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Dan Walsh 8 Sep 2000 22:38

XT600E mods
hello again -

The KTM Adventure has been abandoned in favour of a Yamaha XT600E - the RTW is still on for November this year, starting with Africa. Apart from the tank, kick start conversion and renthals, has anyone got any vital pre-trip modifications?

thanks kids, and remember to keep it strange

Dan Walsh , UK

11 Sep 2000 04:18

Ref mod to your XT600.when you fit new inner tubes & tyres,fit the tougher tubes IE Michelin Airstop,cut your old tube and fit it around the new tube befor fitting inside the tyre(obviously cut of the old valve)it gives double protection.cut the seat foam out of the middle of the seat,buy some tougher foam only wider and not so deep,cut to fit the hole in the seat,wrap a piece of sheep skin around the new foam,fit the old cover back on,it gives a wider and lower seat,if you add another piece of sheepskin on top it gives extra comfort.other obvious stuff,ammo box bolted to bash plate for spares etc good idea.keep the wieght down low.for long road sections do not load the front rack(if you fit one)with baulky items it can induce weaving at speed.good luck on your trip.

Ian 12 Sep 2000 07:08

As advised in AMH, it's probably a good idea to fit a bashplate (engine guard) and get the wheels rebuilt with decent rims and HD spokes.


giorgioXT 27 Sep 2000 04:31

It's easy to mount a bashplate from a teneré or old XT's - I would also change the forks and rims with TT's ..is possible to find these items from a breaker.

neal richmond 27 Oct 2000 02:35

Heres a couple of simple mods worth trying. Use some thick rubber sheet to attach to the inside edge of your gear and brake lever this should stop the levers bending in and damageing your engine case when you drop the bike, punch two rows of holes in the rubber and then attach to the lever useing cable ties.Another mod is useing steel plate to protect the engine in front of the front sprocket in the event of the chain snapping it should prevent the chain knocking a hole in your motor

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