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kentfallen 26 Apr 2012 18:32

XT600 HUBB Go Compare Thread- What's your quote?
Thought I'd let you all know what I'm paying for my bike insurance. I'm sure some will find it helpful. It's for ONE bike (1999 XT6E).

I'm an old (or is it odd) git of 48. Bike worth £2,000 ish (a low mileage minter). Full licence holder since 1980, clean licence (no points), no claim history in 25 years of riding.

Fully Comprehensive (Kent) ME postcode

Social Domestic and Pleasure only
No legal cover
4 years no claims (gaps in cover while SORN).
no mileage restriction
pillion cover
Kept in garage
No alarm
Security - chain and padlock.

£79 :D(£63 last year).

I'm happy with that.

I have no legal cover (£25 extra) because in my experience this is an utter waste of time. I have a law degree (LL.B) and can do a much better job myself. My household insurance gives full legal cover in any case. :(

Hopefully someone might find this helpful to establish if they are being ripped off?

Why not post your own cover & cost in a similar manner? Be careful not to post anything sensitive. If enough contribute it could turn out a very useful resource for all of us?

Fern 27 Apr 2012 19:37

thanks for sharing this, someone may find it helpful, however, there are hundreds of variables that effect your price quoted, postcode, age, occupation. I doubt anyone in the world would match your identical circumstances!

Mezo 29 Apr 2012 07:29

Hang on, Niel are you not an ex bike cop with advanced riding ticket?

That would make a huge difference on comaprison to the average Joe Public surely? (and don't call me Shirley).


kentfallen 29 Apr 2012 14:30


Yes BUT when I took it out of my online quotes the quote remained exactly the same.

Age seems to be the most important thing.

I'd like to point out that former Class 1 Police Riders don't get given a "ticket" as you describe. What if you were a Police rider in Africa or Asia - you can still rightly call yourself a trained police rider. In any case, I have NEVER been asked to prove I'm ex Class 1 rider.

Don't be too impressed with a mere title or label - I met one or two Police Class 1 riders who were terrible on two wheels. Also I think sometimes police riders have a too high opinion of themselves and their riding ability. This often comes out as pure arrogance and it's these fools who give the rest a bad name. :nono:

The purpose of the thread was NOT to rub anyone's nose in it - I just thought this quote was competitive and that others might find it helpful.:innocent:

I really think that 40 year olds plus should be looking to get their XT6E bike quotes sub £100. :thumbup1:

Mezo 30 Apr 2012 10:17

Well we have a thing here called "Rego" (registration) every car/bike that's on the road is 3rd party insured, so even if your skint (like me) at least if you ram your XT up the date of a Veyron you covered, for free.


kentfallen 30 Apr 2012 12:02


That's actually quite a good idea....:thumbup1:

Over here there is a huge problem with uninsured motor vehicles (all types). I presume you will pay a small additional premium to pay for this FREE cover when you buy the thing? Or perhaps the manufacturer/retailer pays it?

I'm afraid over here everything is against young riders which I happen to think is very unfair. Rider history is far more important than just mere age.

Instead of loading the premiums of young riders based on just age and what they ride, the insurance industry should tackle the problem of bent "no win, no fee" lawyers who are responsible for most premium increases. Far too many lawyers who will do almost anything for money including commiting insurance fraud (aided by dubious doctors). :nono:

Premiums are also being increased by gangs of Asian's in North England who are organising "crashes" on a huge scale and then making hundreds of fraudulent claims (just have a look at the facts yourself - 90% of this kind of crime is being commited by ethnic Asians).

Here in the UK we have far too many solicitors. doh Almost 30% of graduates are law graduates! :nono:

Some countries in Europe load the registration number plates with insurance cover and vehicle tax. This also seems a good idea compared to our own disjointed system here in the UK.

bacardi23 30 Apr 2012 16:48

After this year (including) I'll only be paying 22.54€ yearly.

It's only due to a particular insurance protocol that specifies the my 1990 XT600E is over 20years of age making it a Classic.
This protocol can only be activated if show to the insurance mediator proof that the bike is used not as the primary vehicle by means of showing them a copy of my car insurance.
And the use of the bike is not limited nor in days or kilometers per year!

Vando :innocent:

Beemerboff 2 May 2012 01:20

AFAIK registration in Oz only includes third party insurance for personal injury, not property damage.

When I had a comprehensive policy to cover loss and damage to my own bike and property damage to others, I was paying around $300-, which in Oz is around 25% of the average weekly wage.

I am 65 with a full no claims bonus, garaged, good post code, etc.

However, as I usually have two or three bikes on the road at any one time, and probably all of them on the road at some time during any given year, and I have been unable to find anyone who offers a multi vehicle policy at any meaningful discount I have let my policies lapse a few years back and become self insured - at $1500- a year I have about $7,000- in the kitty already!

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