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bolla 18 Oct 2009 18:32

XT600e Starter relay
Hi my friends XT600e would not turn over.
The lead to the starter was a bit loose and getting hot as it melted the rubber cover.
The lead has been tightened but there now seems to be a problem with the relay.
There was no fuse fitted between the battery and the relay and the wires had bad connections.
I fitted a fuse and some new terminals but relay just clicks, I then tried a spare relay and is working.
With the old relay I connect it to a battery and it seems to work but jams sometimes so I guess its no good.
Could the relay have been damaged by the starter lead being loose?
Can the relay be taken apart?
Had a look on Wemoto and a relay is about £40 I thought a pattern relay would be cheaper any Ideas

Pigford 18 Oct 2009 19:03

If the relay just clicks - is the battery fully charged?

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