrol ( Been in the tank for the last 5 years ) then re filling the tank with some new stuff, i thumbed the starter .............................. and it didn't start ................. next was the choke and................. you just know it started !! :clap:
Didn't even clean the spark plug !
Put the handle bars on to find that the front end wasn't pointing in the right direction as the handle bars where doh
So after scratching my head a bit i thought it might be a good idea to slacken off the pinch bolts holding the front forks and see if the front end could be made to face the same way as the handle bars, and sure enough as i stood with my legs clamping the front wheel and my hands on the bars, they both lined up !!
Did up the pinch bolts on the yokes and it all looks good, well until i take the fork gaiters of to check if there is any bends in the forks.
Its looking good to go right now in as much as i have had an insurance quote of £73.24 for third party fire and theft and to be honest, its just the MOT and the only thing stopping me there is the switch gear and may be the forks ? Wemoto have sorted me out with indicators, bar ends, levers and rear break light.
Stay tuned ?c?

Zergman 29 Sep 2012 10:18


Yamaha xt 600 Lenkerschalter 43f schalter Griffarmatur | eBay

Yamaha XT TT 500 600 Lenkerschalter Schalter Lenkeramatur 3TB 3UW 3AJ XT600 | eBay

Would one of these work?

awolxt 29 Sep 2012 12:14

Hi !

Its not showing as obsolete on boats.net , but whether you would want/be desperate enough? to pay £53 + postage is another matter.


Foxtrot Oscar 5 Oct 2012 23:09

53 pounds is a little steep tbh, i was wondering if the switches from another Yamaha would do the job ? but i think the switch would have to be re wired ( IE bullet connectors and the like ?). The plug on the original switch is a nine pin female showing three rows or three female connectors and thats all there is. Back to ebay while i bolt on new indicators, handle bars and repair the headlight cowling with epoxy resin round the clips.
Thanks all for the feedback, i will just keep trying.

awolxt 17 Oct 2012 12:52

Hi Foxtrot Oscar

Don`t know whether you are still after one of these ?


Yamaha Xt 600 L/H switches 43F 1983-1986 | eBay

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