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Melancholy67 5 Apr 2004 18:15

XT600E Oil Capacity ?
Sorry to be a bore. Left home with everything for a long trip but I've forgotten what the oil capacity is for a 4PT engine. I have in my memory 2.7 litres without emptying the filter pocket. Is this right? I am planning a change in Istanbul. Also Trailwing tyres seem to be wearing fast even though they are at the right pressures. Reckon I'll find a replacement in Damascus?

Boxer 6 Apr 2004 01:56

Yamaha book for my 4PT says;
2.7 litre without filter change
2.8 litre wiht oil filter change
3.3 litre total amount (dry engine).

My Rear Trailwing went at 4000m. Now on Avon Distanzia - but only for 500 miles so don't know about life yet.
Enjoy your trip.

Melancholy67 9 Apr 2004 21:57

Thanks a lot for that. 2.7 litres it is. Although I am a little confused about the 3.3 lýtres for a dry engýne? I guess that doesn't apply to me.

Boxer 12 Apr 2004 01:40

I presume the engine actually holds 3.3 litres, but you can only actually drain out 2.7 litres because of hold up in casings etc.
Not sure - just forget it.

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