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bacardi23 14 May 2010 05:55

XT600 and XT600 Tenere Wave Brake Disc Rotors
Found an Aussie company that makes both front and rear brake rotors for the XT600 and the XT600 Tenere!

direct links:

front : S3 Performance Equipment | ph 1300 937 935
rear : S3 Performance Equipment | ph 1300 937 935

the company has an ebay shop: eBay Australia Shop - S3 Performance Equipment:

price: 79.95 EACH (on ebay) plus shipping!

Also: Galfer company also makes them both!
I got the part references but don't know the prices...

GalferUSA online brake disc rotors online pdf: http://www.galferusa.com/WebExchange/DF%20W2007.pdf

front: on PAGE 40
rear: on PAGE 44

Note: There is a Oversized 320mm front disc brake rotor option (SM aka Supermoto option right below the stock size one.

I'll try to find out more info on all this!

Vando :cool4:

Jens Eskildsen 7 Oct 2010 16:58

Found a rear one, although not as pr0n as others: Yamaha XT 600 E 97-98 Disc Rear Kyoto Wavy Parts at Wemoto - The UK's No.1 On-Line Motorcycle Parts Retailer

bacardi23 7 Oct 2010 22:13

Well, that's one of them...

Here is the ebay link for the rear disc brake rotor!
Front Brake Disc Rotor Yamaha TW 200 Offroad motorcycle: eBay Motors (item 320592073475 end time Oct-17-10 20:25:13 PDT)

As I've said, the seller couldn't tell me what years TW200 that listing is for as he didn't know...

The TW200 FRONT DISC from 2001-2008 fit the XT's 1990-2003 rear hub according to these guys

S3 Performance | ph 1300 937 935

If any of you end up buying any from the ebay link don't forget to post some feedback for the rest of us!

Vando :freezing:

gixxer.rob 8 Oct 2010 06:39


Originally Posted by bacardi23 (Post 288895)
Found an Aussie company that makes both front and rear brake rotors for the XT600 and the XT600 Tenere!
direct links:
front : S3 Performance Equipment | ph 1300 937 935
rear : S3 Performance Equipment | ph 1300 937 935

the company has an ebay shop: eBay Australia Shop - S3 Performance Equipment:

I bought a front and rear set of discs for a DR650 from these guys through eBay. Fast postage. The rear was perfect but the front disc was drilled incorrectly. When I informed them of this they said yeah Suzuki change things like bolts sometimes..And that was it. Despite the disc being advertised as fitting my model.

This is just my experience with them, may not happen to anyone else.

Jens Eskildsen 7 Jan 2011 23:14

Looky here :thumbup1::

Fits straight on, the front requires countersunk bolts, otherwise direct swap.


Threewheelbonnie 8 Jan 2011 09:05

Why do you want these?

If it's a fashion thing OK.

If someone has told you it will make the slightest difference in performance, 15 years working on brakes is telling me it won't. All those holes and cut edges are going to wreck the pads (which is why the sportsbike manufacturers went with this particular fashion), the last thing you want on an extented trip. The weight saving and cooling is fine if you intend to do 100 miles on a race track then bin the pads, but hardly what most riders really want. The cooling is a disadvantage on the road, we don't get a warm up lap before we might have to brake hard.

For overlanding you want plain old fashioned cast iron (or steel as second choice). Its the best material for cold braking (exactly what you need when taking an overloaded bike into city traffic first thing in a morning), the few grammes weight difference is nothing and as you'll be riding so often any corrosion will be left at the side of the road. The disc outer corrosion will just match the rest of the typically scruffy overland bike.


Jens Eskildsen 8 Jan 2011 09:40

Hey Andy, thx for the point of view :smartass:

My rear was worn, so I needed to replace it. I hate the look of the stock discs, so yeah, its a fashion thing, a little bling =) The xt is the wrong bike to bouild on, if you want performance, so i agree with you.

I plan to reach 100.000km on the bike this year, i have around 16.000km to go, so that should test the discs a bit.....I'll update this thread.

I do everything from singletrack and enduro-ish races, to 700km interstate on a day, and sometimes a little of both....It does just fine :scooter:

bacardi23 10 Jan 2011 10:02


Now some pictures with the wheels back on the bike! :laugh:

Vando beer

YamaHead 12 Jan 2011 22:15

Nice wave rotors!......just the thing I'm looking for to do a brake upgrade on my SuMoXT :thumbup1:

Jens Eskildsen 18 Jan 2011 18:14

Wheels mounted, look how nice and rusty everythin in the rears is, due to the killer salt hey use all the time. Oeh well, looks worse than it is, it can be wiped of with wd40 on a rag.

The discs themselves look nice tho':


gixxer.rob 17 Mar 2011 02:47

Wave Rotors
I love the look of the wave rotors.

As you said Andy the difference between standard and wave rotors in temperatures would be pretty small in normal use. But that also means the negatives that you mentioned would also be pretty small in normal use. I have never had cold brakes be an issue on the road in normal use. You would have other problems like cold tyres before cold rotors became an issue I suspect. Two up fully loaded, first thing in the morning. All good

On the track, nothing but a good thing.

bacardi23 18 Mar 2011 15:32

My quest is finally showing off bier
I just wish I had the money right now to complete my XT rebuild!!

Jens, how are they behaving right now?

BTW, Last night I ordered my new jets for the raptor carb..

Vando beer

bacardi23 28 Jun 2011 06:00


will be needing a new front disc for mine as it is bent due to a weird fall..
Need to redo some research because of my YZ front wheel..

Vando beer

backofbeyond 29 Jun 2011 18:19

I'd be interested to hear feedback on how the wavy rotors have performed as I'm going to need to replace my CCM front rotor soon and aftermarket wavy ones are 1/3 the price of the OE replacement. Any comments, be they good, bad or indifferent, welcome

Jens Eskildsen 30 Jun 2011 00:14

Vando: Bumb what? Whatta ya wanna know?

backofbeyond: They work, dont think they're any better or any worce than oem. In the winter they got a hint of rust on'em where the pads doesnt rub. A diswasherspongde cleaned it right up, no biggie. I havent meassured them, but they seem to be holding up.

I like the looks, thats why I bought'em :scooter:

I can do stoppies if i force it and try to, but again, so could I with the stockers.

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