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bogweasel 19 Mar 2007 18:26

XT600E engine oil level
I just changed the engine oil in my 2003 XT600E for the first time since I got the bike. Having drained the oil tank and crankcase (I didn't replace the filter this time) I added 2.7l of oil as specified in the owners manual. I then followed the intructions for checking the level and found that the dipstick was completely dry. So I kept adding more oil until the dipstick had oil on it up to the "F" mark. In all I added more than 3.5l which seems a hell of a lot. Have I now got too much oil in the bike - checking it still shows it to be bang on the "F"? I've never had a bike with a "dry sump" and an oil tank before. What does it all mean? Help!

okrad 19 Mar 2007 19:05

3.5l is a lot of oil. if it doesn't leak, that's too much.
how did you checked oil level? have you opened bleed screw on top of oil filter cap, and did the oil passed through when you started her up?
you shoud warm up the engine, hell, drive it around for 10 minutes, then stop, let her idle for 10-15 seconds, put her upright and check.

bogweasel 19 Mar 2007 20:51

Yeah, I checked the bleed screw and it seeped oil. I checked the level today when I got home from work just like you said and it seems ok. I'll keep you posted if it blows a gasket!

XT600 Dude 4 Apr 2007 12:55

No sure if this helps...

But I find when ever the oil has been changed in either of our XT600e's the oil level always drops dramtically in the first 100km or so - not sure why this is, but I have come to accept it. I think the most I have added is one litre. After a service I always carry an extra litre of oil with me for a week or so, regularly checking the level.

However, on the plus side, once the oil is at the right level, it appears to stay there for ever. :)

As for warming up. I would echo Okrad comments. Ride the bike around for a good ten minutes and then leave it to settle in a vertical position for about 2 minutes or so, allowing the oil time to settle nicely, before checking.

Interesting, this dramatic drop in oil level is not something that a Yamaha dealer will tell you (warn) about either. Not sure they even know its an issue.

*Touring Ted* 21 Jan 2008 19:19

Iv just changed my oil today on my 2003 XT600E. Iv done a fair few times and i always get strange results..

I drained her dry (without filter change) and after putting 2.7l in (per book), she still doesnt read on the dipstick. Even with another 200ml its only just touching the bottom.

This reading is from warming her up for 4 mins, leaving her to settle for 2 mins then checking with the dipstick unscrewed.

Everytime i do a change on a newer XT I get this, I have to ride it for a while before I can get an accurate reading.

I would never put more than 3L in the engine just cant take it without spitting it out into the airbox (I checked mine and its got the odd drop in there as per expected).

adithyarisingsun 7 Dec 2010 22:24

what if I have put too much oil in and drove some time
I have added oil just some days ago, since it seemed like it was below min. After adding oil, it was too high, and I took some oil out. I thought than that is was at the right level, but when driving, the bike was producing white smoke and stopped. I cheked the level of oil at that point, but the reading showed that the oil was at half of the dippstick (after riding 10 min).
Starting after that was no problem and I drove the machine for about half hour. Just the next day it did not start again, and can't get the machine to start since than. I checked the oillevel again, and now it showed a high (just above F), so took oil out again. :confused1:Could I have done some damage to my machine by adding too much oil?

I looked at the air filter, it seems clean (?)
Does any of you have any suggestion?

kenymact 8 Dec 2010 11:55

A strange oil level will not make your bike not start.......check for spark and for fuel,its one or the other....dodgy sidestand switch....does it turn over?...plug ok?...go thru the checklist and I,m sure you ll find the problem or ask a mate.......I ,d ask a mate but ain,t got none....:helpsmilie:

Jens Eskildsen 8 Dec 2010 14:41


Originally Posted by kenymact (Post 315191)
I ,d ask a mate but ain,t got none....:helpsmilie:

Everyone riding yamaha has a lot of very caring friends, most of 'em is gathered right inhere on yamaha tech beerchug

DAVSATO 11 Dec 2010 11:17

lots of threads on here about this, ive always had to put extra oil in. if you just put 2.7ltr in it never shows on the dipstick. i would rather have too much than too little

bergspre 14 Jan 2011 09:52

I can confirm that 2.7L doesnt do it for my 2001 xt600e either. Had to put in like 3.2L last time, thats with a correct checking method with warm motor etc. Also with the change of oilfilter and when i drained it i let it drain for atleast 30 minutes.

Jens Eskildsen 14 Jan 2011 20:29

How warm is warm?I cant even get my bike warm enough on this time of year, to be able to see a correct oillevel.....

But again, if youre bike doesnt smoke on startup, and poor a little oil in the drainhose from the airbox, you should be in no trouble.

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