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Matt Cartney 26 Feb 2012 22:52

XT600E Pre Trip checks
Hi folks,

I've done a couple of HUBB searches and haven't found anything specific to the XT, so either this hasn't been asked in this format or my search skills are rubbish (very possible!).

Off to Russia (just as far as St Petersburg) in a couple of months, fingers crossed, and I am wondering what I should check on my XT before I go. Round trip likely to be around 4500 to 5000 miles. Not planning any significant off road.

Bike is a 2003 Yamaha XT600E with around 20,000 fairly hard miles on the odometer. It has a 23 litre acerbis tank (new) and renthal bars and touratech racks and Dave Lambeth bash plate but is otherwise pretty standard.

I am in the process of replacing the bushings in my rear suspension and am getting the forks serviced and seals replaced soon. Bike will have newish tyres and oil & filter change before setting out. It has a fairly new battery. Fairly new chain and sprockets too.

I'm thinking that I'll want to check the timing chain, wheel bearings, spokes, general nut and bolt check etc.

What else would people suggest would be a good idea to look at before I go?


Matt :)

Socks 26 Feb 2012 23:27

This posting going back a few years but may help
I was looking for another one done by XT GIRL but unable to find it.

There are two or three other simlar threads seen here on the Hubb happy hunting.

Have a wonderful trip.:mchappy:


Mezo 27 Feb 2012 09:47

Clean crackers for a week, 400 fags, a whim/hope enjoy the adventure, after all without a breakdown its just a ride not an adventure.


Matt Cartney 27 Feb 2012 13:05

Thanks guys,

The XT Girl thread is more of a mods thread - I'm looking at checking the stuff I already have. I've done all the mods I want to.

Mezo - thanks. I prefer crashes to breakdowns, they are more exciting. ;)

Matt :)

Jens Eskildsen 27 Feb 2012 14:38

I would clean an regrease all wires and connectors.

Do all the pre-ride stuff in good time, so you dont **** something up the day before you leave. This also gives you time to purchase unexpected worn items.

I think you should mount new tires (and tubes) for the trip, just to be sure they're up for it. You will have to buy new tires sometime anyway, you might aswell enjoy the grip and safety from new ones, when youre far from home. You can always mount the current ones later.

Have a great trip.

Matt Cartney 27 Feb 2012 16:44


Originally Posted by Jens Eskildsen (Post 369158)
Do all the pre-ride stuff in good time, so you dont **** something up the day before you leave. .

Ha ha! This a very good point! I once dropped my bike off the centre stand while doing a pre MOT check - two hours before the MOT and broke the front brake lever. Had to fashion an extension to the stump out of a bit of bent steel pipe!

Good tips, will do that with the connectors. My back tyre only has a couple of hundred miles on it at the moment and I'll be getting a new front before then. I expect I'll only have five or six hundred miles on the back before I leave. Will replace the tubes, though, as I'm not sure how old they are.


Matt :)

guzzibob 27 Feb 2012 20:13

When you are changing the tubes, I'd have a really good feel of the wheel bearings esp the rear ones if I were you: any grittiness or play at all, and I'd change them, making sure you heat the hubs to drop out old/insert new. For the relatively low cost (less than a fiver each on line) it's well worth it.

Matt Cartney 28 Feb 2012 14:31


Might be worth just replacing them anyway. Do I need to be careful what bearings I get? Are there any particulr brands that are the best? OEM?


Matt :)

BlackDogZulu 11 Mar 2012 06:14

I bought new head bearings for my Triumph Sprint from Bearing King. Very reasonable prices and next-day delivery. Very pleased with the service. They supply all sorts of makes, but I went for the cheaper Kyoto (sp?) and they seem very good. All you need is the code off the old bearings (unless you know that already). If you can stand having the bike off the road for a few days you can inspect the old bearings, note any code numbers, and renew as necessary.

kentfallen 18 Mar 2012 19:11

Let us know how it went.

Are you taking a direct route or are you intending to go where your bike takes you (eg in the right direction)?

The XT is an awesome RTW bike. The only time it niggles is on high speed motorway work. A bit tiresome when it's windy...

I'd prefer to stay off motorways and use A roads instead. My bikes are happiest cruising at 60mph all day.

The most important thing is a new oil and filter change. If you get the chance to do it again during the trip I'd do it if it is cheap.

Don't forget to take every oppertunity to top up on fuel once you leave Western Europe.

It's a trip I have dreampt about - a tour of Russia. I did Ukraine and Poland a few years yonder but never got quite that far East.

Stay warm and safe. :mchappy:

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